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Becoming A Dog Host Family.

Become A Dog Host Family

Rather than leaving their dog in kennels when traveling, many pet owners are now choosing dog home boarding as an alternative. This allows them to feel 100% comfortable knowing that their dog is receiving love, care, and attention in a safe environment. While this is beneficial to dog owners, it can also be beneficial to you as a dog host family.

Many people are committing to becoming a dog host family/carer, and you should too! The idea is that pet owners will bring their dog over to your home while they’re away, so the dog will become a member of your family, enjoying the comfort and love of a family home.

Our main requirements for becoming a Scamps & Champs dog host family are:-

  • At home for the majority of the day e.g. retired or work from home
  • Private, secure garden
  • No children under the age of 5 years
  • Experienced dog owner

You would be covered under our company insurance and our dog home boarders arrangers licence. You must be prepared to have your home and gardens inspected by both ourselves and your local council.

Benefits of becoming a dog host family

There are different benefits you stand to gain when you are a dog host family. Here are a few:

  • Enjoy the company of dogs without committing to owning one full-time: If you’re like most people, you probably fancy the idea of having the company of dogs but don’t want the responsibility of owning one. Becoming a dog host affords you the opportunity to snuggle, pet, and play with dogs without feeling burdened about being responsible for one full-time.
  • Host dogs only when it’s convenient for you: Becoming a dog host family means you don’t have to worry about having dogs around all the time. You can conveniently choose the ideal time for you to host a dog, so you still have ample time to work for periods that suit you. Flexibility is a great perk that ensures you’re always in charge of your time.
  • Gain an extra source of income: When you become a dog host family, you not only benefit from having a pet become an additional member of your family, but you also get paid for the duration of hosting. In other words, dog hosting can be a decent way to earn extra income while having a furry playmate!
  • Derive the health benefits: Apart from the fun of hosting dogs in your home, you also stand to gain different health benefits. For example, having a dog around can help alleviate feelings of loneliness. Also, you can choose to host dogs so you can take them for walks and reap the benefits of getting fit and healthy. 

However, you look at it, becoming a dog host family is a win for you and also for the pet owners that will be entrusting their furry friends to your care.

How does it work?

A pet owner will usually first contact us via our website contact form, where they would have submitted details of their pets and the dates required. After we receive their requests, we select a suitable local dog host and reach out to them.

When the requirements of the pet owner match yours, we reach out to you and give you the information about the dog and the dates required. If this is acceptable, the owner will call to arrange a meeting with you.

When the owner arrives, we recommend you make physical contact with the dog, so a relationship is formed before the placement. This will help you decide whether or not you’re able to cope with the pet. If you’re unable to, we will look for another dog carer.

Sometimes, our hosts find it hard to immediately decide if they’re happy with the booking. We propose an overnight stay beforehand as a trial. Everything required for the dog’s comfort will be supplied by the owner, including bed, food, biscuits, treats, bowls, etc.

Also, the dog owners will pay your fee directly to you. The work provided is on a self-employed basis.

Pay rates are:

  • £14.40 for 1 dog per day, £100.80 per week
  • £21.60 for 2 dogs per day, £151.20 per week
  • £28.80 for 3 dogs per day, £201 per week

If you are accepted as one of our dog host families, you will receive a welcome letter with a list of our terms and conditions and a contract which you should read and sign. We will also include some of our leaflets to provide you with all the information you may need.


Many dog hosts report that caring for dogs has changed their lives and brought much joy and pleasure into their homes. We hope this will do the same for you. If you’re ready to become a dog host family then fill out our online application form here –

Scamps & Champs

0333 200 5827

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