Dog Walking in Wilmslow

Wilmslow is an extremely desirable area to live in and the dog walks in the region do not disappoint either! The stunning countryside surrounding this suburban area mean you are spoilt for choice when it comes to walking your dog in Wilmslow.

Scamps and Champs Macclesfield have the top 6 dog walks in Wilmslow to share with you, so check out our countdown below and enjoy walking your dog in the beautiful countryside in and around Wilmslow!

1.   Twinnies Bridge and the The Carrs Park

This short walk commences from the centre of Wilmslow and follows the River Bollin, through Carrs Park and ends at Twinnies Bridge. If you love walking next to a river whilst your dog goes for a swim, then this dog walk in Wilmslow is for you!

2.      Lindow Common

This walk starts just one mile out from Wilmslow at Lindow Common. This circular loop walk heads out towards Moorley Green, back through Newgate Nature Reserve and Rossmere and ends at Black Lake. This walk is a fabulous nature walk for you and your dog to enjoy together in Wilmslow.

3.      Styal

This walk has two sides to it both of which you and your dog will love, the first half is a woodland walk and the second half you are walking through the beautiful Altrincham Road. In the middle of the walk you and your dog will pass Manchester Airport so you can do a bit of plane spotting! This walk sure does add variety to your weekly dog walks in Wilmslow!

4.      Woodford to Handford Dean

This walk is a figure of eight formation commencing at the Deanwater Hotel at Woodford, out to farmland and back to the start again. This walk for you and your dog is pure countryside bliss! Enjoy!

5.      Mottram St Andrew

This walk is situated 4 miles from Wilmslow in the desirable area of Mottram St Andrew. This walk formulates a section of the Cheshire Way and is an area of affluence. If you love horses this one is for you but please don’t forget to keep your dogs on a lead for this one.

6.      Mobberley and Great Warford

Equestrian lovers this walk will appeal to you most of all as you walk through the stunning area of Great Warford. Nature lovers you will also appreciate this stunningly beautiful countryside packed full of wildlife. As dog walks go we think this could be our favourite dog walk in Wilmslow.

We hope you have enjoyed our guide to dog walking in Wilmslow. Our Scamps and Champs Macclesfield Branch covers the Wilmslow area and provides the following pet care services; dog walking, dog home boarding, cat sitting, overnight cat sitting and pets at weddings.

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