Dog Walking Services in Bristol – Why Bother?

Using dog walking services over the past 5 years has been become increasingly popular by dog owners in the Bristol area. No more are loving dog owners finding it acceptable to leave their dogs unattended for the whole day while they go to work.

With the use of professional dog walkers in Bristol our Bristol dogs are getting to go out, stretching their legs and have stimulation during the day, despite their owners being at work. Having this type of dog walking service available has also opened up the possibility of having a dog as part of the family to families who are out all day at work or school and had otherwise discounted owning a dog.

There are the obvious reasons our dogs really need to have the day broken up for them, number 1 being the need to pee! No one wants to come home after a day at work or school to a find a puddle or worse, greeting them as the walk through the door. But there are other reasons, including the dogs mental health.

It’s known that a lack of exercise and mental stimulation can lead to attention-seeking and destructive behaviors. With sufficient daily exercise and stimulation, dog owners are far less likely to come home to a house that’s been torn apart by anxious or neglected feeling dogs.

There are also many physical health benefits to ensuring your dogs are exercised regularly and have plenty of enrichment throughout the day such as maintaining a healthy weight and joints.

Being the owner of younger dogs or puppies brings increased demands on your time but this is also the key phase where unwanted behaviours can develop. Ensuring your puppy has sufficient stimulation, exercise and training while it is young will help create the well-behaved, happy family dog you no doubt want. Using an experienced dog walker for your younger dogs and puppies is definitely worth considering, if you are struggling for time yourself.

There are many great places to go dog walking in Bristol and finding a safe route suitable for your dog will make the walk even better. Allowing your dog to sniff and search provides them with good mental stimulation and using their senses in this way will also tire them out…bonus for you when you return home for a nice cup of tea.

Reputable dog walkers in Bristol will have some form of GPS tracking, where you are able to monitor the service provided and check where your dog has been and how long for.

It’s tempting to use the “girl or boy next door” to walk our dogs as sometimes it can seem easier to arrange or possibly less costly. However what happens if something goes wrong; your dog lost, injured or injures someone else? Or what if the person you are relying on has something of their own crop up last minute, where does that leave your dogs walk.

Just in the same way you wouldn’t have the bloke next door service your car (unless they so happened to be in that trade), why then do we risk our four-legged family member with someone un-qualified or at the very least uninsured?

Protect your dog and your friendships; use a professional dog walker for your dog walking in Bristol.

Contact your local Scamps and Champs branch for more information or to discuss your dogs pet care needs.