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Our Favourite Toys To Keep Your Dogs Entertained During Quarantine

Our Favourite Dog Toys

We often hear that owning a dog is like having an eternal toddler at your beck and call. Why, you ask? Because they’re obsessed with fun, games and entertainment. A pooch never tires of the stuff you buy to amuse it.

We’ve done some sniffing around, and come up with a list of top canine toys to fill the void:

Benebone Flavoured Chews

USA brand Benebone is a big name for quirky chew toys, and they’ve amassed a range of gourmet flavours that include peanut butter, bacon and rotisserie chicken. The lip-smacking treat has been designed to resemble a wishbone, so pups and adult dogs can gnaw on it easily. Any pets heavier than 70lb, though, are off the cards for Benebone toys.

KONG Rubber Ball Extreme

Round objects seem to be the absolute, heavenly peak of a pooch’s sense of play. The KONG Rubber Ball Extreme has a ridiculous bounce capability, whilst remaining 100% puncture resistant. Your furry pal can knock it about at their whim, chasing it through the backyard, living room or kitchen. ‘Small’ measurements are 2.5” high, whilst the ‘Medium/Large’ option adds another half an inch, catering for variously sized breeds.

KONG Classic Dog Toy

We’re back in KONG’s playground, as they prove once more why they’re a solid brand for pet-centric games. Basically, the Classic version of their accessory is shaped like a triple-layered dollop of cream, built from red rubber. When dropped on the ground, it’ll boing unpredictably from one spot to the next – that’s what the unusual design is for! Dogs can’t fail to be delighted by this, making the KONG Classic a highlight on our list.

OurPets IQ Treat Ball  

For a short stay on their own through the day, the OurPets IQ Treat Ball is a perfect, tongue-frothing blend of smarts and physical pleasure. A dog can only gain access to the biscuits within if they roll the toy in a certain way; steadily, they’ll drop out, ready to be snaffled up. Owners can raise the difficulty when they think it’s become too by-the-numbers. Overall, an ideal choice for the brainy hound.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel

Now this is a special case of paw-tastic pastimes… The Hide-A-Squirrel Toy emits a squeak when dogs wrap their mouth around the belly, lending comfort and stimulation in periods of stress. There are several of these plush squirrels to buy at once; what’s more, they live in a furry tree trunk, requiring a dog to hunt them through the storage holes. The Ginormous Hide, as its’ known, features five woodland critters to pile on top of each other.

Snuffle Mats

These can be bought or made yourself.   They are mats in which you hide treats or kibble for your dog to find which keeps them stimulated.

Together, these are excellent distractions to keep your pup entertained during these long days at home. 

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