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Why Hire a Dog Walker?

Are you considering hiring a dog walker, but not sure it is worth it or not sure you should trust anyone with your dog? Scamps & Champs Dartford have considered the benefits of hiring a dog walker below to help you make the right decision.

If you are at work during the day and not able to be around for your dog, hiring a dog walker can ensure they have the company they require and also allow them to socialise if your dog enjoys the company of other dogs. Scamps & Champs Dartford will carefully match your dog to other dogs based on temperament and size and we only walk a maximum of 4 dogs – So no pack walking! This ensures your dog is able to socialise safely and play with dogs of a similar temperament, which helps their development and all round happiness. However, if your dog does not like the company of others we also offer solo walks where your dog can have the sole attention of the dog walker and get the human company they need to remain happy!

If you are unable to get out and about to walk you dog for whatever reason, hiring a dog walker allows your dog to get the exercise they require. Scamps & Champs Dartford offer both half hour and hour walks depending on the requirements of your dog. We know that some dogs are happy with just a half hour walk on the lead, but some require a full hour of chasing a ball to get the required level of exercise they need to keep them healthy and happy. This is why we always meet with you first to assess your dogs specific requirements prior to commencing any dog walking.

Not knowing who to trust with your dog is another important factor to take in to consideration and is another benefit of using Scamps & Champs Dartford. All of our team are police checked and fully insured. They are all dog lovers with plenty of experience with a variety of breeds and temperaments and they will treat you dog with the love and attention they deserve. This is another important reason why Scamps & Champs Dartford offer a free no obligation meeting to get to know your requirements. This meeting also allows you to meet us and feel reassured about leaving your dog with us.

If after reading the above you are interesting in finding out more information about hiring a dog walker please do get in touch with us at Scamps & Champs Dartford and we would be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

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