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Connosisseur Cat Range – Salmon With White Fish – Sterilised Adult Cat




Connoisseur Cat Range

Chicken with Tuna & Salmon

Sterilised Adult Cat

The Connoisseur Cat range has been specifically developed to provide a selection of high protein and high total animal content recipes that are irresistible to cats. The range has been formulated to offer an assortment of the finest freshly prepared animal protein sources with added functional ingredients to help care for a cat’s health.

  • 70% Total Salmon & White Fish Rich in essential amino acids, vitamins & minerals to promote every day health and well-being
  • Minimum 30% Freshly Prepared Fish Responsibly sourced and highly digestible protein, ideal for cats.
  • Urinary Tract Health Formulated to help maintain optimal urine pH range to support urinary tract health.
  • Healthy Weight Formulated to be low in fat and with added L-Carnitine to promote a healthy weight for sterilised/neutered cats
  • Hairball Care Formulated with added beet pulp and cellulose to help support the reduction of hairballs.
  • Healthy Digestion Added fibre including prebiotics and beet pulp to help support the ability to absorb nutrients.

Why Salmon? Salmon is naturally rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties and provide support for skin and coat condition and joint health.

Why White Fish? White Fish are a source of protein and Vitamins B6, B12 and Niacin. They are also a source of Omega 3 fatty acids which may help to support skin and coat health and healthy joints.

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