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Thinking about getting your first Puppy? Is time and work an issue? Let Scamps and Champs Chichester ‘Take Care when You’re Not There’

One of the many issues when getting a new puppy is leaving them all alone!  This could be because of work commitments, kids having to go to school or you having to go shopping. Why not let one of our puppy visiting team take the strain.

What your puppy needs at this early stage of their life and how can we assist you.

Our reliable, fully trained and DBS checked puppy visiting team from Chichester are there to help.  We can come into your home and help keep a regular eye on your new family member. Your Puppies routine and welfare is our top priority. We can visit your puppy as frequently as you need us too and tailor our professional service to suit you.


Routine is vital at this early stage of your puppy’s life. It is important that they have three meals a day, at the same time every day. Sleep and play routines are also important, as well as positive reinforcement when they do something great!

  • Our Puppy visitor will feed your puppy and make sure they have fresh water and anything else you have asked us to do.

Toilet Training

This is one of the reasons that feeding on a regular basis and at the same time is key. Puppies need taking outside, to the same spot very soon after eating. Having this routine in place is what will help your puppy to become housetrained quickly and easily. 

  • Our puppy visitor will make sure your puppy goes to his usual toileting area, following your house-training routine.  We will change all bedding where necessary and make sure all puppy areas are clean.

Toys & Fun

It is also important that puppies have companionship and somebody to offer comfort, as they commonly suffer from separation anxiety at this early stage in their life.

Take a look in your local pet shop and purchase some toys that will make your puppies life more interesting.

  • Our puppy visitor will make sure your puppy gets some fresh air in the garden with plenty of toy time and cuddles.  We will also make sure that we offer some positive reinforcement and treats when earned. We will also send a photo of your contented puppy for your piece of mind.

Collar & Lead – hurt to have them

Your puppy won’t be able to go out on the lead straightaway, but it doesn’t hurt have them wearing one for short periods of time. It can also be a good idea to get them used to the lead around the house, before eventually going for their first walk.

  • Our puppy visitor will be happy to introduce some collar and lead time while taking care of your puppy.  We also offer dog walking services and are happy, once your puppy is allowed outside, to offer gentle walks.

We hope that this information is useful.  If you would like to find out more about the pet sitting and dog walking services that Scamps & Champs Chichester can offer, please do get in touch here.

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