Chichester and West Sussex is Full of Dog Friendly Places to go Dog Walking!

West Sussex is a county with lots of natural beauty and if you looking for spectacular views over the South Downs National Park, while out dog walking then you’re in the right place. Whether you want a short or long walk its worth going into the Sussex country side just for the views.  

The choice for you and your pets is endless and walkies has never been so enjoyable.  From the South Downs to some great National Trust gardens – there’s plenty of choice. So let’s start with some super dog friendly walks that your best friends will love.

Whether you’re walking your own family pet or own a dog walking and pet sitting business in Chichester or the surrounding area then you’re in luck. Why not visit:

West Wittering

  • Beautiful beach
  • Long or short work with a swim and some fish and chips.
  • Parking is £6 for all day.

Petworth Park

  • Lovely walk with beautiful views.
  • You can do short walk or longer walks.
  • Great for families too.
  • Parking £3 unless you’re a national trust member.

Midhurst Way at Cowdray Park

  • Woolbeding Estate is a hidden countryside gem, situated in the South Downs National Park near historic Midhurst.
  • The walk starts in the heart of Midhurst and takes in the beauty of Woolbeding Parkland. Follow the River Rother, edged with ancient trees. Pass a plantation of whispering poplars and hear the sounds of the weir before returning to Midhurst’s main street.
  • The walk may be started at either Benbow Pond or The Cowdray Farm Shop & Café.

The Duke of Cumberland Pub Walk at Henley

  • This is a charming woodland circular walk from an absolutely delightful

Hamlet hidden in the woods.

  • The pub is tiny and full of character with old framed deeds on the walls and other icons

from a line of tenant publicans with fishing and other country interests.

  • There are no nettles on this walk but you need stout sensible shoes or


  • Your dog will love this walk too.
  • The walk begins at the car park beside the Duke of Cumberland pub in

Henley W.Sussex, off the A286 between Haslemere and Midhurst,

Postcode GU27 3HQ.

Benbow Pond

  • Benbow Pond is a circular walk of approximately one mile and starts at the pond,
  • The Queen Elizabeth Oak, and the Cowdray QE2 Jubilee Lime Avenue before returning to the start point.

The Folly, Slindon

  • Great walk, beautiful in spring and summer when the bluebells are in full bloom.
  • Mostly uphill but some lovely circular routes. Beautiful views all year round of the local area.
  • Park in the layby at the bottom and then use the bridleway to access a network of paths to explore.

Bersted Brooks

  • Bested Brooks is a 19 hectare site comprising 3 fields alongside the north-east bank of the Aldingbourne Rife, between the road bridges in Rowan Way & Shripney Lane in North Bersted, Bognor Regis, West Sussex.

If that isn’t enough then why not try these:

Dog Friendly places to rest and eat

We at Scamps and Champs now assume that you and your fully exercised dog are now ready for some refreshment and a sit down.  Walkies is fun but the pub at the end of the line is a welcome break.  Why not try these:

  • Highdown Tea Rooms allow dogs and even stocks doggy ice cream!
  • The Black Rabbit in Arundel. Why don’t you relax before undertaking a thirty minute walk with your dog from the train station to the pub to grab a drink before heading off to explore the beauty of this historic market town.
  • Berties of Arundel is the one stop for a slice of cake and a bowl of water after a lengthy walk.
  • The Worlds End and The Swallows Return pub & restaurants both welcome dog
  • The Bluebird café in Ferring is right on the beach front and is the perfect place for group or solo walking with your pets. 

We hope that you enjoy the walk, pubs and pet friendly places across the West Sussex countryside.  Please share your photo’s here and if you think that Chichester Scamps and Champs could offer their many dog-walking and pet-sitting service please do get in touch.

Dog Walking and Pet Care Services in Halifax

Dog walking in Halifax is becoming increasingly popular with pet owners in Halifax. Pet owners in Halifax are becoming increasingly reliant on dog walkers to walk their dogs while they are at work. Dog walkers in Halifax are becoming more visible in the parks and other popular dog walking areas. Dog walkers in Halifax sometimes walk the dogs in their care in groups or on solo walks.

Other increasingly popular Pet Care Services are:

Dog Sitting in Halifax – pet owners are becoming more reliant on Dog sitting in Halifax. Not wanting to put their beloved dog/s into the kennels, they choose to use the Dog sitting in Halifax service. Dog sitting in Halifax ensures your dog/s gets all the care it needs at home rather than being in kennels.

Cat Sitting in Halifax – pet owners again are becoming more reliant on Cat sitting in Halifax. Not wanting to put their beloved cat/s into the cattery, they choose the Cat sitting in Halifax service. Cat sitting in Halifax ensures your beloved cat/s received all the care it needs at home rather than in a cattery.

Overnight Pet Sitting in Halifax – pet owners are finding this option a popular choice. Overnight pet sitting in Halifax again means the pet owner doesn’t have to put their beloved pet into the kennels or cattery. The overnight pet sitting service in Halifax also helps keep your house safe. Overnight pet sitting in Halifax means there is someone at your property overnight. Caring for your pet and your home at the same time./

Dog Home Boarding in Halifax – is also becoming one of the most popular choices for pet owners in Halifax. Whilst you yourself enjoy a holiday the Dog Home Boarding in Halifax service means your dog also gets a holiday with one of our experienced Dog Home Boarding in Halifax host families who have plenty of experience of Dog Home Boarding in Halifax.  

All of the pet care services we offer are carried out by one of our professional insured and DBS checked members of the team. We want your pet to feel safe with us whether it be for dog walking in Halifax, dog sitting in Halifax, cat sitting in Halifax, overnight pet sitting in Halifax or dog home boarding in Halifax. Your pets care is our priority. Near or far, big or small, whatever you pet we care for all.

To learn more about our pet care services visit our Scamps and Champs Halifax webpage.

To check availability, ask us a question or to make a booking simply complete our online enquiry form.

Dog Friendly Pubs in Dartford

If you are looking for a place that you and your dog can relax after a walk then we have you covered. Below are some of the best dog friendly pubs in and around Dartford,

The Wharf, Dartford

The Wharf is based in Dartford’s Crossways area and is both family and dog friendly. Your dog is welcome though out the premises so after a long walk you can enjoy some food and drink while your dog relaxes beside you. There is a large garden area with waterside decking and views over Cotton Lake. This is a lovely place to sit and enjoy the views with your dog!

Pato Lounge, Orpington

Pato Lounge is not far from Dartford, in the middle of Orpington High Street. They have dog bowls at the ready for your dog and serve a variety of food including tapas, breakfast and both vegan and gluten free options. They also have a quiz night every Monday if you and your dog fancy teaming up and testing your brain power after a nice evening walk!

Hackney Carriage, Sidcup

The Hackney Carriage is about 20 minutes from Dartford and is a micro-brewery right near Sidcup station. The pub is very dog friendly with water, treats and plenty of cuddles on offer! There is a no gambling, no music and no speaking on mobile phones rule so this is the place to go if you just want to sit, relax and chat! The River Shuttle is also very close by as well and is perfect for some picturesque walks with your dog!

The Ship, Wilmington

This Ship is just round the corner from Dartford and is another dog friendly pub in the area. The pub has nice gardens to sit and enjoy with your dog on a nice day and also serves good food. Another positive about this pub is that you are right next to some great places to walk your dog. There is Dartford Heath, Swanley Park or just some of the picturesque country lanes.

The Darnley Arms, Cobham, Gravesend

The Darnley Arms is a lovely country pub not too far from Dartford. The pub is surrounded by lots of beautiful walks for you and your dog and so is the perfect place for an afternoon stroll followed by a relaxing drink. This pub also serves really nice food and is very welcoming of dogs if you have worked up an appetite walking in the surrounding countryside.

For more information on Scamps and Champs Dartford please visit our website.

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Not Simply a Dog Walking Service – Pet Care in Reigate Offers you Advice for your Pets in the Heat!

Well what a beautiful Easter weather we are having but whilst it makes all the difference to us humans and raises those spirits from the gloomy winter months. Please do remember the effect it has on your much loved pets, something I and the Scamps and Champs Reigate team are so conscious of and make sure all our clients have the support if they you unable to be there during the day. The continuing changeable weather also makes it challenging for pets to acclimatise to the heat, making sudden, un-seasonal hot spells even more dangerous.

Dogs rely on panting as their main method of cooling – but it only controls body temperature up to a point. As temperatures and humidity rise, panting is no longer able to cool them and it can lead to potentially fatal heatstroke. I am sure by now we are all well aware of the dangers of leaving dogs in cars during warm weather, but Scamps and Champs Reigate pet care services just wanted to reiterate with some handy advice on keeping your pets safe when the temperatures rise.

Don’t leave animals in cars even in the shade, car temperatures can increase quickly and as the sun moves and shade disappears the internal car temperature will rapidly increase. Leaving windows partially open has little effect on car temperature, Instead, if you are stuck in traffic or travelling, have the air conditioning on to keep the car cool and make sure windows are shaded from direct sunlight. Ideally, leave your dog at home in hot weather, however be conscious that conservatories and greenhouses can have similar affects to cars.

Avoid the hottest part of the day it’s best for pets not to stay outside in the hottest part of the day. Take dogs for walks in cooler parts of the day in the early morning or evening and avoid any strenuous exercise in the heat. Cats need shade and water too in fact all pets need access to cool water and shade to keep their temperature down don’t forget your small furries like rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. If your pet is unfit, obese or suffers from a respiratory disorder, you should be particularly careful exercising in hot or humid conditions.

You should ideally make sure you supervise activity as pets themselves won’t know when to stop in the sun. Scamps and Champs Reigate dog walking and pet care services will be happy to help with this even if it is just to pop in to check up on your loved ones and make sure they are keeping cool.

What to do if you suspect your pet has heatstroke Signs: Rapid, heavy breathing, lack of energy, decreased urine production, bulging eyes, and the tongue appearing long and dark red. Vomiting and/or diarrhoea can follow. If you think your dog has heatstroke, get it to a vet as quickly as possible. Avoid using ice or very cold water as this can cause blood vessels on the skin surface to constrict and reduce effective cooling. It can also cause shivering which can create more heat from the muscles. Key areas to cool are the neck, abdomen and inner thighs with lukewarm water or water-soaked towels. It is important that you do not over cool your dog, as this can lead to shock – a lack of blood supply to vital organs – so using lukewarm water is important. Out and about, cool surfaces, shade, air conditioning in cars and fans can also aid cooling. Even if the dog is cooled, veterinary treatment is still key to allow more targeted treatment and monitoring to occur.

I am sure all your pets are always looked after and you would never allow them to be overheated but I just wanted to put this together so you know if you are having to go out and you are worried and you have pets in the Reigate, Redhill, Banstead, Dorking and surrounding villages please do get in touch and Scamps and Champs Reigate branch will do all we can to help.

To learn more about our pet care services in Reigate and the surrounding areas including; dog walking, dog sitting, cat sitting, overnight pet sitting and our wedding pet chaperone service. Simply visit Scamps and Champs Reigate.

To ask us a question, to get in touch or to check service availability, simply complete our online form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Wedding Chaperone Service

If you can’t imagine your big day without your furry friend by your side then Scamps and Champs Dartford have the answer for you!

Our dogs become a member of the family and at Scamps and Champs Dartford we believe you shouldn’t have to leave them behind on your wedding day, which is why we offer a pet chaperone service.

Our pet chaperone service is completely tailored to both your needs and the needs of your dog. We will sit down with you and put together a bespoke plan together that fits perfectly around your wedding day. Whether you want your dog to just be a part of the wedding photos, walk down the aisle with you or maybe even be the ring bearer, we can work with you to make it happen. You just need to let us know what your dream day would involve, and we will do our best to ensure your dog can be a part of it.

No one wants the added stress of worrying whether their dog is being well looked after on their wedding day, but with our pet chaperone service you can feel reassured that your dog is being given the love and attention they deserve. This will leave you free to enjoy your special day.

After pick up by our pet chaperone we can offer various services from ensuring your dog is walked, taking your dog to be groomed to make sure they look their best for the wedding photos and ensuring they are fed and looked after, which can include an overnight stay in a loving home. We will try and keep your dog’s routine as normal as possible for them to avoid any unnecessary stress and help your special day be equally enjoyable for them.

If your special member of the family is not a dog, then don’t worry as our pet chaperone service covers all animals and we will do our best to ensure that no matter how big or small your pet is we can involve them in your wedding day. We love all animals here at Scamps and Champs Dartford and know that your wedding day would not be the same without your pet.

So, if you are in and around the Dartford area and would love your pet to be a part of your special day then please do get in touch.

NEW Dog Walking and Pet Care Services Available in Chichester

We have some really exciting news here at Scamps and Champs! Not only have we recently opened a new branch in Halifax but now we have a brand new Scamps and Champs branch opening in Chichester! That’s two new pet care service locations in one month!

Pet care services in Chichester will include; dog sitting, dog walking, cat sitting, dog home boarding and a wedding pet chaperone service.

Scamps and Champs Chichester will be managed by Sarah, who is extremely passionate about animals and keen to work hard to provide you with an excellent service. She owns two gorgeous pets of her own and therefore completely understands how important it is, to have pet care services that you can rely on and trust.

My name is Sarah and I am passionate about bringing you and your pet a personal high-quality pet service.

I have owned and rescued dogs, cats and small animals all my adult life and right now have a German Shepherd called Shaka and British Shorthair cat called Hero.

You want your pet to be cared for, relaxed and comfortable within your own home or with one of our selected pet carers and we do to!

Our personal approach and real love of animals will make your Scamp or Champs feel safe and secure in our care.  Whether that’s in your own home, with one of our home boarders, going for daily walks, being visited for a cuddle or one of our many other services.

We are fully insured, DBS checked and completely committed to your animals’ welfare. We will come and introduce ourselves to you and most importantly your pets.  We know that every pet is an individual and we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

Please do give me or one of our enthusiastic team a call or drop us an email.  Our number is a national number and there is always someone ready to answer your call. All messages are passed onto me personally and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Best of luck Sarah! – Welcome to the Scamps and Champs family!

It’s not too early to enquire and book pet care services in Chichester. For details of how to book; dog sitting, dog walking, cat sitting, dog home boarding and a wedding pet chaperone service, see below.

To ask Scamps and Champs Chichester a question, check pet care service availability or to get in touch, simply complete our online form.

To enquire about joining the Chichester team as a dog walker, pet sitter or dog home boarder simply complete our online application.

Check Out Scamps and Champs Chichester Webpage for More Information on Pet Care Services

Dog Walking in Reigate and Redhill

It only takes a quick walk in the local parks to see Reigate and Redhill are filled with dog lovers and they all want the best possible care for their dogs if the need arises

Scamps and Champs Reigate branch can offer you a premium dog walking service in Reigate, Redhill and surrounding areas. I have carefully picked fellow animal lovers to care for your loved ones. One of our Reigate team can come to your home and walk your dog for you, ensuring they have an engaging, fun and stimulating walk out in the fresh air. At Scamps and Champs Reigate we are here to help if you are unable to walk them for any reason. We offer a friendly, reliable and compassionate service, which can be tailored to suit your dog’s individual needs. This can be regular or ad hoc, which is sometimes difficult to find.

Scamps and Champs Reigate will never ‘pack walk’ your dog with multiple other dogs, as we fully understand how precious your pets are to you and therefore we believe in a caring service and treating each dog as if it was our own. We can offer you a regular or flexible dog walking service, each package is tailored to your individual needs and your dog’s personality. We will never walk your dog off the lead unless we have your consent and your dog displays a solid recall.

When using Scamps and Champs Reigate dog walking services you will always receive the following:

  • Online Booking – we provide a quick and easy to use online booking system, so that you can book your dog in for their walk, whilst you are anywhere and at any time.
  • GPS Location Check in Service – so that you know your pampered pup has arrived at their destination.
  • GPS Route Tracker – you can access our GPS route tracker so that you can see where your dog is being walked and see that they are getting the walk you have been promised.
  • Back up Dog Walkers – if due to unforeseen circumstances your dog walker is unable to attend the walk, we always try our very best to have a  backup dog walker organised so that your dog can still get out and go for their walk.
  • Feedback Report – we will send you an electronic feedback report with photographs of your dog on their walk so you can see what they have been up to.
  • Individualised Group Size – Scamps and Champs don’t believe in pack walking your dog in large groups. However, if they love company and would benefit from socialising with other dogs, then we are happy to pair your dog up with a walking buddy or two. Assuming everyone is getting on well with each other and that every dog is going to benefit from a group walk, we are happy to walk your dog with up to three other pup-pals.

In addition Scamps and Champs Reigate can also offer pop in service for all your pets so whether you have a new Puppy who is not yet ready to be fully socialised yet and needs toilet breaks, an older dog who just needs some company and to be let out or you need your cats, guinea pigs, mice, reptiles and or birds fed please do get in touch and one of the experienced team will be happy to pop by to discuss requirements.

To check availability of our pet care services, to ask us a question or to simply get in touch, completed our online form.

NEW Dog Walking and Pet Care Services Opening in Halifax

We have some really exciting news here at Scamps and Champs!

We have a brand new shiny Scamps and Champs branch opening this Easter in Halifax!

Pet care services in Halifax will include; dog sitting, dog walking, cat sitting, dog home boarding and a wedding pet chaperone service.

Scamps and Champs Halifax will be managed by Katie and Andrew.
Andrew’s background is a senior position within the Fire and Flood industry. Katie’s background is a housewife, Mum and pet carer and recently working in admin within customer services.

We have both had pets for most of our lives. We are currently owned by a German Shepherd (Poppy), three cats (Sally, Fluffy and Henrietta), one Hamster (Mina) and our four children. We have also had mice, gerbils, rabbits, fish, ducks and a peacock in the past. As well as different breeds of dogs including; Jack Russell, Labrador and West Highland Terriers, Pugs and French Bull Terriers, to name but a few.

We are fully aware of the importance of having someone you can trust with your pets whilst you are not around. We pride ourselves on being reliable, flexible, trustworthy and we will treat your pet as if it was one of our own, whilst still carrying out your regular routine.

Katie and Andrew are working hard behind the scenes to open Scamps and Champs Halifax shortly after Easter! We for one can’t wait to see them launched and successfully in business!

Best of luck Katie and Andrew! – Welcome to the Scamps and Champs team!

It’s not too early to enquire and book pet care services in Halifax. For details of how to book; dog sitting, dog walking, cat sitting, dog home boarding and a wedding pet chaperone service, see below.

To ask Scamps and Champs Halifax a question, check pet care service availability or to get in touch, simply complete our online form.

To enquire about joining the Halifax team as a dog walker, pet sitter or dog home boarder simply complete our online application.

Check Out Scamps and Champs Halifax Webpage for More Information on Pet Care Services

Best Dog-Friendly Coffee Shops In The Stockport Area

The heart wrecking task of leaving behind your pooches when you’re out exploring the gorgeous big city can be way too much to handle. However, it is equally overwhelming to take your pup along with you. The endless list of things that we can do to enjoy each moment of our time fails to stand at par with the things that our dog can do while they are outside with us. How can we be sure that the cool parks, breathtaking cafes, fun pubs, and shops that catch our eye will be equally pup-friendly as we are? But, your fears can finally take rest for we have compiled a list of the ultimate places that you can visit with your pup when you’re in the Stockport area in Greater Manchester.

  • Tandem Coffee House

Located in the old town of Stockport, you can finally unwind and enjoy a delicious cup of aromatic coffee with your dog. This place has earned its name for being super dog-friendly, top notch coffee, delectable food, and overall charm. This place is open Monday to Saturday and has earned its fame for the fresh and wide range of items it has on its menu. Next time, you are browsing through places to visit with your furry friend don’t miss out Tandem Coffee House.


Phone Number – 07542866349

  • Nook Neighborhood Coffee

You can finally enjoy what you have been waiting for so long. This cafe with its freshly baked irresistible cakes, homemade soups, out of the world sandwiches, and specialty coffee deserves to be on your ‘must visit’ places in Stockport. The relaxed dining ambience is all about offering each customer and their dog(s) a homely feel. And, when it comes to food, it is fresh and healthy. Don’t miss out this gem of a place that is about to be your and your dog’s favorite hangout location in Stockport. Are you ready to visit a laid-back cafe? Then, this is it for you.


Phone Number – 0161 432 5385

  • Plumcake Cafe

This charming cafe deserves to earn every acclamation that it has. The amazing menu, superior quality coffee, and the fact that it is a popular place for every dog lover is something anyone should look forward to. This place has everything that can transform your day into a remarkable one. The old-fashioned friendly place with delicious homemade food is worth a visit with your buddy. Drop by with your dog for an excellent brunch, and you will definitely keep coming back.

Facebook Page:

Phone Number– +44 161 439 8147

  • Rhode Island Coffee

If the smell of fresh coffee, a plate full of delicacies, and your dog by your side is what you want from your cafe, then Rhode Island Coffee won’t disappoint you. The welcoming staff, friendly ambiance, hearty natural food, relaxation, and enjoyment is what Rhode Island Coffee stands for. No matter how long you intend to spend your time in this cafe, you’re bound to enjoy yourself. So, go ahead and order a hearty amount of comfort food, a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and feel right at home with a book and a dog. You must try all the award-winning dishes on the menu.


Phone Number – +44 (0) 1204 702 338

  • No29 Coffee House and Delicatessen

This place is everything that you and your dog would love on a day out. The menu has some incredible and evolutionary dishes that you must give a try. As for your dog, it can soak in a friendly atmosphere, your company, and a chilled time. The culture of this cafe is simply remarkable. This is undoubtedly one of the best hang out cafes you can find in your neighborhood with a vision to offer its customers with a simple menu that comprises of some of the best drinks and food. And, the space that it will be served in will be both wholesome and welcoming. It is time to create cherishable memories with your dog here at No29 Coffee House and Delicatessen.

Facebook page:

Phone Number – +44 161 430 4671

  • Feed General Store

Enjoy the season’s fresh produce and ingredients here at Feed General Store. The use of seasonal ingredients and local supplies enhances the taste of their dishes even more. Walk into this amazing cafe with your dog, family, and friends and have a relaxing time. Take some time of your daily, busy life and enjoy the tranquility of this place. Your pooch will have an equally fantastic time as you do here.


Phone Number– +44 161 312 4148

  • Juno Cafe

In here, you will have the most wonderful experiences with your dog. This cafe is much more than the appetizing dishes it serves during breakfast and lunch. This is another excellent dog-friendly spot for you that is simply perfect when it comes to grabbing your everyday cup of Joe. Not only will your dog be welcomed inside the cafe but also feel equally loved and cared for. The hearty and equally amazing number of home-style choices in this cafe is what you need.


Phone Number – +44 161 442 2756

  • Thom’s Bar and Kitchen

This spot is another ideal location for a dog and its master. It is an extremely popular attraction amidst dog lovers who want to be in a calm and serene location on a late afternoon, simply relaxing the good vibes with their dog. The food menu of this place is a never-ending list of delightful delicacies that range from salads to quick bites, snacks, and hearty meals. Don’t miss out on this cozy place if you happen to be in Stockport.


Phone Number– +44 161 442 7771

  • Brezo Lounge

Brezo Lounge is in the heart of Cheadle High Street, with a fantastic terrace outside the front.  They serve a great range of food and drinks (including full kids, gluten free and vegan menus) Dogs allowed inside and they will even get dog treats and water.   Perfect!

0161 4913980

  • SK8 Café

SK Eight is a Coffee Shop with a difference.   They are a social enterprise which means that they run their business in an ethical way that benefits the local community.  They have a varied menu serving a delicious selection of fresh food, from sandwiches to filled jacket potatoes and cakes and treats. They also serve amazing Grumpy Mule coffee. A wonderful outside area to enjoy as well as facilities that enable people to book space for meetings.

Call 0161 486 7673

These are some of the best cafes for you and the waggy tailed friend you love so much. Don’t miss out on these places for they are the most beloved hot spots in Stockport.  Know of any more dog friendly coffee shops? let us know and we will add them to the list.

Contact Scamps and Champs Stockport, ask us a question or make an enquiry via our online form.

Dog Boarding in Dartford

Having a dog is great until you want to go away for a few days and then there is the dilemma of who is going to look after your dog and the even bigger dilemma of whether you trust them. If you live in and around the Dartford area we have the perfect solution for you.

At Scamps & Champs Dartford we have a number of lovely individuals, couples and families that will board your dog in their home and treat them as if they were their own. All our home dog boarders are CRB checked and have gone through a rigorous selection process to ensure your dog is well looked after and has as much fun as you do when you are away.

A lot of thought goes in to matching each dog to one of our home boarders in and around the Dartford area. This matching process is very important to us as we want your dog to have the most enjoyable stay and you to have peace of mind in where you board your dog. All our home boarders are local and so you won’t have far to travel around the Dartford area. You will always know exactly where your dog is staying and you will also get to meet the home boarders before your dogs stay, so you can feel reassured your dog is going to be well looked after.

This is also the perfect solution for dogs that really struggle being boarded in a kennel environment. For some spoilt dogs they just don’t cope well with this, as they are so used to the comforts of being at home. You can rest assured they will receive all the usual home comforts they are used to if they stay with one of our trusted home boarders in Dartford, from frequent walks and lots of cuddles to sleeping on the bed if that’s what your dog prefers.

We will take extra care to get to know you are your dog prior to any home boarding booking, as here at Scamps and Champs Dartford we know the needs of each dog is different and knowing your dog is vital to making them comfortable during any home boarding stay. Our home boarders will keep their routine as normal as possible and will happily cater to any quirks they may have.

If you are going away and would like to use our home boarding service in and around the Dartford area please do get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Contact us to ask a question, make an enquiry and to check availability for dog home boarding in your local area.