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Summer Sun and Dog Walking Fun

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We all know that dog walking is a necessity for any of us that own one or multiple canine companions, however as the days get longer and the sunshine hours increase, there is definitely a lure to get outside walking with our dogs. But what can increasing our dog walking hours do for us and why should we get outside?

It is suggested, that on average we spend 90% of our time indoors, with millions of us working from home, in offices and in a variety of indoor environments. When we finish our days’ work, we are often exhausted and too tired to walk long distances, accompanied with the multiple other aspects of life and family that need incorporating into our routines.

Dog walking is fantastic in that it gets us out of the house once or twice a day, into the fresh air and daylight, accompanied of course by our furry best-friends. What nicer way is there to spend some ‘me time’ than with our dogs, walking around our local area. This is our time to switch off and mentally disconnect from life’s schedule, worries and stresses.

Of course dog walking is not only beneficial to us but our dogs absolutely love every second of it, it is the absolute highlight of their day! All those exciting sights and smells, the socialisation, the fresh air and best of all their special time with you. What is not to love about dog walking?

So what other benefits does dog walking have?

  • Strengthens Your Bond – Dog walking increases your bonding time with your dogs, through dog walking you are spending quality time with them.
  • Weight Control – Dog walking is excellent exercise and therefore will keep you both in shape and healthy.
  • Improves Socialisation – This is true not only for your dog but for you as well. You will meet other dog walkers and say hello to people. Dogs are excellent conversation starters for us humans and we love to chat about the breed and personalities of other dogs we meet.
  • Increases Physical and Mental Health – The vitamin D from the sunshine and the endorphins that are released from physical exercise, are all huge ‘feel good factors’ for our mental health. As well as the physical health benefits that can be experiences through dog walking.
  • Loneliness Decreases – Even if you say hello to people whilst you are dog walking and you never meet them again, it doesn’t matter. In fact even if you don’t say hello at all, just physically being around other people and by being outside, this can decrease loneliness and social anxieties.

So with all of the benefits of dog walking, why not challenge yourself this summer? If you normally walk your dogs once a day, why not walk them twice? If you normally walk one mile, why not try walking two? Increasing your dog walking hours can be beneficial not only for your dog, but for you as well. For your mental, physical and emotional health and in strengthening your bond with your dog.

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