The Intelligent & Fascinating Poodle

It is widely accepted that the Poodle is the most intelligent breed of dog. Despite the stereotype of being a vain, high-maintenance breed that requires a lot of grooming, Poodles are relatively low-maintenance in most other aspects and are highly valued as loyal companions. They possess remarkable mental abilities and reasoning skills that make them fascinating and endearing pets.

Poodles are not just show dogs trained to perform tricks; their intelligence goes beyond that. Their ability to learn is undeniable, and they have an incredible capacity for versatility, as many stories attest.

However, the Poodle’s unique coat requires special attention. If left unbrushed, it will twist into cords that can become quite long and tangled. While Corded Poodles are visually striking and attract attention at dog shows, they are less popular among fanciers, as their coats make them unsuitable as indoor pets. They must be oiled to keep the cords supple, washed frequently, and take a long time to dry. The result is that their coats can become dirty and smelly, making grooming a lengthy and laborious process.

Some Poodles may have specific dietary requirements or sensitivities, such as a tendency to develop skin allergies. In these cases, a specialized diet may be recommended such as a good quality grain free pet food. Always consult with a veterinarian before making any changes to a dog’s diet.

In terms of appearance, Poodles have a long, fine head with a slight peak at the back, a long and strong muzzle, and very dark, almond-shaped eyes that exude intelligence. Their nose is sharp and black, and their ears are low set, long and wide. They have a well-proportioned neck, good-shaped feet with well-arched toes, and muscular hind-legs with well-bent hocks. Poodles’ tails are set rather high and are well carried, never curled or carried over the back.

Overall, the Poodle is a highly intelligent and fascinating breed with unique grooming needs that require careful consideration.