Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Walking is a vital part of a dog’s life and is an integral part of their daily exercise. However, we recognise that your lifestyle can alter after obtaining a dog, for example you may go back to work or perhaps you are suffering from an injury or disability. Whatever the reason, sometimes we all need a little extra help to fit everything into our day.

Scamps and Champs offer a premium dog walking service, where our animal care experts can come to your home and walk your dog for you, ensuring they have an engaging, fun and stimulating walk out in the fresh air. When your dog is exercised efficiently, they are healthier and any adverse behaviours are often minimised. To put it simply, your dog is happier when they are walked frequently! At Scamps and Champs we are here to help if you find getting out for a walk difficult for any reason. We offer a friendly, reliable and compassionate service, which can be tailored to suit your dog’s individual needs.

Scamps and Champs will never ‘pack walk’ your dog with multiple other dogs, as we fully understand how precious your pets are to you and therefore we believe in a caring service and treating each dog as if it was our own. We can offer you a regular or flexible dog walking service, each package is tailored to your individual needs and your dog’s personality. We will never walk your dog off the lead unless we have your consent and your dog displays a solid recall.

When using Scamps and Champs dog walking services you will always receive the following:

  • Online Booking – we provide a quick and easy to use online booking system, so that you can book your dog in for their walk, whilst you are anywhere and at any time.
  • GPS Location Check in Service – so that you know your pampered pup has arrived at their destination.
  • GPS Route Tracker – you can access our GPS route tracker so that you can see where your dog is being walked and see that they are getting the walk you have been promised.
  • Back up Dog Walkers – if due to unforeseen circumstances your dog walker is unable to attend the walk, we always have a backup dog walker organised so that your dog can still get out and go for their walk.
  • Feedback Report – we will send you an electronic feedback report with photographs of your dog on their walk so you can see what they have been up to.
  • Individualised Group Size – Scamps and Champs don’t believe in pack walking your dog in large groups. However, if they love company and would benefit from socialising with other dogs, then we are happy to pair your dog up with a walking buddy or two. Assuming everyone is getting on well with each other and that every dog is going to benefit from a group walk, we are happy to walk your dog with up to three other pup-pals.

In addition to all of the above, we also offer sessions in your home to assist your puppies with toilet training, behaviour and confidence. If you have something specific you are wanting to work on, please get in contact via the details below and we would be happy to consider your request.

To contact us, simply send us a message via our online form, then your local Scamps and Champs branch manager will be in touch with you in due course.

  • GPS Check In
  • Check Out Tracking for your peace of mind so you know your dog is getting the dog walk you have booked
  • Back Up Dog Walkers if your regular dog walker is sick or on holiday
  • Online booking and payment
  • Feedback report sent with photographs of your dog
  • We don’t pack walk large groups of dogs. If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, then we will carefully match your dog to a doggie friend(s) of similar size/temperament.

Puppy visits are available to help with house training.

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