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Tricks & Toys To Keep Your Cat Entertained

Tips and tricks to keep your cat entertained

Smart. Lithe. Independent. These are the qualities we associate with our cats. For the best part of the day, they can lounge under a car or bramble bush – then suddenly they’re back in your lap, craning for a neck rub!

They might be independent animals, but cats need affection just like us – as well as some mental/physical stimuli at home.

To keep your kitty happy, we’ve dug around online, and found a load of cool toys that are sure to give you paws for thought…

Petlinks Electronic Motion Toy

We’re kicking the list off with a prey simulator – the Motion Toy from Petlinks, which sends a swish furry tail scurrying under a plastic sheet. It’s meant to replicate the haphazard movements of a wild animal your cat has set its sights on. Just slot the batteries in, set it on an automated cycle, and let Felix pounce every which way until he catches the tail end (he never will, but we won’t tell him that!).

KONG Kriss Kross

Cats are very tenacious – they don’t tend to let go of something when it grabs their attention. That’s why the KONG Kriss Kross ball has made our roster: it blinks enticingly with LED lights and holds a cachet of bells inside, so there’s an aural response to rolling it around the floor. Grip points allow felines to grasp the sides when they’re done with a bat-and-chase game, but that’ll take a while, as the Kriss Kross keeps claiming their attention throughout the day.

Petlinks Wild Thing Motion Toy

It’s another tour de force from Petlinks, who’ve designed this battery-powered contraption for the slap-happy kitty! The circular base spins on the spot, holding a bobbing feather on a stick for their paws to swipe and catch. Those feathers, by the way, are the real thing, appealing to your cat’s hunting instincts. Replacement wands can be bought if they ever manage to split it with a well-timed punch-up.

Senses 2.0 Play Circuit

Home is a rollercoaster for the average feline, as the Sense 2.0 Play Circuit amply proves with its quick-fit, high-speed ball network. The basic package promises over 100 variations on the shape of the track – a system that shoots a small object from one end to the other, helped along by a poke or two from a curious cat watching above. Again, the ball lights up, keeping the main player entertained whilst you’re absent through the week.

KONG Kickeroo

Finally, we’re turning back to KONG once more – specifically for an all-rounder toy that serves several purposes. Cow, kangaroo, giraffe and leopard-print patterns are available for this plaything, but the crux is the same. The tail is stuffed with catnip whilst the main body stays plush, durable and comforting for whatever the cat wants to do – stalk, play, cuddle or swing the Kickeroo around, depending on the mood of the moment!

These will help to keep your cats entertained during this difficult period.

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