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How We Can Support Your Puppy Through the Lockdown Lift

How We Can Support Your Puppy Through The Lockdown Lift

As Lockdown Loosens

As the lockdown rules and regulations are beginning to change, this not only means change for us and our day to day lives, but also our beloved puppies.

With lockdown having had many of us stay at home much more regularly, this has resulted in us spending more time with our puppies, sometimes without even realising.

The change from your puppy having you around 24/7 to it being left for significantly longer amounts of time, whether it’s for work, the school runs or family visits, this can in fact have a negative impact on your puppy, potentially causing anxiety. Here’s how our services in Derby can help you and your puppy.

How Derby Dog Walking Services Can Help with Puppy Anxiety.

Exercise is good for anyone when it comes to de-stressing and anxiety. The same goes for your puppy. It is so important to walk your puppy daily and regularly. If you are tied up or now busier as lockdown is beginning to lift, our dog walking services can help you maintain your puppy’s regular exercise and walks.

The reason that walking your dog is so important, especially if it is showing signs of anxiety is because when your dog is exercised efficiently, it is healthier and any adverse behaviour is often minimised meaning your puppy is happier when it is walked frequently.

If your schedules are starting to fill up, to put your mind at rest and know that your puppy is getting regular daily walks and receiving the best possible care, Scamps and Champs offer and deliver a premium dog walking service.

One of our animal care experts can simply come to your home and walk your dog for you, leaving you time to work, do the school run or engage in your daily activities. To help relieve your puppy’s potential anxiety, we ensure it has an engaging, fun and stimulating walk out in the fresh air, to impact on it positively, leaving it much happier and healthier.

How Derby Puppy Sitting Services Can Help with Puppy Anxiety.

Although leaving your puppy may cause disruption and anxiety, we understand that leaving the house for many people is now essential. Therefore, we can step in to prevent or lessen the anxiety level of your puppy. If you like many others have now got to return to work or other pre lockdown daily duties, but you have a puppy that you’re worried about leaving at home, our puppy sitting services are ready for you.

It is important for a puppy to practise and maintain its routines to help familiarise it with this. Furthermore, we will ensure that all of your pet’s usual routines are maintained, with bundles of loving companionship included, making it not than just an ordinary sitting service, but a hugely beneficial one.

As a puppy, they will be familiarising themselves with their new home, so its important to keep them in that environment, at Scamps and Champs, your pet will stay in the comfort of your own home whilst being well cared for. As well as allowing your puppy to stick to its usual routines as this is very important for a young pup.

Our pet sitting service, will allow you to avoid using kennels or asking your family and friends for help, as they too may be having to return to work. You can lead your day worry free as we are a reliable, professional and loving pet sitting service

If you are at all worried about leaving your pets whilst you return to work Scamps and Champs Derby can come and check on your pets whilst you are out for additional piece of mind. If you have purchased a ‘lockdown puppy’ whilst you have been off work and home all of the time, you may also like to consider our Puppy Sitting Service. If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact Scamps & Champs Derby for further support and advice by emailing calling 0333 200 5827 or contacting us via our Facebook Page.

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