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Another Success At… Our Scamps & Champs Conference!

Being mad about pets has its perks. As a franchise business, Scamps & Champs has a presence across the UK, meaning we can look after many more dogs and cats than we would in a tight cluster of locations. To reward our franchisees for their trust, commitment and excellent ball-throwing, our founder Lesley gathered them up this month to say thanks for their hard work.

You might say we let ourselves off the leash a bit – the annual Scamps & Champs Conference was incredibly fun, whilst letting us rub ideas together for the future of the brand. Care to spend a moment as we tell you what went down?

Creating a stir (and a shake)

In the run-up, Lesley presented her team with a choice: “Would you prefer an intensive two-day training course, or a social atmosphere, with music and treats?” It isn’t a shock to report that we went for the latter – this time, against the fabulous backdrop of Revolución de Cuba in Manchester.

Revs de Cuba, as it’s known, lives up to the namesake, sporting a huge array of rums, wine and fizzy island beats under mood lighting. Together, it builds a sense that you’ve stepped somewhere far away from cold, rain-flecked Britain. When we arrived – a group of ten including Lesley, her partner and helper John, six Scamp & Champ business owners, and her uncle and auntie on photo duty – we landed straight into a cocktails masterclass, courtesy of Revs’ staff.

For an hour or so, our team caught up over Mojito mixers. We poured, stirred and marvelled at our drinks, breaking up the lesson with our own takeaways from the pet-sitting sector. Then we headed to the dancefloor for a bout of Salsa, guided again by the fantastic bar staff.

Chewing over our aims for the year and beyond…

After a good boogie, everyone sat down to a wonderful tapas meal, as we tucked into the rewards of a great year. Our Saturday ended at Greek venue Bouzouki, where the team broke out some ‘interesting’ performances of the Grecian dance tracks; we went back to our hotel rooms with tired grins on our faces.

The next day, we got to relax over afternoon tea at the Hilton. This was much more chilled, and gave us a chance to evaluate what we’d achieved in each of our territories, and how Scamps & Champs as a whole could be strengthened.

One pertinent idea was to share more information, branch-to-branch, as our franchisees for dog walking and pet sitting in Beverley, Derby and Fareham felt they didn’t get to touch base enough through the year as they are a bit further afield. While caring for pets is the dearest priority we have, it seems sensible to ensure our business leaders meet and discuss their services every few months, so a cat or canine gets the very best treatment imaginable.

Overall, we had a memorable weekend, re-energising our goal to deliver the finest pet sitting, boarding and dog walking services in the UK.

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