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A Wedding Service with a Difference – We will get your Pet to the Church on Time!

We all know that our pets are a big part of the family. So, let Chichester Scamps and Champs Wedding Chaperone Service make your ‘Big Day’ PAWFECT.

Our pets are undoubtedly part of the family therefore on the biggest day of your life, why wouldn’t you want your pet to be there? Cats and dogs love us unconditionally and without question, therefore having them with us as we walk down the aisle carries truly special significance. Having your pet present on your wedding day, is an aspect of your big day that you do not want to miss out on, but how can you co-ordinate everything by yourself?

Let Chichester Scamps and Champs help and be there to chaperone your beloved pet and make your big day truly special and complete.

The concept of having your best pet-pal at your wedding is a wonderful idea, with an increasing number of venues now welcoming dogs and cats to be part of wedding occasions. However, to make all of this possible practically a pet chaperone service is needed, to ensure that your pet has everything they need so that your perfect wedding day can proceed without a hitch!

Scamps and Champs Chichester – Wedding Pet Chaperoning Service

This is where Chichester Scamps and Champs can assist you! We recognise how important it is that you have your pet included in your wedding and we want to help your day go as perfectly as possible for you. We can ensure that your best friend is chaperoned to your wedding venue and by your side in all of your professional wedding photographs.

We can take the worry out of your wedding by offering you our elite pet chaperoning service, taking care of your beloved pet for the entire day. Our services commence by us coming to your home to meet you and your pet in person, this is to ensure that both you and your four-legged friend are happy with your chosen chaperone. Once everyone has become acquainted and you are completely comfortable, we will sit with you and you can tell us exactly how you wish your pet to be involved in your pawfect wedding day.

What Does Chichester Wedding Pet Chaperone Provide?

All of our wedding packages are bespoke and can be tailored to your individual requirements. Your cat or dog can be involved in as little or as much of your special day as you like. It is important that we meet your needs but that we also work together to meet the personality and requirements of your pet too. We recognise that a wedding venue is an unfamiliar environment for your furry friend and we therefore want to be there to support them every step of the way.

In addition, where possible we will try and maintain your cat or dog’s usual routine. We will ensure they are exercised before leaving, that they eat at their usual meal times and have their favourite food with them. Water will also be available at all times. We will try and encourage you to select a quiet zone for your pet at the wedding venue, which can be as simple as a small side room. This so that we can bring some of your cat or dogs home comforts along with them, such as their bed, a blanket or some of their favourite toys. This is also so that if the ceremony becomes too busy or overwhelming for them, we can take them back to their quiet room and settle them comfortably.

Our Promise to You

At Chichester Scamps and Champs our whole business and livelihood surrounds the professional care of animals. In addition, our staff have array of experience in caring for animals of all sizes and breeds. We therefore want to provide the best possible care whilst chaperoning your cat or dogs throughout the entirety of your wedding day, ensuring that you all have the best day possible together.

We will plan the day meticulously in line with your requirements and your pet’s personality, so that your day can include them in a stress free way. We will be there from first thing in the morning, or often even from the night before for an overnight stay. We will take care of all of your pet’s needs, by chaperoning them across the entire wedding period, for as long as you need. Ensuring you have the perfect wedding day with your best pet-pal by your side.

Our personal approach and real love of animals will make your pet feel safe and secure in our care.  We are fully insured, DBS checked and completely committed to your animals’ welfare.

Please do give me or one of our enthusiastic team a call or drop us an email.  Our number is a national number and there is always someone ready to answer your call.

All messages are passed onto me personally and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

For more information please visit our website Chichester Scamps and Champs If you feel we could offer their many dog-walking and pet-sitting service please do get in touch.

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