Hay Fever and your Dog…

Are you dogs eyes streaming? Is your dog licking its paws? Are they itching with red sores?

Any of these symptoms are associated with allergies in your pets.  The summer season and the rising pollen count could mean that your pet is suffering with ‘hay fever’. 

Here at Chichester Scamps and Champs we love our Job! Especially in the summer months.  Our Dog walking service in Chichester is always looking at where we can walk your pooches.  However, in the spring and summer months we try to avoid rapeseed fields, long grass and forests as this can exacerbate allergies in your pets.

Instead, we try to stick to the beach, it is the summer after all!  We also recommend walking your dog in the morning or evening if possible.

Treating the allergy:

Hay fever or allergies in your pets can treated with medication, but we can also do a few things to maybe stop the effects before they begin.

Dog Hay fever is more commonly known as ‘Atopy’. The classic symptoms include:

  • Itchy skin, especially the paws, armpits, and groin.
  • Seasonal itch: The dog is fine over the winter, but life becomes a misery in the summer.
  • Thickened, greasy skin: This is a complication of the obsessive licking and scratching.
  • Rust coloured paws: This is saliva staining from all that licking with any itchy dog.

Causes of itchiness include:

  • Atopy, allergens may be inhaled or absorbed through the skin Parasites.
  • Fleas, mange mites, lice, and ticks are all common causes of itchiness.
  • Yeast overgrowth, a heavy bloom of yeast on the skin’s surface causes an intense itch (the doggie equivalent of athlete’s foot.)
  • Bacterial infections, these are also itch-inducing.

How Do I Treat My Dog’s Hay Fever?

  • Bathing: This washes allergens from the fur and reduces their triggering effect
  • Essential Fatty Acid supplements: This conditions the skin and makes it a better barrier.
  • Staying indoors: Reduces exposure to allergens Antihistamines: Sadly, the results are often disappointing in dogs.
  • Staying out of certain fields and maybe during some months walk somewhere else.

We hope that you have found this helpful.  These allergies are not only common in dogs but can appear in your cat or your smaller animals.  If you currently use our cat sitting service in Chichester or our pet sitting service, please let us know if we can help.

There are a number of local vets that will assist you if you are worried about your pet. Please find the links below.

Vets4Pets Chichester   Pet Doctors Chichester  Sanctuary Vets  Waterlooville Vets4Pets

Please share your thoughts and photo’s here.  If you think that Chichester Scamps and Champs could offer their many dog walking in Chichester and pet sitting service in Chichester please do get in touch.

Dog Walking Services this Summer in Dartford

Now the weather is starting to improve you are probably looking forward to getting out and about walking your dog and also looking forward to less cleaning up of mud at the end of each walk – unless your dog loves to go for a splash of course! There are plenty of parks and lovely walks to explore with your dog in and around Dartford, but sometimes you just can’t find the time to get out and about walking your dog and that is where Scamps & Champs Dartford comes in!

If you are struggling to find the time to get out and walk your dog or just find it difficult to get out and about then Scamps & Champs Dartford can help you. We offer a reliable dog walking service with a caring team of dog lovers who are all fully insured and police checked. All of our team are local to Dartford, experienced with walking dogs and will treat your dog as if they were their own on each walk.

An added bonus is that here at Scamps & Champs Dartford we never pack walk dogs. All of our group walks are for a maximum of 4 dogs with each dog being individually matched based on their temperament and size. This gives a more enjoyable walk for the dog and also allows you to relax knowing they are in safe hands on every walk.

Scamps & Champs Dartford offer both half hour walks and hour long walks depending on your dog’s requirements. This excludes pick up and drop off time so your dog gets to experience the full time in the park having fun on every walk. We also take your dog to a variety of parks in and around the Dartford area to keep their routine varied and enjoyable for them.

If your dog is not great with other dogs or maybe just a bit nervous of company then we also have the option of solo walks which gives you the confidence that they are getting one on one attention during every walk.   

Scamps & Champs Dartford take the time to get to know you and your dog to try and offer the best service and most enjoyable walk for your dog, so we offer a free home visit to understand your requirements and any special quirks your dog may have prior to any walks.

If you are at work all day or just don’t feel like your dog is getting the attention they deserve please do get in touch with Scamps & Champs Dartford and we would be happy to take them out for a much deserved walk when you can’t be there!

Check our service availability, ask us a question or simply get in touch using our online form.

Your Pets at your Wedding? – Well I never thought it could be possible!

As we all know for the bride it’s her special day, why shouldn’t your beloved pet be part of this and, the groom would secretly love to have that happen too! It really is possible and after an initial free consultation you will find out just how Scamps and Champs Reigate can help to make this part of your dream day come true. We recognise how important it is that you have your pet included in your wedding and we want to help your day go as perfectly as possible for you. We can ensure that your best friend is chaperoned to your wedding venue and by your side in all of your professional wedding photographs.

From collection in the morning, or the night before, to having your pet looking their best by having them expertly groomed, to being a ring bearer your chaperone can take care of everything. If you also need your dog walked, your pets fed and even looked after the night after, don’t worry we will design the package to suit your personal needs and wants. All of our wedding packages are bespoke and can be tailored to your individual requirements. Your cat or dog can be involved in as little or as much of your special day as you like. It is important that we meet your needs and work together to meet the personality and requirements of your pet too. We recognise that a wedding venue is an unfamiliar environment for your furry friend and we therefore want to be there to support them every step of the way.

So if you are getting married this year and thought how can you make this happen? Just think how great it would be to have the lasting memory. Please do get in touch and if you are getting married  in the Surrey, Sussex and Kent areas it will our pleasure to help and support you by enabling you to have your best friend there knowing they are being expertly looked after the whole time.

CLICK HERE to ask us a question or to check availability for the Wedding Pet Chaperone Service!

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