What happens during a Scamps & Champs puppy visit?

Would you love to get a puppy but are out at work all day? Scamps & Champs puppy visits can help.

I think any animal lover would agree that there is nothing as cute as a young puppy. The puppy breath, the floppy ears and those adorable puppy eyes. Proper care, training and routine is so important. Scamps & Champs puppy visits are typically two to three times a day, around three to fours apart, depending on the age of the little one.

When we arrive, the first thing we do is take the puppy outside for a toilet break. Lots of praise will be given when the pup toilets outside and any accidents cleaned up.

We will then feed the puppy based on your instructions and then back out again into the garden.

Depending on your requests, most of our time will be spent outside. We will have plenty of playtime and most importantly lots of cuddles.

Afterwards, hopefully your puppy will be tired out and ready for a nap. A lot of puppy owners use a crate so back in the crate the pup will go with a treat if we have the owner’s permission. Some owners like us to give a filled puppy kong to keep the pup busy in-between our visits.

Once the pup has been fully vaccinated then we can start to incorporate a short 5 to 10 minute walk and build this up very gradually. It helps with getting the puppy used to having the lead/harness put on. 

To find out more about our puppy visits, give us a call on 0333 200 5827 or contact us through our website.