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Hiring a Cat Sitter in Bristol

It can be a difficult decision to leave your cats when you take a holiday or go away with work. It may not be possible, or you may not want to keep asking a friend, neighbour or relative to cat sit for you. Your cat may not enjoy going to a cattery.

Another option is to hire use our Cat Sitting Service and hire a professional Bristol cat sitter.

What does a Bristol Cat Sitter Do?

A Bristol cat sitter will take care of your cat in your own home allowing your cat to stay in their own familiar surroundings. At Scamps & Champs Bristol a cat sitter will listen to you and provide a bespoke service according to your requirements. A Bristol cat sitter will visit your cat as many times as you would like during the day to feed your cat, change litter trays, give fresh water, and medications if required, with all the fuss and attention that your cat deserves.

Your cat sitter can also draw the curtains, turn your lights on and off, bring in any post and put the bins out giving your home that lived in look when you are not at home.

Using pet sitter software your cat sitter will send you updates at least daily. Photographs will be sent allowing you the comfort of knowing that your cats are being well looked after and are happy and relaxed at home.

How Many Times Will You Visit?

Your cat will be visited as many times during the day as you would like. If your cat is an inside cat, then you may feel once a day is enough. If your cat likes to go outside and hasn’t got access to a cat flap, we can visit in the morning and let your cat outside after feeding and then visit at teatime to let them back in again. If your cat is elderly or likes a lot of company more frequent visits may be preferable to check on your cat and give your cat companionship.

What if my cat doesn’t like new people?

A visit once a day may be enough if your cat is shy and timid. A cat sitter will always take the time to get to know your cat but only give affection if it is welcomed. If they don’t want affection or us to play with them, we will give them the space they need. We usually find that once they realise we are coming to feed them, they start to relax more and get used to us.

How Much Does A Bristol Cat Sitter Cost?

The price for cat sitting depends on how many visits and how many cats you have but visits start at £8.00 for 1-2 cats.

For a detailed quotation, please contact us for further information.

Scamps & Champs Bristol provide cat sitting services in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

All of our pet sitters are vetted, insured and DBS checked. Scamps & Champs Bristol are members of the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters and the Pet Industry Federation. Contact Scamps & Champs via our online form, to check availability and make a booking. Learn more about our Cat Sitting Service by visiting the Scamps & Champs Website.

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