Pet Health Awareness – The Dark Side of Kennels

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So you have decided to go on holiday, but you are unsure what to do about the dog. You don’t feel like you can leave them at home alone all day and you can’t take them with you, so you begin to consider other options? For a long time Kennels have been the most popular dog care option for when you are on holiday, providing you with piece of mind that your dog is looked after in a safe environment. However, these days there are multiple other options available to you such as dog sitting and dog home boarding, so it can be difficult to know what the right choice is.

Despite lots of new dog home boarding and dog sitting options being available, dog kennels remain a ‘go-to’ familiar option for a lot of families needing dog care. Scamps and Champs know that it is important to do what is best for your pets and therefore dog care is an important decision. We would like to highlight to you the side of kennels that people don’t discuss and prompt the question, ‘is the convenient or familiar option always the best option?’


Dog kennels are often made of concreate as this is easily disinfected and cleaned, whereas more homely looking pens would not be kept clear from germs adequately. Therefore, when your dog goes to the kennels they can expect to be staying in a concreate non-homely environment. In addition, their new environment will be unfamiliar to them and this could be extremely distressing for your dog.


Kennels are often built in busy areas so that they are accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore, the surroundings of the kennels can be extremely noisy and open to a lot of traffic noises. Dogs are often pack walked in extremely large groups which can often take place in a noisy environment, on busy roads with a lot of traffic going past. Kennels offer little home comforts or opportunities for the one-on-one attention they are used to.


When your dog goes to the kennels did you know that they are subsequently left wide open to catching infections and parasites from other dogs at the kennels. The kennels pens are often very closely side-by-side and therefore parasites and illness can be passed on extremely easily. Kennel cough is the most common form of infection that can be caught by your dog and it isn’t just the dogs that have boarded with your dog that could catch it once home! Kennel cough is a serious respiratory infection and if not treated by a vet could cause serious harm to your dog.

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So what is the answer to your dog care needs if kennels are not for you? Scamps and Champs offer dog sitting in the comfort of your own home or if you are going away for a long period of time our dog home boarding service offers your dog the opportunity to go on their own holiday! Dog home boarding is where your dog can go and stay with one of our dog home boarding families. You get to select your very own dog home boarding family and you and your dog can go and visit them prior to your booking, to ensure that everyone gets along with each other. All dog home boarders are DBS checked for your security and peace of mind.

Dog home boarding provides your dog with 24 hour care in a friendly home-from-home environment. Where they can be kept in their usual routine, fed their usual food at their usual dinner times. They can have solo walks in environments they are used to and have loads of love and cuddles from a friendly family of animal lovers.

If you are interested in our Scamps and Champs Dog Home Boarding Service then you can Contact Us, Check Availability and Make a Booking via our Online Form.

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