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Animals in the Workplace – Increases Productivity and Reduces Stress

It is not uncommon for businesses to allow pets into their offices these days, with many companies actually including the perk within their job advertisements to attract potential new employees.

Large companies like Google openly accept pets in the work place, where they are even welcome at business meetings. It is also common for a large number of Dutch companies to allow animals into the work environment too. A decade ago it was virtually unheard of to allow pets into the workplace, so why has this change of heart occurred and what benefits does having animals in the office have for us?

A wide set of studies have proven that when a dog is in the office that human cortisol levels are reduced, demonstrating a reduced level of stress. In addition, tests show that when physically stroking a dog humans have an increased level of the hormone oxytocin, making us feel more relaxed and happy.    

Some people believe pets can be a positive addition in many other ways too! Pets are said to be good for team morale and can boost energy levels on a tough or busy work day. Furthermore, pets can provide a fantastic ‘ice-breaker’ if you are finding it difficult to talk to one of your fellow colleagues.

Animals are universally loved and can therefore provide a mutually beneficial topic of interest. When you have your pet present at work with you, you may find people you have never even spoken to before stop by and want to say hello to your furry-friend, providing you with the perfect opportunity to get to know new people too.

Having your canine companion with you at work can make you feel more at ease and confident, therefore combining that with the improvement in communications once you have your pet with you, clinching ‘that deal’ will be a lot easier!

OK, so dogs are the obvious choice for a puptastic office pal, but don’t be deceived! Lots of people are now taking their feline friends into work now too. After all, cats absolutely love company and lots of attention too! Having a furry cat sitting purring on your lap can be really soothing and relaxing for both of you. Meaning you are productive and focussed in the workplace with your kitty by your side. Puurrrrfect!

So are any other animals acceptable in the work place? Well a hamster might not quite have the same effect as a cat or dog in terms of ‘cuddle-ability’ but if you are looking for a low-maintenance office companion, then a hamster could be the answer for you! Fish have well-known relaxing qualities and could produce a colourful and quiet, soothing addition to the office!

So with so many companies desperate to take on animal lovers – what are you and your pawsome pals waiting for?

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