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Tameside Branch Prices

Dog Walking
Please Note: We don’t pack walk large groups of dogs. If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs, then we will carefully match your dog to a doggie friend(s) of similar size/temperament.

Group Dog Walks
30 minutes – £7
60 minutes – £10

Solo Dog Walks
30 minutes – £10
60 minutes – £15
Additional dog from the same household, half price.

Dog Walking Prices For Weekends & Bank Holidays

Group Walks
30 minute – £10
60 minutes – £15

Solo Walks
30 minute – £15
60 minutes – £22.50

Dog Home Boarding & Doggie Day-Care
1 dog – £17.50 per day
Additional dogs from the same household £10.00 per dog, per day.

Overnight Pet Sitting
Overnight sleepover – £25 (from 5.30pm – 7.30am)
Minimum of 20 hours – £45

Pet Sitting
Price per visit.

Dog Visits
Dog Visits: 3 visits per day £20
Dog Visits: 4 visits per day £30
Puppy Visits: £8

Cat & Small Pet Home Visits
Pet Visits 1-2 Pets £6.50
Pet Visits 3-4 Pets £8
Pet Visits 5+ Pets £10

Cat Sitting
Cat Visits 1-2 Cats £6.50
Cat Visits 3-4 Cats £8
Cat Visits 5+ Cats £10

Pet Taxi
£10 per hour + mileage

Repeat Key Collection Service
We offer a free initial home visit and key collection service but if you then wish to have your key collected for each booking rather than us hold a key, then there will be a £5 charge each time. Alternatively, you are welcome to drop the key to us.

Pets & Weddings
Prices start from £150.
Mileage to cover initial visit, pick up and journey to the venue within a 10-mile radius is included. Mileage rates of 45p per mile will apply thereafter.

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