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Dog Home Boarding In Bristol

Dog home boarding in Bristol

Why choose dog home boarding in Bristol?

Finding a pet carer to care for your dog in their own home in Bristol allows your dog to stay in the comfort of a family home receiving lots of love and undivided attention, individual walks and complete care. No kennels or crates are used and your dog is treated as one of the family, experiencing a home from home experience.

What are the benefits of dog home boarding in Bristol?

You will always know who is caring for your dog. You and your dog will have visited the host family before the home boarding takes place to see where your dog will be staying and who will be caring for him ensuring you are completely happy with the arrangement. You are in complete control over which host family your dog stays with.

Dog home boarding allows your pet to stay in the same routine. A plan is made before the home boarding takes place as a result of discussions with you about your dogs daily routine, feeding requirements, meal times, walks and administration of any medicines. Your dog would be walked on the lead unless written consent is obtained from you that you are happy for him to be taken off the lead and that he has a solid recall.

When you drop your dog off for home boarding you will take your dogs bed, toys, blankets, food (to minimise the chance of a stomach upset), treats and anything else you feel would help him settle into the host families home.

Why home board with a Scamps and Champs Bristol host family?

You will always drop off and pick your dog up from the host family so you know exactly where your dog is being cared. The dog home boarding host family in Bristol will have been selected according to your individual requirements.

All our Scamps and Champs Bristol dog home boarding host families are fully vetted, insured and registered with the local council. They all have secure gardens and are covered by our company insurance policy.

Only dogs from one family are cared for at the same time so your dog will receive all the love and attention he deserves. He will never be left alone for longer than 2 to 3 hours maximum per day so will have lots of company.

Feedback and photos are sent to you at least daily providing reassurance whilst you are away as we understand how stressful it can be leaving your beloved furry family member behind when you go away.

Contact Anne at Bristol on to check availability or ask for further information.

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