Dog Walking Rates - Scamps & Champs

Some dog walkers walk dogs simply because they enjoy it.   They may make a few pounds but they are doing it more as a hobby than anything else, a bit of pocket money.   A professional dog walking company runs a business.   This means that clients never have to worry about whether the dog walker is going to show up, how to pay the dog walker, whether the dog walker is insured or whether they can trust the dog walker.  All that is part of a professional dog walking company.


A professional dog walking company will hold professional insurance to protect you as a client, your dog but also the dog walker themselves.  You do not want to risk hiring a dog walker who does not have insurance.  It simply isn’t worth it.

Length of Walks

The length of the dog walk your dog requires will determine how much a professional dog walking company will charge.

Group or Solo Walks

A group walk where your dog can be taken with up to four other dogs will cost less than a solo dog walk where your dog is taken alone.

Number of Dogs

How many dogs you have will determine the price you will pay. If you only have one dog, you will pay the professional dog walking company base price.  If you have two or three dogs then you will pay an additional fee per dog that is part of the same household.

Reliable Transportation

Your dog walker needs a reliable vehicle to get to and from their dog walks.  This means vehicle insurance, fuel and upkeep costs.   All this is taken into account when setting a dog walking rate.