Wedding Pet Chaperone Service

Wedding Pet Chaperone Service – What to Expect


So what can you expect from our bespoke pet chaperone service at your wedding?

Firstly, we will come and meet you and your pet in the comfort of your own home. This is so that we can get to meet you both in a familiar setting and get to know more about you both. In addition, this is your chance to see how you feel and if the individual pet chaperone is the correct person to assist you with your wedding requirements. We have multiple qualified pet chaperones who can assist you and your best friend, we want to ensure that the pet chaperone you select is perfect for you and your family.

Once you are happy that you have made the correct selection, our animal care expert will ask you to inform them about your plans for your pet on your wedding day. We are keen to meet your special requirements, in addition to the individual needs of your pet and their personality. We are here to support you one hundred percent of the way, so we will meet you more than once to help you formulate the perfect wedding day for you and your furry friend.

Our chaperone will come and meet your pet at your chosen destination. This could be; your home, a relative or friends home, dog kennels or cattery. We are wanting to make your day as stress-free as possible and we are therefore more than happy to stay the night before with your pet if needed, or pick them up early in the morning from a different address. So that you can just concentrate on yourself and preparing for your wedding day. Some brides require us to take their pet to the professional groomers so that their pet is looking as glamorous as them for their big day. This is no problem at all and we are happy to chaperone your pet to appointments, so that you don’t have to.

On the morning of your wedding we will exercise your pet for you in accordance with the requirements you have requested and are happy with. This can be in a park they are familiar with or a secure setting close to your chosen pick up address. We won’t do anything without written consent from you, such as letting your dog off the lead, we will only do what you and your pet are happy with. You are in control! We will feed your cat or dog at their usual meal times, ensuring that their normal diet is maintained. Water will be available for your cat or dog at all times.

Once your pet has been successfully exercised, fed and watered, will then chaperone them to the wedding venue safely, using our own fully insured transport. We always ensure we leave plenty of extra time for travelling, as we appreciate not all animals enjoy being in the car and also allowing for traffic delays. Once we have arrived in plenty of time before your wedding commences we will provide a comfort break for your furry friend. We will then find the quiet space you have chosen where we can settle them and ensure they have food and water available to them. You can provide items from home such as bedding, blankets and toys, so that they feel comfortable and right at home.

If you have a special wedding outfit for your pet we will get them dressed for you and provide any last minute touch ups for you, so that they are looking absolutely perfect! We then chaperone them to your own bespoke requirements throughout the wedding service, photographs and reception. Meaning that your best friend is by your side throughout your perfect wedding day! Let us take care of everything for you!

If you decide that the wedding ceremony is special enough and that you would like reception to be a pet free affair, then we can arrange the pet chaperone to take your friend home. We then have pet sitters who can come and take care of your fluffy pal or we have home boarding options available, so that you know your pet is safely taken care of whilst you enjoy your wedding reception. Similarly our services are available for your honeymoon for as long as you need us for, your fur baby is safe in our hands, we give them so much time and affection that they will feel like they are on holiday too!

If you are interested in hiring our elite pet chaperone service for your big day, then please do check availability and contact your local Scamps and Champs branch.


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