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A Few Tips On Raising Your Puppy

A few tips on raising your new puppy

It’s a fact that during the lockdown period 1000’s of new puppies were welcomed into homes up and down the country.  So here at Cardiff Scamps and Champs we’ve put together a few tips to help get your pup off to a flying start.


As you will no doubt be aware, there have been restrictions on vets  during the pandemic, meaning that by law they have only been able to  deal with emergencies.  However, things are slowly returning to normal  and hopefully they will be back to doing all the ordinary things as  well as the emergency stuff. If you have not already done so, it is  imperative that you get your puppy registered, health checked and all  vaccines sorted. Give your vet a ring today and get them booked in.  Your vet will give you good advice on worming, de-fleeing and lots of  other issues.


Puppies have specific nutritional needs in order to fuel good growth  and development, and this means they require a good balanced diet.   Puppies generally come in a great variety of sizes from the teeny tiny  to the “looks full grown” variety, so be sure to thoroughly check all  the ingredients on the various ranges of puppy foods on the market,  and make sure your pup is eating a food designed for their body size  and shape and the body size and shape they will quickly grow into – if  in doubt, your vet may be able to give you some information.

Toys & teething

If you have been on the receiving end, you will realise your puppy has  needle-sharp little teeth, but these will soon be replaced by adult  teeth that can shred your best shoes or furniture in seconds. When  teething, pups will chew just about anything so it may just save you a  small fortune if you think ahead and get them some well made chew toys  or appropriate chewing treats.  Now will also be a good time to think  of their oral hygiene, as tooth decay and gum disease can cause  serious health issues, especially if your pup has heart problems, and  may leave you with a hefty vet bill.  So talk to your vet about  getting a suitable toothpaste and brush and get your little one used  to a daily brushing routine.


Everyone panics about getting their puppy socialised but unless your  pup has had all of its full range of vaccinations, it will need to be  kept separate from other dogs to prevent serious diseases from being  picked up. Once vaccinations are completed, start getting your pup out  to meet others, whether at a puppy party or just meeting other peoples  pups – always be aware that your pup is still a baby and though they  jump and bounce about in a cute way, this may not always be  appreciated by other dogs, so make sure your pups meetings are always  safe. Dogs are pack animals and they will love making friends, but  they may not yet have learned the variety of signs, signals and social  behaviour necessary, so never let them to run up to other dogs, and  always be able to get them out of harms way if necessary.


There is no time like the present to start with the “not on the couch”  and “bedtime” commands, and then progress slowly to more complicated  stuff like “sit”, “stay” and the recall routine. Take your time,  remember that all pups will learn at different rates just like we do.  Always be kind and gentle and always reward your pup when it completes  the desired behaviour.  You could join a puppy training class as this  will also aid with your pup’s socialisation skills. When your pup has  learned the good behaviour and acquired new skills,  keep that going,  because they’ll soon be teenagers and will behave like it – and that’s  a whole other experience!


If your puppy arrived during lockdown they’ll think that you being at  home all day is how the world is. So, you going back to work will not  only disrupt their regular routine but could create separation  anxiety.  If you’re in work all day and are not lucky enough to have a  job where you can nip back home, then give serious consideration to  getting someone in to break the day up for your pup. It will allow  them to get a much needed drink and something to eat and continue with  their toilet routine. It will also provide a chance to stretch their  little legs with a short walk or some good quality playtime.  It is  imperative that you do not leave your pup alone for long hours, as  this will lead to unavoidable soiling and cause serious issues with  ongoing training leading to stress and potential behavioural problems  that may take a long time to settle.

Here at Scamps and Champs Cardiff, we know the importance of raising  and training your puppy to become a happy and well balanced adult. 

We  offer specialised puppy packages, puppy visits and puppy day care to  help you return to work with confidence in the knowledge that your pup  is being cared for, and receiving ongoing training and enrichment in a  safe environment.

We are Fully Insured, Police Cleared and Licensed. We are also open 7  days per week – 10% discounts and other benefits available as a  welcome to our services.


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