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4 Reasons To Hire A Pet Chaperone On Your Wedding Day


Have you got your big day this year? If so, firstly, congratulations! And secondly, being a pet lover have you thought about having your pet at your wedding too? Maybe it crossed your mind, but you didn’t think it was possible. Well we are here to tell you…it is. You CAN have your beloved pet with you on your special day.

This service is increasingly popular for British ceremonies and we are here to tell you more.

So there’s no need to cock your ears at the mention of a ‘pet chaperone’, because we’re going to share four key benefits of booking with Scamps & Champs. Again, we’re taking aim at weddings here, where we throw dogs a bone instead of a bouquet…

1. Your pooch doesn’t miss out!

Yes, the first and most important ability of a pet chaperone is to get your dog ready for a role in the wedding. We can take it to a salon for a makeover, or dress it in an outfit you’ll adore when it’s trotting down the aisle.

Whether that’s a mini tuxedo, a skirt or something more unique, our pet experts know how to prep and calm your dog for their performance. So, not only will you ensure they don’t miss out on your special day; they’ll become a highlight of the occasion!

2. Constant play and entertainment

Dogs are like toddlers – shunt them to the sidelines, and they’re bound to pine for a bit of company. That’s why a pet chaperone is on-hand to wear your canine out when it’s seeking attention.

Weddings can be sleek, formal affairs; the last thing you want is for Fido to cause a fuss through the day. Rest easy, though, because we’re able to bring an arsenal of toys and games with us, stealing away somewhere to give your dog the focus it needs.

3. Complementary travel arrangements

Weddings are a madcap time for getting people in one place, at the hour you’ve chosen, without any issues. If a pet is also due for an appearance, then you shouldn’t be fretting over whether they’ll make it with blankets, biscuits etc. in tow. 

Scamps & Champs will ensure there’s no hitch in the travel plan. Just tell us where to go: we’ll pick the dog up from your house or a neighbour’s, take them to the venue, and bring them back to any pre-agreed location. If necessary, we’ll also facilitate dog boarding to give you a few days’ peace as the newly-married couple.

4. Unlimited contact before the wedding date…

Is there anything we should be aware of? Dietary requirements, allergies, the best way to find the second front-door key? Our pet chaperone will be available via text, email or voice call to learn what your furry pal likes and requires.

Take this opportunity to let us know what the themes, structure, room layout etc. of the wedding will be. The more you give us, the better we can adapt our services!

Phew – it’s exciting to even think of what a pet-friendly ceremony is like, never mind explaining how we go about it… To discover the Scamps & Champs difference for yourself, and land an excellent pet chaperone, contact our team with your ideas. 

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