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How To Keep Your Dog Safe In Winter

Winter Care For Our Pets

As the British temperature starts to drop, it’s important to think about how to keep our furry friends safe and warm this winter. Despite having furry coats, they still need a little extra help to
Christmas For Pets - Scamps & Champs

Christmas For Pets

As Christmas approaches, it’s lovely to involve our pets in the festivities. This article mentions a few things to be aware of to keep our fur babies safe… Real Christmas trees. Whilst these look lovely
Are You Looking To Adopt, Foster or Rescue?

Are You Looking To Adopt, Foster or Rescue?

Once you have made up your mind and you have found a reputable rescue, make a list of priorities of what you are looking for. Questions To Ask Yourself BEFORE You Approach The Rescue What
Separation Anxiety In Dogs - Scamps & Champs

How Can I Entertain My Dog?

During these uncertain and constantly changing times, our best friends and companions need consistency to keep them calm and happy. One day we are out at work for long periods the next, we are at
The Cat's Whiskers - And The Dog's Too!

The Cat’s Whiskers – And The Dog’s Too!

Ever wondered why your pet has Whiskers – what they are for and what do they do? Whiskers are a type of hair found on a number of mammals, they are typically characterised by their
How Do I Stop My Dog Chasing Other Animals?

How Do I Stop My Dog Chasing Other Animals?

Before dogs became domesticated they were wild and lived by preying on other animals big and small. Their predatory drive was a mechanism that ensured their very survival as a species and was hard wired
West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier

Westies “The West Highland White Terrier” is a breed of Scotland with distinct harsh white coat and soft undercoat. These have longer legs as compared to the other Scottish breeds of terrier. The fur coat
How Do I Clean My Dogs Teeth?

How Do I Clean My Dogs Teeth?

Your dog’s teeth are used for more than just eating, they also use their teeth during play and to learn about their surroundings. And just like us, dogs can get dental problems If their teeth
Autumn Hazards For Dogs - Scamps & Champs

Autumn Hazards For Dogs

Keeping your pet safe – Hazards to look out for during Autumn The leaves are starting to change colour and fall, conkers and acorns can be found aplenty on the ground, bushes and trees are

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