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Reigate March 2019 News

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to your Reigate Scamps and Champs March 2019 Newsletter. This month it’s all about introducing you to our new dog walkers and two new pawsome pet clients! 

We are thoroughly enjoying looking after your pets and ensuring they get out for many walks in the fresh air! 

It appears our dog walkers enjoy the experience just as much as your dogs do! 

Introducing Cintia and Dan!

Hi all, I introduced you all to the lovely Dan the other day and I now have the pleasure of introducing Cintia who by the looks of this picture is a match made in heaven! Welcome to the Scamps and Champs Reigate team Cintia its great to have you on board!

“Hello! I am Cintia and I am passionate about animals. My love for them defines who I am today, I am also a local artist, a ceramicist. I come from Argentina, where I grew up surrounded by animals, mainly  dogs and  cats, but I also had hamsters, ducks,  rabbits, tortoises, even a fox I had! Stray dogs followed me everywhere, as I couldn’t resist cuddling, stroking and feeding them whenever possible!

Today I am the lucky owner of Willow, a Jack Russell crossed with Shih Tzu who I love dearly and on a regular basis I look after Bunji, rescued from the streets of Spain, my sister’s dog. I have also come forward for fostering dogs saved from the Asian meat trade! 

I am really loving being part of Scamps & Champs through whom I had the opportunity to meet and look after ‘Danny’! I can’t wait to see what the future brings with this new adventure…Thank you Simon!”

Meet Kim!

“I’m Kim & I’m part of the Scamps and Champs team in Reigate. I have years of experience in the animal industry working in places such as Last Chance Rescue Centre & Orchard Farm Kennels, I am also currently volunteering for the RSPCA Godstone & have grown up with various pets. I have completed courses in Animal Care & Pet Obedience which means I am able to help with some aspects of training such as lead and recall work. I am also currently studying Animal Welfare​.”

We are so pleased to have you on board Kim it is clear how experienced you are and how passionate you are about animals!

Wedding Pet Chaperone Service 2019

Did you know that you can now have your pet present on your wedding day?

Using Scamps and Champs Wedding Chaperone Service, we will ensure you pet is looked after for the entirety of the day!

We tailor each service to suit your individual requirements and we can even ensure that your pet is dressed for the occasion! 

New Pet Client Gallery!

We have two super cute miniture dachshund pups Ruby and Saphie who have started walking with the lovely Kim at Scamps and Champs Reigate! – How gorgeous are they!

Ruby and Saphie

So now we have introduced you to everyone don’t forget to check our service availability or ask us any questions above! 

We look forward to hearing from you soon and to our dedicated team caring for your pets in the future!

All the best

Simon Ellis – Scamps & Champs Reigate

Check out our availability or get in touch to ask us a question via our simple online form and one of the team will get back to you shortly!

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