A Westie Wedding

Twenty five years ago my new husband and I pulled up in a white London taxi to the Trafalgar Tavern in Greenwich to begin an afternoon and evening of celebration and laughter for our wedding reception.  

Though it’s not far from my home, my visits since then to this historical London pub, with its beautiful floor to ceiling bay windows overlooking the River Thames, have been few and far between; the odd drink and meal, sparkly outfits and glitter beards (the hubbie, not me!) for a night of disco. 

But today I’m here for another reason altogether: I’m bringing a gorgeous little West Highland Terrier, Brie, who I got to know and love whilst pet sitting in the summer, to be in a glamorous photo shoot for a wedding magazine!

Sharon Valentine, the owner of Valentine Weddings, has this knack for thinking outside the box. I met Sharon only recently, when we discussed how her company and Scamps & Champs might collaborate; Sharon is a wedding planner, based in Blackheath in SE London, and I provide a wedding pet chaperone service so that dogs can play a full part in their owners’ weddings! Sharon spotted an opportunity and invited me to be involved in her new winter magazine. 

So here we are, Brie and I, possibly at the most glamorous job either of us have ever done! Brie is looking decidedly gorgeous, after being expertly groomed by Christine of Absolutely Animals in Lee, and me looking less glam in my standard doggie workwear. The room is buzzing with dress makers, cake makers, stylists, photographers, lighting assistants, florists, models, and Brie takes it all in her little stride.

I have a moment, remembering that night twenty five years ago, and then it’s time to dress Brie in her tuxedo (yes, I know) and she’s in the spotlight. For a little dog, she seems to have a wealth of life experience, and she is as placid and patient as ever as she is photographed a hundred times with the “bride” and “groom”. She really is the most brilliant pet model – that saying about never working with animals or children just doesn’t apply to her. When she’s not needed, I wander around the sunlit room with her and then she calmly lies down and falls asleep for a few minutes, maybe worn out by the stardom!

After a couple of hours, Brie’s part in the shoot is done. She changes out of her tux, we say goodbye to the glamorous entourage and she skips down the wide staircase, looking forward to going home to her brother Herbie. I don’t think fame will change her!

Scamps and Champs can help you make your wedding day even more special by allowing your treasured pet to play a part, looked after by one of our professional, friendly and experienced staff. Get in touch with us to find out more.