The Miniature Schnauzer originates from Germany. The schnauzer is an energetic, high spirited and spunky dog. This devoted, loyal, and affectionate dog makes an excellent family pet. This breed requires a lot of attention and loves being with their family. Schnauzers are alert, active dogs and eager to please. Their coat is hard and wiry, they have a wiry beard on the muzzle and bushy eyebrows. They are the smallest of the three Schnauzers.

What Was the Miniature Schnauzer Bred For?

They were originally bred to be medium-sized farm dogs in Germany, equally suited to ratting, herding, and guarding property. As time passed, farmers bred the Standard Schnauzer into a smaller, more compact size for ratting by combining it with the Affenpinscher and Miniature Poodle.

How Much Does A Miniature Schnauzer Puppy Cost?

Costs to buy a miniature schnauzer puppy ranges from approx. £750 up to £1,500 depending on KC registration and pedigree. When buying a puppy always insist on meeting both parents and ask to see a BVA Eye Test Certificate.

Do Schnauzers Shed A Lot?

Schnauzers have a wiry topcoat and hardly sheds at all. To keep him looking smart, miniature schnauzers should be groomed every five to eight weeks to keep them looking their best.

Do Miniature Schnauzers Make Good Pets?

Mini Schnauzers are alert watchdogs and can be prone to being a bit barky. He is usually good with other family pets but may sometimes be a bit dominant with strange dogs of the same sex. They are very loyal, playful, and loving companions. They may welcome strangers or can sometimes be a bit aloof. Most Mini Schnauzers respond well to obedience training.

How Much Exercise Does A Miniature Schnauzer Need?

An energetic playful dog who needs a daily walk and likes to play off lead in a safe area.

Breeders – Where Can I Get A Miniature Schnauzer From?

There are lots of rescues in the UK that will have Miniature Schnauzers for adoption usually have ex breeding dogs that have been rescued from puppy farms.

If you are considering buying a dog from a Breeder, then the Kennel Club will be able to point you in the right direction. Always ask to see both parents and make sure you see all documentation. Never, ever agree to meet someone at a motorway service station or buy a puppy from the back of a car without seeing both Mother and Father as these dogs usually come from puppy farms.

My Miniature Schnauzer, Molly, is now 4 years old. She isn’t a breed I would usually have considered but she is the most wonderful family dog. She is extremely affectionate and loves her cuddles but also enjoys long walks and playing with her toys. I can highly recommend them as a breed.