Summer Sun and Dog Walking Fun

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We all know that dog walking is a necessity for any of us that own one or multiple canine companions, however as the days get longer and the sunshine hours increase, there is definitely a lure to get outside walking with our dogs. But what can increasing our dog walking hours do for us and why should we get outside?

It is suggested, that on average we spend 90% of our time indoors, with millions of us working from home, in offices and in a variety of indoor environments. When we finish our days’ work, we are often exhausted and too tired to walk long distances, accompanied with the multiple other aspects of life and family that need incorporating into our routines.

Dog walking is fantastic in that it gets us out of the house once or twice a day, into the fresh air and daylight, accompanied of course by our furry best-friends. What nicer way is there to spend some ‘me time’ than with our dogs, walking around our local area. This is our time to switch off and mentally disconnect from life’s schedule, worries and stresses.

Of course dog walking is not only beneficial to us but our dogs absolutely love every second of it, it is the absolute highlight of their day! All those exciting sights and smells, the socialisation, the fresh air and best of all their special time with you. What is not to love about dog walking?

So what other benefits does dog walking have?

  • Strengthens Your Bond – Dog walking increases your bonding time with your dogs, through dog walking you are spending quality time with them.
  • Weight Control – Dog walking is excellent exercise and therefore will keep you both in shape and healthy.
  • Improves Socialisation – This is true not only for your dog but for you as well. You will meet other dog walkers and say hello to people. Dogs are excellent conversation starters for us humans and we love to chat about the breed and personalities of other dogs we meet.
  • Increases Physical and Mental Health – The vitamin D from the sunshine and the endorphins that are released from physical exercise, are all huge ‘feel good factors’ for our mental health. As well as the physical health benefits that can be experiences through dog walking.
  • Loneliness Decreases – Even if you say hello to people whilst you are dog walking and you never meet them again, it doesn’t matter. In fact even if you don’t say hello at all, just physically being around other people and by being outside, this can decrease loneliness and social anxieties.

So with all of the benefits of dog walking, why not challenge yourself this summer? If you normally walk your dogs once a day, why not walk them twice? If you normally walk one mile, why not try walking two? Increasing your dog walking hours can be beneficial not only for your dog, but for you as well. For your mental, physical and emotional health and in strengthening your bond with your dog.

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Dog Walking in and Around Halifax

The local parks in Halifax are filled with dog owners who all want the best possible care for their dogs.

Scamps and Champs Halifax offers a premium dog walking service in Halifax and the surrounding areas. All our dog walkers are hand picked and are all fellow dog lovers. One of our team will come to your home and walk your dog/ dogs for you ensuring they have a fun and engaging walk out in the fresh air.

Scamps and Champs Halifax are here to help if you are unable to walk your dog for any reason, we offer a friendly, reliable and passionate service, which will be tailored to suite your dog’s needs.

Scamps and Champs Halifax will never ‘pack walk’ your dog as we fully understand how precious your dogs are to you. We believe in a caring service and treating each dog as if it was our own. We can offer you a flexible dog walking service which is tailored to your needs and more importantly your dogs.

We would never walk your dog off the lead unless we have your full consent and they show a solid recall.

We sign in at the start of each walk and out again once finished so you can see how long we have been walking for, the only times we would change this would be due to the weather conditions, if its too hot we would shorten the dog walk, again if its too cold we would again shorten the dog walk.

We also send a feedback report of each walk with pictures of your dog on their walk so you can see what they have been up to. You can make your dog walking bookings online with our quick and easy to use system anytime, anywhere.

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Dog Walking Services this Summer in Dartford

Now the weather is starting to improve you are probably looking forward to getting out and about walking your dog and also looking forward to less cleaning up of mud at the end of each walk – unless your dog loves to go for a splash of course! There are plenty of parks and lovely walks to explore with your dog in and around Dartford, but sometimes you just can’t find the time to get out and about walking your dog and that is where Scamps & Champs Dartford comes in!

If you are struggling to find the time to get out and walk your dog or just find it difficult to get out and about then Scamps & Champs Dartford can help you. We offer a reliable dog walking service with a caring team of dog lovers who are all fully insured and police checked. All of our team are local to Dartford, experienced with walking dogs and will treat your dog as if they were their own on each walk.

An added bonus is that here at Scamps & Champs Dartford we never pack walk dogs. All of our group walks are for a maximum of 4 dogs with each dog being individually matched based on their temperament and size. This gives a more enjoyable walk for the dog and also allows you to relax knowing they are in safe hands on every walk.

Scamps & Champs Dartford offer both half hour walks and hour long walks depending on your dog’s requirements. This excludes pick up and drop off time so your dog gets to experience the full time in the park having fun on every walk. We also take your dog to a variety of parks in and around the Dartford area to keep their routine varied and enjoyable for them.

If your dog is not great with other dogs or maybe just a bit nervous of company then we also have the option of solo walks which gives you the confidence that they are getting one on one attention during every walk.   

Scamps & Champs Dartford take the time to get to know you and your dog to try and offer the best service and most enjoyable walk for your dog, so we offer a free home visit to understand your requirements and any special quirks your dog may have prior to any walks.

If you are at work all day or just don’t feel like your dog is getting the attention they deserve please do get in touch with Scamps & Champs Dartford and we would be happy to take them out for a much deserved walk when you can’t be there!

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Thinking about getting your first Puppy? Is time and work an issue? Let Scamps and Champs Chichester ‘Take Care when You’re Not There’

One of the many issues when getting a new puppy is leaving them all alone!  This could be because of work commitments, kids having to go to school or you having to go shopping. Why not let one of our puppy visiting team take the strain.

What your puppy needs at this early stage of their life and how can we assist you.

Our reliable, fully trained and DBS checked puppy visiting team from Chichester are there to help.  We can come into your home and help keep a regular eye on your new family member. Your Puppies routine and welfare is our top priority. We can visit your puppy as frequently as you need us too and tailor our professional service to suit you.


Routine is vital at this early stage of your puppy’s life. It is important that they have three meals a day, at the same time every day. Sleep and play routines are also important, as well as positive reinforcement when they do something great!

  • Our Puppy visitor will feed your puppy and make sure they have fresh water and anything else you have asked us to do.

Toilet Training

This is one of the reasons that feeding on a regular basis and at the same time is key. Puppies need taking outside, to the same spot very soon after eating. Having this routine in place is what will help your puppy to become housetrained quickly and easily. 

  • Our puppy visitor will make sure your puppy goes to his usual toileting area, following your house-training routine.  We will change all bedding where necessary and make sure all puppy areas are clean.

Toys & Fun

It is also important that puppies have companionship and somebody to offer comfort, as they commonly suffer from separation anxiety at this early stage in their life.

Take a look in your local pet shop and purchase some toys that will make your puppies life more interesting.

  • Our puppy visitor will make sure your puppy gets some fresh air in the garden with plenty of toy time and cuddles.  We will also make sure that we offer some positive reinforcement and treats when earned. We will also send a photo of your contented puppy for your piece of mind.

Collar & Lead – hurt to have them

Your puppy won’t be able to go out on the lead straightaway, but it doesn’t hurt have them wearing one for short periods of time. It can also be a good idea to get them used to the lead around the house, before eventually going for their first walk.

  • Our puppy visitor will be happy to introduce some collar and lead time while taking care of your puppy.  We also offer dog walking services and are happy, once your puppy is allowed outside, to offer gentle walks.

We hope that this information is useful.  If you would like to find out more about the pet sitting and dog walking services that Scamps & Champs Chichester can offer, please do get in touch here.

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Dog Walking in Reigate and Redhill

It only takes a quick walk in the local parks to see Reigate and Redhill are filled with dog lovers and they all want the best possible care for their dogs if the need arises

Scamps and Champs Reigate branch can offer you a premium dog walking service in Reigate, Redhill and surrounding areas. I have carefully picked fellow animal lovers to care for your loved ones. One of our Reigate team can come to your home and walk your dog for you, ensuring they have an engaging, fun and stimulating walk out in the fresh air. At Scamps and Champs Reigate we are here to help if you are unable to walk them for any reason. We offer a friendly, reliable and compassionate service, which can be tailored to suit your dog’s individual needs. This can be regular or ad hoc, which is sometimes difficult to find.

Scamps and Champs Reigate will never ‘pack walk’ your dog with multiple other dogs, as we fully understand how precious your pets are to you and therefore we believe in a caring service and treating each dog as if it was our own. We can offer you a regular or flexible dog walking service, each package is tailored to your individual needs and your dog’s personality. We will never walk your dog off the lead unless we have your consent and your dog displays a solid recall.

When using Scamps and Champs Reigate dog walking services you will always receive the following:

  • Online Booking – we provide a quick and easy to use online booking system, so that you can book your dog in for their walk, whilst you are anywhere and at any time.
  • GPS Location Check in Service – so that you know your pampered pup has arrived at their destination.
  • GPS Route Tracker – you can access our GPS route tracker so that you can see where your dog is being walked and see that they are getting the walk you have been promised.
  • Back up Dog Walkers – if due to unforeseen circumstances your dog walker is unable to attend the walk, we always try our very best to have a  backup dog walker organised so that your dog can still get out and go for their walk.
  • Feedback Report – we will send you an electronic feedback report with photographs of your dog on their walk so you can see what they have been up to.
  • Individualised Group Size – Scamps and Champs don’t believe in pack walking your dog in large groups. However, if they love company and would benefit from socialising with other dogs, then we are happy to pair your dog up with a walking buddy or two. Assuming everyone is getting on well with each other and that every dog is going to benefit from a group walk, we are happy to walk your dog with up to three other pup-pals.

In addition Scamps and Champs Reigate can also offer pop in service for all your pets so whether you have a new Puppy who is not yet ready to be fully socialised yet and needs toilet breaks, an older dog who just needs some company and to be let out or you need your cats, guinea pigs, mice, reptiles and or birds fed please do get in touch and one of the experienced team will be happy to pop by to discuss requirements.

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Top Dog Walking Destinations – Dartford

There are a number of lovely places to go dog walking in Dartford and we’ve got the details on the best places below, to keep both you and your dog happy. Walking your dog in the fresh country air is excellent exercise for both you and your canine companion and really does provide you both with that ‘feel-good’ factor.

Dartford Heath

Dartford Heath has 314 acres, so you won’t be stuck for places to walk and explore with your dog. There is a free car park on Heath lane with multiple sign posted walks from 1km to 5km that take you through both woodlands and open heathland. If your dog loves a splash during your walks there are also 3 ponds. Beware if your dog loves to chase wildlife though, as there are plenty of rabbits, birds and squirrels around.

Darenth Country Park

Another great place to walk your dog in Dartford is Darenth Country Park, with various sign posted trails through both wooded and open land, as well as a free car park. If you enjoy taking your dog for a walk with the kids then there is also a small play area with rocks to scramble over and a balance beam. There is the added benefit of the great views when you reach the top of the slope to make dog walking even more worthwhile.

Beacon Wood Country Park

This is a slightly shorter walk than the expansive Dartford Heath, however it is a great place to visit if you dog loves to explore walking through woodlands. There are a number of pathways through the woodland with some great views as well as exercise equipment along the walks if you wanted a bit of an additional work out while walking your dog. There is also a lake within the woodlands for your dog to play around in during your walk.

Horton Kirby

For those that don’t mind going that little bit further out for a picturesque dog walk, about 4 miles South East of Dartford is Horton Kirby on the river Darent. There is a lovely 3 mile walk along the river with loads for you and your dog to explore. There is a lot of wildlife along the route, so maybe one to avoid if your dog loves to chase anything that moves.

Camer Park

Starting at Camer Park, slightly further South East of Dartford is a beautiful 4.7 mile walk with amazing views. The walk takes you from an area of outstanding natural beauty through rolling landscapes with plenty for your dog to discover.

Swanley Park

A few miles South of Dartford is Swanley Park, which is great if you want to participate in dog walking somewhere that is more family-friendly. This place has something to keep everyone happy, not just your dog. There is a play area, lake with boats to hire, a miniature railway and café, as well as pathways to go dog walking around with your pawsome best-friend.

Check out our full range of services via our Dartford Scamps and Champs website and contact us to ask any questions, to make an enquiry or booking.