Cat Sitting

Cat Sitting

Cats are extremely territorial animals and therefore they are naturally happiest in the comfort of their own home. However, Scamps and Champs recognise that you just can’t avoid having to go away from time to time, resulting in your cats needing to be looking after.

Scamps and champs offer a premium cat sitting service which takes place in your own home. Our animal care experts will come to your home, ensuring your furry-friends can stay within their familiar surroundings, whilst still being able to have their daily dose of fuss and cuddles. Whilst your purr-fect kitty is probably thoroughly enjoying being the ‘king of the castle’ whilst you are away, we swoop in to provide them with all of the services they could possibly need, fit for royalty, including lots of attention and company. We will come in once or twice a day, whichever you prefer, put fresh water and food down, change their littler tray and give them some treats if you would like us too. What kitty doesn’t love to be spoilt now and again!

As our Scamps and Champs cat sitters are in the house anyway taking care of your pawsome pal, if you need us to take care of anything else for you we are happy to accommodate your requests. These can include things like; shutting your curtains for you, watering your thirsty plants, turning lights off and generally keeping your house safe for you whilst you are away. If you have other pets at home in addition to cat sitting, we can offer our services to look after them too all at the same time.

Our caring service will take into consideration your cats personality, needs and routine and integrate this into your professional tailored cat sitting package. Where possible we will endeavour to feed your cat at their usual times, ensuring they only eat the food and quantities they are used to. We will make sure their bowls are clean and fresh every single time. If they like to be let outside we are happy to let them out, if you like your cats to be in at night time we will ensure that they are bought back inside ready for the evening. If any of your fur babies are on medication we can ensure that these are given at meal times for you, we recognise each cat is individual and therefore we tailor your cats care to suit their unique needs.

Whilst you are away we will send you photographs of your cats so that you can see how they are getting on at home and keep up to date with what they are up to, so you can enjoy your trip away knowing your kitties are happy and safe. They will probably feel like they are having their own fabulous mini break, filled with attention, cuddles and care!

To enquire about Scamps and Champs services; ask any questions, check availability or book online, simply complete our online form.

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