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How Does Your Dog Smell ??

How does your dog smell?

With Amazing Accuracy Actually..

A dogs sense of smell is probably more important than any other sense (except touch) and is one of the predominant senses for a dog, as a pup it used its scenting ability to locate its mother.

Although your dogs brain is much smaller than that of a human, its sense of smell is estimated to be a hundred thousand times better.

As it develops your dog will literally learn to smell its world and the passing of time. It can see the future by catching scent on the air so knows what is to come and by smelling the ground can tell what has passed.

With 220 million receptors in the dogs nose, scent is a very powerful influence.

This immense sense not only provides memories that last a lifetime, but will inform and forewarn the dog affecting its behaviour and physiology.

The average dog can detect and identify smells that are so dilute that even scientific instruments struggle to pick them up.

Your dog also has mobile nostrils that allow him to determine the direction of the scent even if its a long way off giving him/her the ability to scent prey. He can even pick up different scents in each nostril.

Dogs pick up on peemail when out and about and this provides them with much information as to the age, health and sexuality of those who have passed through before, they are also able to discern where a female is in her sexual cycle.

Dogs can also smell adrenaline and pheromones both in humans and other dogs.

Isn’t that just amazing – so now you know why your dog loves to smell anything and everything.

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