What is Puppy Socialisation?

Puppy Socialisation Bristol

Socialisation is the activity of introducing your puppy to other animals, adults, children, different environments, sounds, smells, and also different events. Introducing your puppy to new encounters in a safe and positive way is an essential part of raising them!

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Best Dog Walks In Derby.

Best Dog Walks In Derby

Derby is a lovely place to visit and has plenty of history to explore. Derby has some pet friendly hotels and there are plenty of parks for you and your best friend to enjoy dog walking in and around Derby.

There are picturesque country parks and lots of open green spaces. Some areas even have parks, nature reserves and playgrounds so lots to keep the whole family entertained. Many parks have rules about when to keep dogs on lead so be mindful of these when visiting and don’t forget to take a drink for your best friend!

Poppy Wood

Poppy Wood is one of the best places for dog walks in Derby. With plenty of trails and lots of dog friendly grassy woodland, you will be sure of a great dog friendly walk. There are some enclosed areas for off lead fun for your dog.

There are also picnic tables dotted around so you can always enjoy a picnic with your best furry friend.

Elvaston Castle Country Park

Elvaston Castle Country Park is a dog friendly site, but they do ask that dogs are kept on leads in central courtyard areas. There are some dog tie up points near the information centre and in the courtyard if needed. The park is free to enter however there is a charge to park your car. Elvaston Castle Country Park is in walking distance of Alvaston and Borrowash.

Marketon Park

Being close to the centre of Derby, Marketon Park offers lots of open spaces, paths and areas to explore with your dog. As with other parks, please be mindful of letting your dog off lead if they like to chase wildlife.

There are also lots of childrens play areas at the park but dogs aren’t allowed in these areas. Marketon Park is very popular when the weather is nice, so bear that in mind when planning your visit.

Mercia Marina

This a great starting place to access the canal paths for some lovely walks with your dog. There are also some planned circular walks listed on their website. After your walk, there are plenty of places to eat and drink along the marina. Added bonus!

Darley Park

Darley Park is a very beautiful park and it is situated within walking distance of Derby City Centre. The park includes some nice open spaces for your dog to have chance for a good run and play. The park also hosts access to the River Derwent if your dog loves a dip in the water.

Chaddesden Park

A lovely spot to take your dog for some exercise, plenty of open space and there is even a stream for your dog to have a splash around in, great for those warm summer days.

Best Dog Walks In Derby

Foremark Reservior

Lots of lovely paths here to explore with your dog, you can even have a walk on the sandy “beach” areas. Dogs must be kept on a lead here so bear that in mind if your dog loves off lead play.

It can get crowded here on sunny days, so best to go early if you can. There is a small shop selling drinks and ice creams too.

Monsal Trail

This trail is about 20km long and takes in some spectacular scenery along the way. Being an old railway track, this route is great for those needing a nice flat walk. The trail is popular with horses and cyclists so best to keep your dog on their lead.

Plus this trail is near Bakewell with all its lovely charm and tasty cakes from the local bakeries.

Allestree Park

Allestree Park is the largest open space on Derby so lots of space for your dog to have a great time. Parking is free here too so an added bonus if it isn’t within walking distance.

If you would like to find out more about dog walking & pet care services in Derby, contact our Derby branch on derby@scampsandchamps.co.uk and one of our team will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Scamps & Champs Pet Food

Scamps & Champs - Pet Food

Scamps & Champs are a long established pet care company who are delighted to announce that we are now able to offer a high quality range of dog and cat food created by a team of qualified nutritionists.

See our full range here – https://scampsandchampspetfood.com/

100% natural ingredients including a grain free range which is gentle on your pet’s tummy.Our prices are some of the most competitive around for a quality product that is formulated and made in Britain.

Scamps & Champs pet food is manufactured from the most advanced production facility in the world.    Created by a team of qualified leading pet nutritionists.

Our foods are made with natural and nutritious ingredients. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

Our grain Free recipes are ideal for pets with sensitivity or intolerance to grains or gluten; a great alternative to rice or cereal based recipes. Pet Food formulated without grains may help to alleviate common symptoms of grain sensitivity or intolerance.

The benefits of Grain Free diets can include:

  • Less and smaller stools
  • Reduce Shedding
  • Improved Skin & Coat Condition
  • Improved Breath Odour
  • Reduced Wind
  • Reduced Itching & Scratching
  • Reduced Digestive Upsets

Benefits of Grain Free Diets - Scamps & Champs

10% off all products for new customers use code scampsnew at checkout.

10% ongoing discount for clients of Scamps & Champs.    Contact us for your discount code.

100g product sample bags available

Pets & Anxiety

Separation Anxiety In Dogs - Scamps & Champs

by Victoria Brierley

Dogs are very much susceptible to some of the emotional struggles that humans can have. Anxiety is very much one of these struggles.

There are a few types of anxieties that a dog can suffer from. Separation anxiety is the most common form and can occur with examples such as when the dog owner leaves the house, leading to the dog feeling stressed. Other common anxieties consist of noise phobia, which triggers dogs to be stressed by loud noises, as well as social anxiety which causes a dog to feel uncomfortable in social situations.

Food for thought

Pets & Anxiety - Scamps & Champs

Pets suffering from separation anxiety may tend to display unwanted behaviours which can include: 

  • Excessive vocalisation
  • Excessive panting
  • Destructive behaviour such as chewing and tearing objects in their surroundings
  • Urination/defecating in the home

There may be a number of reasons why some dogs feel this way but not all of these behaviours are a direct result of separation anxiety, so owners need to determine if these behaviours only occur when the pet is left alone.

Food = Fun

Mental stimulation is a very useful and effective method of helping to manage pets suffering from anxiety.

Interactive feeding is an excellent way to keep their mind at rest and their mouths occupied when pets find themselves on their own.

Puzzle feeders and treat balls are a great way to help keep pets stimulated. These toys should only be given when the owner is not present, this way the pet can learn to associate the experience of receiving this ‘special toy’ and being alone, much more positively.

Here at Scamps & Champs, our Grain Free, Superfood and Treat recipes can all be used in conjunction with puzzle feeders, kongs, truffle mats and treat balls. Our 80% fish treats are small and ideal to hide in truffle mats and puzzle feeders.

Scamps & Champs - Pet Food

Always make sure to take into account any additional treats from the portion of your pets normal daily ration to prevent overfeeding.

Exercise and Training

There is strong evidence that clinical signs of anxiety can often be a result of failure to provide a pet with sufficient regular daily exercise. Exercising your pet before you are due to leave them alone provides them with the opportunity to go to the toilet and tire them out so they’re much more inclined to relax. You can also hire a pet sitter/dog walker to provide pop in visits or dog walks to break up your dogs day.

Contact us to find out more at info@scampsandchamps.co.uk or call us today on 0333 200 5827

Find your local branch here:- https://scampsandchamps.co.uk/branches/

Puppy Visiting Options in SE London

Puppy Visits - Scamps & Champs

The excitement of getting a puppy can sometimes be tinged with some anxiety about how to ensure the best care for your puppy when you are out for some or all of the day. Ensuring you have the best possible care for your new beloved pet is important, and an option which more and more pet owners are turning to is to use a Scamps and Champs South East London professional pet carer to undertake regular puppy visits.

Our pet carers are experienced with dogs and puppies (and absolutely love them!) and can visit your puppy for up to an hour (or longer if you need it) from 1 to 4 times a day, depending on your needs.

We offer 2 different levels of puppy visit and a puppy package.

Our Puppy Comfort Visits typically entail letting your puppy out to go to the toilet, feeding them, and importantly, giving them love and cuddles and playing with them.

Our Premium Puppy Visits entail all of the elements of the Puppy Comfort Visit plus we will reinforce any training which your puppy is receiving in basic commands, ensuring we know which methods and words you use, to ensure consistency. When your pup is old enough and able to venture outside, we will also take them for a short walk on each visit,  getting them used to toileting whilst out on walks and helping them with road safety, for example, ensuring they respond to commands to wait before going into the road.

Our Premium Puppy Package provides great value by giving you 11 visits for the price of 10, when you book in a block, and also includes a free gift.

We always ensure good communication with you so that we are always on the same page as you when it comes to your puppy’s care, and we will give you a report after each and every visit so that you know what has happened during the day.

The benefits to your puppy in having a Scamps and Champs professional pet carer are clear; your puppy will receive, love, care and attention whilst you are out, they will get used to being looked after by another adult, who brings with them experience of looking after other dogs and puppies and can often help you with difficult challenges with your dog.

And as your dog gets older we can transition to providing you with a dog walking service, overnight pet sitting if you are away or possibly home boarding.

We have thorough procedures for only ensuring that we provide only the best staff to look after your treasured pets and to come into your home.  We interview staff thoroughly, and, once they have demonstrated their motivation, experience and reliability, we obtain references for the previous 2 years and ensure that the pet carer has an up to date DBS (police) check. Our pet carers are also fully insured whilst working for Scamps and Champs South East London.

You will meet your pet carer before agreeing to go ahead, so that you feel confident about the puppy visit service we will provide. At this meeting you can tell us all about your requirements, including the type and number of visits you would like, and the routines and quirks of your puppy.

During the puppy visit service, we keep in close contact with our pet carer to ensure that everything is going as planned and we are on hand to provide back up or help if needed.

The prices for Scamps and Champs South East London puppy visits are as follows

 30 minute visits60 minute visits
Puppy Comfort Visits£10.00£17.00
Premium Puppy Visits£12.50£22.00
Premium Puppy Package – pay for 10 visits in a block and get 11th visit free£125.00£220.00

For a detailed quotation, please contact us for further information. Scamps & Champs South East London currently provide puppy visit services in South East London and  Bromley. 

Scamps and Champs are members of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters and the Pet Industry Federation. Contact Scamps & Champs via our online form, to check availability and make a booking. Learn more about our puppy visit service by visiting the Scamps & Champs Website.

August 2020

A Few Tips On Raising Your Puppy

A few tips on raising your new puppy

It’s a fact that during the lockdown period 1000’s of new puppies were welcomed into homes up and down the country.  So here at Cardiff Scamps and Champs we’ve put together a few tips to help get your pup off to a flying start.


As you will no doubt be aware, there have been restrictions on vets  during the pandemic, meaning that by law they have only been able to  deal with emergencies.  However, things are slowly returning to normal  and hopefully they will be back to doing all the ordinary things as  well as the emergency stuff. If you have not already done so, it is  imperative that you get your puppy registered, health checked and all  vaccines sorted. Give your vet a ring today and get them booked in.  Your vet will give you good advice on worming, de-fleeing and lots of  other issues.


Puppies have specific nutritional needs in order to fuel good growth  and development, and this means they require a good balanced diet.   Puppies generally come in a great variety of sizes from the teeny tiny  to the “looks full grown” variety, so be sure to thoroughly check all  the ingredients on the various ranges of puppy foods on the market,  and make sure your pup is eating a food designed for their body size  and shape and the body size and shape they will quickly grow into – if  in doubt, your vet may be able to give you some information.

Toys & teething

If you have been on the receiving end, you will realise your puppy has  needle-sharp little teeth, but these will soon be replaced by adult  teeth that can shred your best shoes or furniture in seconds. When  teething, pups will chew just about anything so it may just save you a  small fortune if you think ahead and get them some well made chew toys  or appropriate chewing treats.  Now will also be a good time to think  of their oral hygiene, as tooth decay and gum disease can cause  serious health issues, especially if your pup has heart problems, and  may leave you with a hefty vet bill.  So talk to your vet about  getting a suitable toothpaste and brush and get your little one used  to a daily brushing routine.


Everyone panics about getting their puppy socialised but unless your  pup has had all of its full range of vaccinations, it will need to be  kept separate from other dogs to prevent serious diseases from being  picked up. Once vaccinations are completed, start getting your pup out  to meet others, whether at a puppy party or just meeting other peoples  pups – always be aware that your pup is still a baby and though they  jump and bounce about in a cute way, this may not always be  appreciated by other dogs, so make sure your pups meetings are always  safe. Dogs are pack animals and they will love making friends, but  they may not yet have learned the variety of signs, signals and social  behaviour necessary, so never let them to run up to other dogs, and  always be able to get them out of harms way if necessary.


There is no time like the present to start with the “not on the couch”  and “bedtime” commands, and then progress slowly to more complicated  stuff like “sit”, “stay” and the recall routine. Take your time,  remember that all pups will learn at different rates just like we do.  Always be kind and gentle and always reward your pup when it completes  the desired behaviour.  You could join a puppy training class as this  will also aid with your pup’s socialisation skills. When your pup has  learned the good behaviour and acquired new skills,  keep that going,  because they’ll soon be teenagers and will behave like it – and that’s  a whole other experience!


If your puppy arrived during lockdown they’ll think that you being at  home all day is how the world is. So, you going back to work will not  only disrupt their regular routine but could create separation  anxiety.  If you’re in work all day and are not lucky enough to have a  job where you can nip back home, then give serious consideration to  getting someone in to break the day up for your pup. It will allow  them to get a much needed drink and something to eat and continue with  their toilet routine. It will also provide a chance to stretch their  little legs with a short walk or some good quality playtime.  It is  imperative that you do not leave your pup alone for long hours, as  this will lead to unavoidable soiling and cause serious issues with  ongoing training leading to stress and potential behavioural problems  that may take a long time to settle.

Here at Scamps and Champs Cardiff, we know the importance of raising  and training your puppy to become a happy and well balanced adult. 

We  offer specialised puppy packages, puppy visits and puppy day care to  help you return to work with confidence in the knowledge that your pup  is being cared for, and receiving ongoing training and enrichment in a  safe environment.

We are Fully Insured, Police Cleared and Licensed. We are also open 7  days per week – 10% discounts and other benefits available as a  welcome to our services.


Are Mixed Breed Dogs (Mutts) Healthier Than Purebreed Dogs

Are mixed mutts healthier than pure breeds

When  it comes to choosing the right pup for you and your family, there are many things to think about.  One consideration is what type of dog is the right fit for your lifestyle as a family.  Are you the outdoorsy types or do you like a more laid back lifestyle?  You will want a dog that fits in and doesn’t have the type of behavioural problems that will upset the status quo. Another consideration may be whether to get a mixed breed (mutt) or a purebred dog.

There are pros and cons as well as some misconceptions and inaccuracies about both, so it’s important to always do your research long before you go out to find your forever companion and not just go along with what happens to be the fashion of the moment.

Scamps and Champs Cardiff,  have provided some information to help you get a better idea of which may be the right choice for you.


The general consensus among many veterinary professionals  is that mixed breeds dogs, in general, tend to be hardier and more resilient to genetic disease, they also are known to have greater longevity than purebred dogs.

Vets will also tell you that many mutts have a lower rate of  

problematic health conditions throughout their lives, such as hip dysplasia, spinal diseases, and knee problems, they also develop less cancers and heart problems than their purebred counterparts. This results in less specialised care and lower veterinary costs throughout their lifetime.

Due to their mixed genes, mutts are less likely to have received a high dose of any particular breed’s genes. Because of this, Mutts are generally sturdier than their purebred counterparts., and these mixed genetics often create an increase in the effectiveness of their immune system, making them better able to overcome various infectious diseases.  Mutts also tend to be very laid back in temperament, they can be much easier to train, and of course they are much more adaptable to their owners lifestyle and activity levels.


The drawback to inbreeding related animals in order to select and reproduce certain desired aspects, such as specific colour, physical or behavioural traits ,or breeding for certain tasks such as hunting, herding or guarding, is that there is a risk of reproducing genetically linked unwanted effects as well. Although there are no hard and fast statistics on the subject, it goes without saying that breeding animals that share similar genetics is going to increase the likelihood of passing on diseases or other conditions.

Minor mutations can exist through generations and can cluster in some breeds without too many problems, but continual inbreeding to improve certain traits in the dog may be sufficient to cause these mutations to become prolific, and can lead to the inherited and unwanted traits spreading through the breed and becoming more dominant.

Hence, medical problems such as inherited blindness, brain disorders, and certain cancers can create a cluster effect in certain breeds. 

Inbreeding can also affect behavioural characteristics of dogs if taken too far, creating neurotic or maladjusted dogs, as can be seen in the Jekyll & Hyde Syndrome which can affect certain breeds.

So unless you have a specific requirement for the assets of a particular breed you need to be aware that some of these traits can become problematic over time and can cost a small fortune in vets bills.

When it comes to considering inherited health issues, it’s important to remember that all dogs carry the risk of susceptibility to disease, both genetic and infectious. That said, research is showing that good breeding practices and early disease screening could reduce the number of overall health issues.

So once you have decided that you want a purebred pet it is of paramount importance that you find a good, reliable breeder. 

Unfortunately, there are some bad, “backyard” breeders out there that you need to be aware of; but the good news is that there are many great breeders out there as well, and there are great online resources available so it’s easy to do some research on particular breeders and check credentials.

Always ask the breeder as many questions as you can and always insist on seeing the parents with the pups, and see them as many times as you can before you take them home.

A good breeder will have screened the dam and sire for specific conditions and should also have included a puppy package as part of the deal – this means that your pup should have had at least its first injections before you get it.  As a result, you can expect to pay more for a pure bred dog than a mutt.

Whatever dog you have or decide to have in your life, Scamps and Champs Cardiff provides a range of services to help when you can’t be there or when you’re taking a much needed break. From a one off pet visit to holiday boarding and doggie day care and dog walks. We also cover care for puppies/kittens onto adult and elderly dogs/cats, Rabbits and all creatures furry, fishy or feathered, we have a service tailored just for you.


Call us to discuss how we can help you and your best friend either with services or pet foods.

Tel: 0333 200 5827

email : cardiff@scampsandchamps.co.uk

How Does Your Dog See The World?

How does your dog see the world?

By 28 days of life your pup has  a working visual system. It’s eyes are adapted to operate in a similar fashion to that of humans but because of the positioning of their eyes, which, depending upon the breed, can be set at a 20 degree angle; they have a much greater field of vision.

Whilst due to their large pupils, they can often detect movement behind them which can be a great survival advantage, so whilst a human field of vision only stretches to 180 degrees, a dog’s field of vision will stretch to an amazing 240 degrees. This field of vision also overlaps at the front providing a greater depth of vision when the dog looks straight ahead.  This Binocular vision helps when the dog is jumping and catching.  Dogs with shorter muzzles will have greater binocular vision.

However, whilst humans can see reasonably well at around 75ft away, a dog will struggle from around 20ft away, so if you are standing still across the the field don’t expect your dog to recognise you immediately from this distance. He will be able to pick you up however, once you start moving as due to having a larger amount of rods in the retina, dogs see moving objects much more than they see standing objects at a distance.

This motion sensitivity is a critical aspect of canine vision and this needs to be taken into account when training your dog – particularly if you want him/her to perform certain actions from a distance based on a silent cue. Your dog also has an astounding sense of smell and will be able to “scent” you from a long way away.

The dogs eye retina is made up of rods an cones, the cones handle the vision by day and colour, whereas the rods deal with nighttime vision. 

Dogs can see colour, but only have dichromatic vision as opposed to humans trichromatic vision. This lack of a third colour receptor means they don’t have the ability to distinguish red and green in a similar way to a red/green colour blind human, so a red ball on green grass may be very difficult for your dog to see..

Dogs have adapted to see in much lower light as their ancestors often 

hunted at dawn and dusk giving them  a much superior and precise  

ability to see in various shades of grey than humans.


If a dog is born blind or loses its sight , its not as devastating as you may think.  This is because the dog has other senses that will help it to navigate, such as its amazing sense of smell that can actually deliver a multi dimensional picture to the dogs brain.  These dogs can and do survive and still make wonderful pets.

Your Dog is simply amazing !!

How We Can Support Your Puppy Through the Lockdown Lift

How We Can Support Your Puppy Through The Lockdown Lift

As Lockdown Loosens

As the lockdown rules and regulations are beginning to change, this not only means change for us and our day to day lives, but also our beloved puppies.

With lockdown having had many of us stay at home much more regularly, this has resulted in us spending more time with our puppies, sometimes without even realising.

The change from your puppy having you around 24/7 to it being left for significantly longer amounts of time, whether it’s for work, the school runs or family visits, this can in fact have a negative impact on your puppy, potentially causing anxiety. Here’s how our services in Derby can help you and your puppy.

How Derby Dog Walking Services Can Help with Puppy Anxiety.

Exercise is good for anyone when it comes to de-stressing and anxiety. The same goes for your puppy. It is so important to walk your puppy daily and regularly. If you are tied up or now busier as lockdown is beginning to lift, our dog walking services can help you maintain your puppy’s regular exercise and walks.

The reason that walking your dog is so important, especially if it is showing signs of anxiety is because when your dog is exercised efficiently, it is healthier and any adverse behaviour is often minimised meaning your puppy is happier when it is walked frequently.

If your schedules are starting to fill up, to put your mind at rest and know that your puppy is getting regular daily walks and receiving the best possible care, Scamps and Champs offer and deliver a premium dog walking service.

One of our animal care experts can simply come to your home and walk your dog for you, leaving you time to work, do the school run or engage in your daily activities. To help relieve your puppy’s potential anxiety, we ensure it has an engaging, fun and stimulating walk out in the fresh air, to impact on it positively, leaving it much happier and healthier.

How Derby Puppy Sitting Services Can Help with Puppy Anxiety.

Although leaving your puppy may cause disruption and anxiety, we understand that leaving the house for many people is now essential. Therefore, we can step in to prevent or lessen the anxiety level of your puppy. If you like many others have now got to return to work or other pre lockdown daily duties, but you have a puppy that you’re worried about leaving at home, our puppy sitting services are ready for you.

It is important for a puppy to practise and maintain its routines to help familiarise it with this. Furthermore, we will ensure that all of your pet’s usual routines are maintained, with bundles of loving companionship included, making it not than just an ordinary sitting service, but a hugely beneficial one.

As a puppy, they will be familiarising themselves with their new home, so its important to keep them in that environment, at Scamps and Champs, your pet will stay in the comfort of your own home whilst being well cared for. As well as allowing your puppy to stick to its usual routines as this is very important for a young pup.

Our pet sitting service, will allow you to avoid using kennels or asking your family and friends for help, as they too may be having to return to work. You can lead your day worry free as we are a reliable, professional and loving pet sitting service

If you are at all worried about leaving your pets whilst you return to work Scamps and Champs Derby can come and check on your pets whilst you are out for additional piece of mind. If you have purchased a ‘lockdown puppy’ whilst you have been off work and home all of the time, you may also like to consider our Puppy Sitting Service. If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact Scamps & Champs Derby for further support and advice by emailing derby@scampsandchamps.co.uk calling 0333 200 5827 or contacting us via our Facebook Page.

The Year of the Staycation – 2020

Pet Sitting Staycation 2020

It has come to that time of year when the sun is shining, nights are longer and summer holidays are being booked and planned. With Covid-19 still affecting travel and holidays- this year is the perfect time to explore your home country and have a staycation!

Your 2020 Staycation

Although this year may have disrupted some of your original summer holiday plans, there is no reason you can’t venture to another part of the UK and make it the holiday of a lifetime. Take a beach holiday to the coast; explore the countryside or an adventure in the mountains, wherever your staycation takes you, use the time to appreciate your home country.

Who doesn’t love a summer holiday? Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a busy family holiday, find time to escape reality and the home you have been in throughout lockdown and have a change of scenery. Enjoy your time away by having a non-stop active holiday or a relaxing one, and don’t worry about a thing!

Our Pet Sitting Services

Whilst you embark on your holiday adventures, whether it’s to the coast, mountains or countryside, take the time to be worry free, unwind and relax while we look after your pets.

Not only can you relax once on your holiday, but also beforehand by not having to worry about asking your family, friends, or a kennel to look after your pets.

When you go away, we can keep your pet relaxed in the comfort of your own home whilst being looked after, because Scamps and Champs offer a pawsome pet sitting service! We have a range of experienced pet sitters who will take excellent care of your pets, keeping them in your own home, allowing them to remain in familiar surroundings and ensuring that all of your pet’s usual routines are maintained.

When looking after your beloved pets, we can visit as many times a day as you need or stay overnight if you prefer, depending on your furry-friends’ individual needs. We complete feedback reports after every single visit, to update you and allow you complete peace of mind. These reports will include updates and photos.

In addition, all visits are tracked by GPS to again reassure you that your beloved pets are receiving the service we promise.

If you are looking to go away on a staycation Scamps and Champs Chichester can look after your pets. Check out our Puppy Sitting Service. If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact Scamps & Champs Chichester for further support and advice by emailing chichester@scampsandchamps.co.uk, calling our Branch Manager Sarah Young on 07931 526514 or contacting us via our Facebook Page.