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Send Your Dog on Holiday this Summer!

As summer approaches it is time to start planning our family holidays and whilst we always endeavour to take our precious pooches with us, this is not always possible. Particularly when we chose to holiday abroad. Until now we have had to either rely on a family member to take care of our furry-friends or place them into the local dog kennels for a week or two. But is this the fairest option for your beloved dogs?

We know that you are a huge animal lover and that you only want the very best for your pets!  So why settle for traditional kennels when your pampered pooch could be going on their very own holiday? – Find out more about dog home boarding here

For some, finding a kennel for your pet can be the easiest and quickest option. But is it always the best?

Taking an animal out of its environment and placing it in a kennel can be really distressing and scary for them!

Kennels can be extremely noisy places. Your dog will be kept in an enclosed and often caged environment with no company or home comforts. It can be a breeding zone for parasites and fleas which can be harmful to your dog. 

In addition, dog kennels often pack walk dogs as they simply don’t have the staff ratio or time to take your dog on the usual scenic one-on-one walk that they are used to. 

So what is another alternative? Well here at Scamps and Champs we recommend dog boarding. Here are 3 super important reasons why you should choose dog boarding holidays over a traditional dog kennel:

1) Your pet will be staying in a family home 

Your dog will be staying in a home-from-home family environment with other animal lovers. Where they will be safe, cared for and loved. 

2) They will have 24/7 company

24/7 care means they will be able to maintain their usual routine including; meal times, toilet trips and walks. They will also have loads of love care and attention in a caring friendly environment. 

3) They will be comfortable and cosy

Your dog can take their own cosy bed which smells of home ensuring they can get the best night’s sleep snuggled up with their home comforts. They will be warm and will always have access to the home they are staying in without being confined in one space. They can roam freely and thoroughly enjoy their dog home boarding home and family. 

Check availability for your dogs holiday here

Did you know that Scamps and Champs Dog Home Boarding Holidays  offer a fresh new perspective on dog care and place your pet best friend at the centre of its notion.

 Providing your canine companion with the following luxuries:

  • You select exactly which home boarding family you would like your dog to home board with.
  • You and your dog get to meet your home boarding host family to ensure that everyone gets along and that you are all happy.
  • You dog will be staying in a family home whilst you are away, providing a home-from-home environment.
  • Dog home boarding allows your dog to remain in their usual routine, including walks and meal times.
  • Your dog will always have company with a home boarding family.

The best bit is if you send your Dog on Holiday with us you are in complete control of who they stay with and where they stay. It’s just like selecting their very own holiday destination!

Then all you need to do is start packing your Dog’s suitcase and all look forward to your summer holiday break

Contact us to check availability and make an enquiry via our online form.

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