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Can Animals Get Coronavirus? – How to Care for Your Pets during Self-Isolation!

Can Animals Get Coronavirus? - Scamps & Champs

Whilst the human world adjusts to the ever changing news headlines on the Coronavirus pandemic and prepares for self-isolating, there remains uncertainty surrounding our pets and what this means for them. The Government and health authorities have issued advice on how to minimise risk of infection for ourselves, but what about our beloved furry friends? What happens if we have Coronavirus and need to self-isolate with our pets, can they get Coronavirus?

Here at Scamps & Champs Chichester we would like to help answer some of these questions for you and provide you and your pets with support, during this difficult, confusing and uncertain time. Please find out pet care advice for self-isolation below.

Can My Pets Get Coronavirus?

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can cause serious illness in humans and in some extremely rare cases animals. However, there is no evidence that companion animals such as pets can spread COVID-19.

How Should I Look After My Pets Whilst Social Distancing?

The RSPCA are urging pet owners not to panic and abandon their pets. If you haven’t tested positive for the virus then they advise you to interact and exercise your pets as you normally would but to adopt a hygienic approach of washing bedding frequently and washing your hands after feeding and interacting with your pets. They also advise the following key points:

  • Try and avoid your pets kissing or licking you.
  • Don’t share food with your pets.
  • Ensure if your pet is on medication that you have adequate supplies at home, in case you need to self-isolate.
  • Speak to your vet or doctor for more advice if you are concerned in anyway.
  • Keep exercising dogs as normal. You can go outside for a walk when social distancing, however Government guidance advises keeping two metres away from other humans.

What if I Have Coronavirus & I Have Pets to Care For?

If you are ill then the best advice is to limit your contact with your pets and ask one of your family members to care for them whilst you recover. In addition, follow the bullet points above and maintain a rigorous hygienic approach as standard. However, some people may not have this as an option due to living alone and therefore we advise contacting a pet care company who provide; pet sitting, dog home boarding or dog walking. So that you can recover whilst self-isolating, but ensuring that your pet is cared for outside of your home and that your dog is walked and exercised. Ultimately you need to self-isolate but your pets don’t as they don’t carry risk of spreading the infection.

What Help is Available for Pets in Chichester?

Scamps & Champs Chichester recognise that this is a really difficult time for people and that ensuring your pets are well cared for and that dogs are taken for engaging walks is really vital to their exercise and well-being. Therefore, whether you are ill or even if you would just like some assistance caring for your pets whilst self-isolating, then Scamps & Champs Chichester are here to support you and your animals. We can provide pet sitting in the home where there are no cases of coronavirus, we also offer a dog home boarding service for people who would benefit for a 24 hour pet care service outside of their own home and we also offer dog walking services.

Scamps & Champs Chichester is a local business providing Pet Care Services to the community of Chichester, Bognor Regis & the surrounding areas. If you are currently self-isolating and need help to care for your pets. Please give branch manager Sarah a call 0333 200 5827 or email We really care about your pets and their well-being so we are keen to ensure that people know who they can contact for help.  

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