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Macclesfield & Wilmslow Branch Prices

Dog Walking
Please Note: We don’t pack walk large groups of dogs. If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, then we will carefully match your dog to a doggie friend(s) of similar size/temperament.

Group Dog Walks
30 minutes – £10
60 minutes – £14

Solo Dog Walks
30 minutes – £12
60 minutes – £17
Additional dog from the same household, half price.

Dog Walking Prices For Weekends & Bank Holidays

Group Walks

30 minute – £16.00
60 minutes – £20.00

Dog Home Boarding & Doggie Day-Care
1 dog – £24.00 per day
Additional dogs from the same household £12.00 per dog, per day.

Overnight Pet Sitting
Overnight sleepover – £45 (from 5.30pm – 7.30am)
Minimum of 20 hours – £70

Pet Sitting
Price per visit.

Dog Visits
Dog Visits: 3 visits per day £28.00
Dog Visits: 4 visits per day £38.00
Puppy Visits: £10.00
Puppy Visits: £14 (60 minutes)

Cat & Small Pet Home Visits
Pet Visits 1-2 Pets £10.00
Pet Visits 3-4 Pets £12.00
Pet Visits 5+ Pets £14.00

Cat Sitting
Cat Visits 1-2 Cats £10.00
Cat Visits 3-4 Cats £12.00
Cat Visits 5+ Cats £14.00

Pet Taxi
£12 per hour + mileage

Repeat Key Collection Service
We offer a free initial home visit and key collection service but if you then wish to have your key collected for each booking rather than us hold a key, then there will be a £10 charge each time. Alternatively, you are welcome to drop the key to us.

Pets & Weddings
Prices start from £150.
Mileage to cover initial visit, pick up and journey to the venue within a 10-mile radius is included. Mileage rates of 45p per mile will apply thereafter.

Poo Pickup Service

No. Dogs
1x Dog
2x Dog
3x Dog
4x Dog

More than 4 dogs we will be happy to quote. There are no contracts, you can cancel any time.

While in the main we clean up after dogs we are however able to offer clean ups for cats, rabbits, chickens. Just tell us what you have, and we will clean up after them.

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