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Make Sure Your Home Is Properly Adapted To The Needs Of Your Feline

Cat Sitting

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Bringing a cat into the home is quite unlike bringing any other pet into the space. It’s unlikely that you could bring in a more independent creature into your living space, a pet that will probably consider you to be theirs rather than owned by you. Sure, our cats can give us the impression of only tolerating us from time to time, but when they love us, they show their affection in great amounts.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure your home is properly, thoroughly adapted to the needs of your feline, so that they can exercise their independence while also having the facilities necessary to take care of themselves, and for maintenance-by-proxy to be enacted by you as an owner.

While we’re far past the days of holding cats above our heads on cushions and painting their likeness on the side of holy structures such as in Ancient Egypt, there’s no reason why we can’t be first-rate owners, exercising a little TLC when necessary. Here’s how to achieve that:

Scratching Post & Climbing Trees

A scratching post and climbing trees can help them expel that endless reserve of energy that cats seem to dip into when and how they want. A scratching post can feel good for cats to claw at, and it certainly helps prevent them from carrying this vital task out on your leather sofa. A climbing tree can also give them dominion over a space, satiating their natural exploratory curiosity, as well as giving them elevation they can use to feel comfortable and sleep in the weirdest place possible, which cats absolutely love doing.

Water Fountains

Cats tend not to drink as much water as they should, which just like in humans, can be the cause of many different health woes. For this reason, it’s important to give them a means by which to actively seek out hydration. Cats often prefer moving water to drink, which is why they tend to lick the sides of dripping taps. With a water fountain device perfectly set up for this preference, you can subtly incentivize your cat to drink more in a manner most comfortable to them, ultimately helping them stay hydrated and cool, especially in the midst of summer.

Active Toys

Active toys that can keep the cat engaged and can play with you without having to touch you (cats actively despite playfighting or other overly rough and tumble activities like that of a dog). For instance, a fun feather toy that they can chase, a small laser pointer that they can try to grab, a small tickler that they can play with, or of course, sometimes a little catnip, such as a fixed catnip ball fixed to the side of a den, can actually cause positive health effects as a result of its presence. As you can see, there’s much to appreciate with such investments.

With this advice, you’ll make certain that your home is properly adapted to the needs of your feline.

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