How Can You Be A More Eco-Friendly Pet Owner?

We are all now more aware of the need to look after our planet and to be eco-friendly in all aspects of our life. As a pet owner, you can also do your part in caring for our beautiful planet. Below we share five ways in which you can be a more eco-friendly pet owner!

1. Use sustainable pet products

Do you check the labels on your pet food or other pet-related products? If the answer is no then the time to start doing so is now. Be sure to use cat and dog grooming products, and pet food, that has been sustainably sourced. You can also use recyclable, or even better, biodegradable bags.

2. Compost that cat poop

You do have to be careful in how you dispose of cat poop. This is because it can contaminate water and is dangerous to human health. For these reasons, it is vital that you don’t flush the poop down the toilet, or dispose of it with your household rubbish. Your best option here is to use that poop as compost. As long as it isn’t used to fertilise any plants, then you’ll be fine.

3. Make your own cat and dog treats

Making your own dog and cat treats is not only fun, but it’s also good for the planet. You avoid buying plastics, and you can use natural ingredients with no harm done to the environment. Make dog-friendly biscuits, cook eggs, and scan those cookery books for animal-friendly treats made from store cupboard ingredients!

4. Use a different type of cat litter

Most types of cat litter are made from a clay substance known as sodium bentonite. This is mainly sourced from the earth via the method of strip-mining, a method that can be highly destructive to our planet. Better and more eco-friendly alternatives include those made from wood, wheat and paper. So, be sure to shop around.

5. Ban that plastic

One of the biggest changes you can make in terms of buying products for your pet is to ban that plastic. This includes checking dog collars, feeding bowls, litter trays and toys for plastic materials. There are now many eco-friendly dog and cat toys and utensils on the market. Hemp dog collars and organic cotton are now being used in even more pet products.

Being an eco-friendly pet owner is a lot easier than it seems. If we all do our bit, then the world will be a much greener place for everyone!