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A Change of Career with Added Support

Carol Donovan has been running her own Scamps & Champs franchise in Beverley since 2015. Carol was ready for a change from her previous career and wanted to do something she could enjoy. With a passion for animals and a background in both childcare and admin, Carol knew that she had the necessary skills she needed to run a successful business, she just needed the support of an established brand.

“Working with animals is something I’ve always wanted to do – when I was younger I wanted to be a vet or a dog groomer but I didn’t have the qualifications and, at the time, working with animals wasn’t really considered to be a career.”

“Franchising was a good option for me because I wanted to run the business properly. If I wanted to do a few dog walks for a bit of pocket money I would have done it myself but I wanted to make a profit. I’m 56 now and I wanted the backup of an established company, support and the ability to build up a database of dog walkers and home boarding families so that as I get older I can still run the business but others will do the leg work for me. It’s my pension fund and my retirement plan.”

“Scamps & Champs is a local business and I can offer a wide variety of services. There’s a big demand for the services in my area – I know because I tried to find them for my own dog and there was a shortage of supply! I want my business to provide me with a reasonable lifestyle and I don’t want to have to worry about paying my bills.”

Scamps & Champs provide a wide range of pet services to the local community. From dog walking to home boarding and pet sitting, franchisees provide flexible or occasional services to suit their customer’s needs. The franchise can provide a full-time or a part-time income depending on your own goals and desires, whether you want to take on the work yourself or employ a full team to help you scale the business up and become even more profitable. Scamps & Champs is a business that will fit around your lifestyle to help you achieve a better work-life balance whilst building a career you can enjoy.

“The support I’ve had from Scamps & Champs has been great. Whenever I have any issues I can contact someone at Head Office. We also have an online forum for franchisees so that we can have our questions answered. For my initial training I spent 3 days in Manchester which involved training in the general running of the business, marketing and sales, health and safety and the computer software that we use. I also spent a day with a dog walker to find out more about the business and how it works from the employee’s side of things. If I email or call Head Office, they come back to me straight away and it’s really reassuring to have that support. Sometimes you know the answer to the question but it’s nice to know that’s how someone else would do it!”

Scamps & Champs offer a full training and support package to help franchisees get up and running. In addition, they provide franchisees with the opportunity to achieve a qualification in Pet Sitting, Dog Walking and Home Boarding to give franchisees an edge over their local competition and to ensure that they’re prepared for any eventuality. This training gives customers peace of mind that their pets are safe and in capable hands. This unique franchise opportunity provides ambitious and passionate individuals with the opportunity to build a profitable Scamps & Champs business in their area that that can be proud of and passionate about.

“When I first started the business I was worried and apprehensive but also really excited! There have been difficult times but there hasn’t been a time when I have regretted my decision. I would rather go through difficult stages than have the worry that I wasn’t enjoying my job anymore.”

“My advice to anyone looking at buying a franchise is to be patient because it will pay off in the end. I want to build the business and get it up and running well. If things go well then I might expand into the Hull territory. I will run the business for as long as I’m able to. As I get older I’d like to take a bit more of a back seat and do more admin and cat visits.”

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