Tips to toilet train your new puppy

Getting a new puppy can be such an exciting time.  

Your puppy will normally be around 8 to 12 weeks old when they leave their Mum and litter mates. Puppies should never leave their Mums under the age of 8 weeks. Your puppy will be very curious and excited.

Introduce the pup to his new home gradually so allocate them a small space to start with, like your kitchen for example to help them feel more comfortable.  

A puppy crate can be a safe space for your pup and help tremendously with toilet training.

Put in their favourite toys and blankets.   

Always remove their collar when in the crate for safety reasons. 

Keep the door to the crate open when you are in the house and he can go in and out when he pleases.

Creating a daily routine for your pup straight away will be really beneficial as dogs like routine.  Feeding them and nap/bedtime at the same time each day will make toilet training so much easier for both of you.

Be patient and consistent and never scold your puppy.  

Keep some treats near the back door and always praise and reward when your puppy gets it right.   

Clean up any accidents but don’t acknowledge them.

In the beginning take the puppy outside every hour or so and encourage sniffing and running around.  Take the pup in the garden immediately after waking, after every meal time and before bed.  

Make puppy’s last meal at least three hours before bedtime.

If you see you pup start to sniff and crouch then immediately take them outside.

Give lots of praise and rewards and toilet training will become easy.

Good luck!

If you have a pup and would like it letting out and stimulating while you are out at work, our team can help. We offer puppy visits to help break up their day while you are out at work. This can help with toilet training, socialization and also use up some of their energy so they may sleep better through the night. Get in touch with your local branch HERE to discuss your puppies need further.