NEW Dog Walking and Pet Care Services Available in Chichester

We have some really exciting news here at Scamps and Champs! Not only have we recently opened a new branch in Halifax but now we have a brand new Scamps and Champs branch opening in Chichester! That’s two new pet care service locations in one month!

Pet care services in Chichester will include; dog sitting, dog walking, cat sitting, dog home boarding and a wedding pet chaperone service.

Scamps and Champs Chichester will be managed by Sarah, who is extremely passionate about animals and keen to work hard to provide you with an excellent service. She owns two gorgeous pets of her own and therefore completely understands how important it is, to have pet care services that you can rely on and trust.

My name is Sarah and I am passionate about bringing you and your pet a personal high-quality pet service.

I have owned and rescued dogs, cats and small animals all my adult life and right now have a German Shepherd called Shaka and British Shorthair cat called Hero.

You want your pet to be cared for, relaxed and comfortable within your own home or with one of our selected pet carers and we do to!

Our personal approach and real love of animals will make your Scamp or Champs feel safe and secure in our care.  Whether that’s in your own home, with one of our home boarders, going for daily walks, being visited for a cuddle or one of our many other services.

We are fully insured, DBS checked and completely committed to your animals’ welfare. We will come and introduce ourselves to you and most importantly your pets.  We know that every pet is an individual and we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

Please do give me or one of our enthusiastic team a call or drop us an email.  Our number is a national number and there is always someone ready to answer your call. All messages are passed onto me personally and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Best of luck Sarah! – Welcome to the Scamps and Champs family!

It’s not too early to enquire and book pet care services in Chichester. For details of how to book; dog sitting, dog walking, cat sitting, dog home boarding and a wedding pet chaperone service, see below.

To ask Scamps and Champs Chichester a question, check pet care service availability or to get in touch, simply complete our online form.

To enquire about joining the Chichester team as a dog walker, pet sitter or dog home boarder simply complete our online application.

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Are You in Breach of Rule 57 of the Highway Code?

Whilst millions of us in the United Kingdom drive with our canine companions in the car with us every day, can we all be sure that we are doing so safely? Recent research suggests that a large proportion of dog owners are unaware of the correct safety procedures required for transporting their four-legged friends in the car, suggesting that many of us are breaking Rule 57 of the Highway Code and therefore could face fines of up to £5,000 for careless driving with an unrestrained pet. So what is Rule 57 and what does it mean for pet owners?

Rule 57 of the Highway Code states that all animals when travelling in a vehicle on the road need to be suitably restrained so that they cannot cause any distraction to drivers, injure you or be injured themselves should you need to perform an emergency stop. Therefore, if your dog is not suitably and safely restrained within your vehicle, they potentially could cause a triple threat to drivers, other road users and themselves. 

Whilst Rule 57 does not state outright the methods of restraint, it is suggested that however well-behaved your dog is when loose in the car, that if unrestrained it could still potentially cause one or more of the potential threats above. Therefore, if you do not use one of the following safety methods for your pet in the car then it is assumed you are in breach of Rule 57 of the Highway Code. So what methods are suitable and which pets would these be suitable for? Scamps and Champs cover the main methods of vehicle restraint for pets below in our helpful four-step guide.

1.Existing Seatbelts 

Existing seatbelts for us humans can also be useful for our pets. They are already there and don’t cost you a penny – so why not use them? Seatbelts can be used to securely fasten cat boxes, small animal carriers and dog crates firmly in place on the back seat of the car. Whilst you can carry animals in the front of the car physically, it is not recommended as they can cause distraction to the driver and potentially come to severe harm should there be an accident.

2. Pet Seatbelts

Pet seatbelts can be purchased from veterinary practices, retail pet stores and online. They are readily available from multiple sellers on stores such as and In addition, if you have an existing safety method in place and you are willing to wait a few weeks for your product to arrive, pet seatbelts can be purchased via these websites from sellers based within the product’s manufacturing country. So if cost is an issue for you there is an option available for everyone, as a quality product can be purchased for as little as £1 including postage and will be delivered directly to your home from China, for example, providing premium pet safety at a bargain cost. So there is no excuse not to have your pets safely secured and to travel in accordance with the Highway Code.

3. Harnesses

You can purchase harnesses for most animals, however this option would be most suitable for your dogs. Harnesses are widely available in stores and online, at a variety of prices and in a variety of styles. The important thing is to ensure that you purchase the correct size for your dog, or this can be a safety issue for your beloved pet in itself. It is recommended that you use a harness and not a pet seatbelt attached to a collar, as if an emergency stop were to occur you need your pet’s body to remain secure. If the full impact of an emergency stop was to occur with your pet attached via its collar then this could cause significant and even fatal damage to your pet’s neck and therefore this isn’t viewed as an acceptable method of restraint.

4. Crates or Animal Carriers

Smaller animals are best to be transported in a crate or animal carrier, as they provide less room for movement and also block the visual elements of the road, which can be extremely frightening for small animals. In addition, the more secure exterior provides additional safety for your animals in the event of an accident and can be additionally secured to the car seat with your existing seatbelts in order to minimise movement.

So you have been suitably informed on Rule 57 of the highway code and the suitable methods of safety restraints for animals, including cost effective options available to everyone, you can all enjoy traveling with your pets safely! Happy travelling pet-lovers!

For further safety advice for your pets and for a full range of our Scamps and Champs services, please go to our main website. Please contact us to check availability or to ask any questions you may have.

Top Five – Valentine’s Safety Tips for Pets

We all know how much you love your pets! Many of us even admit to loving and spending time with our beloved pets more than humans! Therefore, at Scamps and Champs we want to make sure Valentines Day is a special occasion to remember, for all of the right reasons! Ensuring you can snuggle up with the lady or man in your life for the Pawfect Valentines Day!

Pets make the best Valentine’s date as you don’t need to buy them chocolates, they have no use for flowers, and in fact these gifts can be extremely dangerous for them. All they need is your unconditional love and affection. If you can’t keep your paws off each other – we want to make sure that you spend the day together safely. Here are our top five Valentine’s Day safety tops for you and your pets.

1.    Toxic Chocolate – Ensure it’s for your Mouth only

It is well known that chocolate is extremely toxic for dogs, however it is one of the most common gifts on Valentine’s Day and therefore means that there’s lots of chocolaty temptation around for their tongues! Make sure any chocolates are kept up high and out of reach even the fruity flavours. Also make sure that you don’t leave wrappers lying around as they may still have chocolate on them and in addition the foil or plastic can be harmful if consumed. If chocolate is consumed by dogs they can become extremely ill and in severe cases it can be fatal. If your dog consumes chocolate then

2.    Skip the Love Hearts

Sugar free sweets, sweetener and gum contains the toxic ingredient xylitol. If ingested xylitol can cause; vomiting, loss of coordination, seizures and in severe cases liver failure. Therefore, skip the sweets this Valentine’s Day as love hearts, are far from loving for your purr-fect pets!

3.    Restart the Heart

We know you love your pets with all of your heart, therefore jeopardising their safety is just not worth the risk. If your pets consume, chocolate, sweeteners or sweets, this can devastatingly cause them to go into cardiac arrest. Stay smart by learning how to perform CPR on your pets effectively, so that in the event of emergency you can save the life of your pet.

4.    Rose-Worthy

Believe it or not your beautiful Valentine’s Day floral arrangements can be harmful to your pets, the aroma produced by flowers can be an enticing scent for your pet. If they manage to nibble your beautiful bouquet the results can be disastrous, even just small amounts of toxic flowers can cause; vomiting and upset stomachs. Be additionally cautious if your floral arrangements contain lilies as these can be fatal if consumed by cats.

5.    Animals are NOT Gifts

You may think that a cute puppy or kitten would make the most romantic gift of them all! However, it won’t be puppy love if you and your partner separate, or you move into a new home together which does not allow pets and your perfect pet ends up at the animal shelter. Bringing a living animal into your home needs careful consideration and is a life-long commitment that should not be taken lightly. Animals are not a choice that can be picked up and then thrown away, in accordance with your life style. Don’t buy an animal as a gift, take time to think about this life-altering commitment and talk it through with your partner thoroughly. Perhaps plan a date to visit an animal shelter or breeder together instead, once Valentine’s Day is over and spend Valentine’s Day together on a date talking things over.

We hope you have the most purr-fect Valentine’s Day with your pets, remember to stay safe and most of all give your animals the love and affection they deserve on this special day of the year.

Going away to celebrate Valentine’s Day and need your pets to be cared for? Take a look at Scamps and Champs pet care services.

Top 3 Dog-Friendly UK Holiday Destinations

Let’s face it, as dog owners we are barking mad about our canine friends, with most of us viewing them firmly as one of the family. Therefore, with the February half-term holidays approaching you are likely to be seeking a well deserved break, with the entire family included. However, searching for accommodation and restaurants where your fur baby, and human children, are welcome in all areas can turn into a ruff ordeal! It will therefore come as no great surprise that some of the most dog welcoming destinations in the United Kingdom fall within our beautiful national parks, offering rolling countryside, stunning scenery and ample dog walking opportunities. Within these leash-worthy locations they don’t shy away from dog walkers, muddy paws or excited children, they embrace the outdoors and invite you inside with open arms. Here are our top three pawsome friendly holiday destinations and why we know they will be perfect for the whole family, fur sure!

1.    The Lake District

The stunning Lake District welcomes your four-legged friend with open arms, offering endless outdoor opportunities and dining options for the whole family! The Lake District is renowned for being one of the most welcoming holiday destinations for our dogs, not only due to the endless Wainwrights that can be explored up on the fells, but within the tourist attractions too. From the Windermere Lake Cruises, the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway, the Ullswater Steamers and the Ravenglass Railway in Eskdale, you are not short of thrilling day trips where your pup-pal can be fully involved in your adventures. In addition, you are spoilt for choice with dog friendly restaurants and bars, that won’t blink an eye at your muddy walking boots or mucky mutt. Fancy a fabulous forest walk? Then look no further than the gorgeous deep green forests of Whinlatter and Grizedale where the trees appear to reach the sky. There are ample adventure playground opportunities for children and most importantly your dog can run freely around the forest footpaths.

For more information see Lake District dog friendly; accommodation, places to eat, pet etiquette and a dogs in Cumbria guide.

2.    The Yorkshire Dales

Every year millions of canine visitors flock to the Yorkshire Dales with their owners in the hope of finding hound friendly hotels, pup-tastic pubs and glorious countryside walks. Dogs in the Dales are embraced and greeted by many shops and pubs, who have bowls of water outside their establishments ready for your thirsty pals. Indeed some restaurants go even further in their attempt to satisfy the needs of your furry friend by offering a delicious doggy menu in addition to their standard menu, meaning you can all eat together at the end of a long days walking. You are also spoilt for choice with dog friendly attractions around the Dales including; Richmond Castle, Parcevall Gardens, Markenfield Hall, Ingleborough Cave, Harrogate Paintball Centre, Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal, Skipton Boat Trips, to name just a few!   

For further essential information take a look at dogs in the Dales.

3.    The Peak District

Dog friendly Derbyshire is packed full of places to stay and things to do with your pawsome pups. Dogs are well and truly welcome in the Peak District with numerous café’s, bars and restaurants classifying themselves as dog friendly. You can’t walk far without noticing the array of signs above shop doors proudly informing you that ‘dogs are welcome.’ Ensuring there are no awkward moments where you stand outside with the dog, whilst the rest of the family enter the shop for a browse. You can explore the Monsal Trail or perhaps Monsal Head and walk down into Mondal Dale, with the whole family, letting your dog run freely in the beautiful countryside. Grinlow Woods and Bakewell also offer numerous outdoor opportunities for the whole family to enjoy the beauty of the Peak District. You can end the day perfectly in one of the many dog friendly hotels where you can all enjoy relaxing together, at the end of a wonderful day in one of the most beautiful national parks in England, with your dog by your side.

Check out this useful overview of dog friendly accommodation in the pet friendly Peak District.

Are we fur’ real? Well, yes we are! Our dogs are part of our family and therefore finding the perfect accommodation, eating establishments and attractions, where everyone can enjoy the entire holiday together is pawsible. It is all down to location and all available on our doorstep, if you just know where to look. You and your precious pups never need to be separated again and you can look forward to many hound-friendly holidays together in the future. Happy February Half-Term!

Unable to take your dog away this time? View Scamps and Champs full range of pet care services, availability and booking details.