Will You Visit My Cat Every Other Day?

The answer to this question is no and the reasons why we don’t do every other day cat visits are below.

Cats in general can be very independent, they give and receive affection on their terms, play only when they feel like it, if at all but as independent as they may seem they still need supervision.

Some people think that leaving their cat alone with only a pet visit every other day and an automatic cat feeder will be okay.

A cat left home alone for more than a day at a time could lead to tragedy.  To ensure your cats safety, Scamps & Champs does not offer every other day cat visits for the following reasons:-

Your Cat Could Get Ill

Cats can become very unwell, very quickly as we have experienced.   Swift action can be taken by your pet sitter to take your cats to the vets for emergency treatment.   A visit 48 hours later may well be too late.

Your Cat May Become Injured

Accidents can and do happen.  A cat left unsupervised for more than 24 hours increases the risk of an injury.  Your cat could injure themselves after the pet sitter has visited but would then have to wait 48 hours for her to return causing them unnecessary pain and suffering before being able to get them veterinary treatment.

The Automatic Pet Feeder May Malfunction

Again this something we have experienced where an automatic pet feeder has not opened at the time it was scheduled to.   Your cat would be extremely hungry having to wait 48 hours for their next meal.

Your Cat Could Become Trapped

Another of our experiences. We arrived at a client’s house and the cat didn’t come to greet us as she normally did.  After hunting all around the house, we discovered that the cleaner had locked her in a bedroom.   Imagine we hadn’t found her for another 48 hours, we would have had an extremely distressed, very hungry and thirsty cat, not to mention the damage done to the client’s bedroom.  A daily visit by a professional pet sitter will ensure your cat remains safe.

Your Cat Could Run Out Of Water

We have visited cats where they have managed to upturn their water dish. Even the sturdiest of bowls can be flipped over. Your cat would have no access to fresh water for 48 hours.

We have had lots of different experiences over the last eight years and because of what we have learned, we will not offer pet visits every other day for the safety of your cats.   Leaving your cats home alone without a pet visit every day to check on them just doesn’t make sense when you consider the potential risks.Scamps & Champs daily cat visitswill ensure the safety of your pet and provide them with care, love and attention while you are away providing you with peace of mind. To ask us a question, make an enquiry or booking, simply compl

Looking After Your Dog Whilst Working Full-Time?

BLEEP – the alarm rattles you out of bed, as you groggily pull on your workwear. While you’re getting ready for another long, coffee-filled morning at work, your pet looks up at you with shining eyes: ‘Where are you going?’ they seem to say, ears perked, nose snuffling around the breakfast leftovers…

It’s heartbreaking to leave our dogs in the house for eight, nine or ten-plus hours at a time. They aren’t built for it, and neither are we. Isn’t there a way to ensure your pooch has company when you’re gone?

Follow Scamps and Champs down several options for looking after a home-alone pet:

Ensure they have everything they need

Before leaving for work, it’s important to care for their thirsts, appetites and sense of comfort until you return. Fill up the water and biscuit bowls. Then prep the doggie bed with soft, warm blankets, and leave any rooms open that you don’t mind your pet wandering between (conservatory, kitchen hallway etc.) with a favourite toy.

Some dogs are fine with being left outdoors when the weather permits. Just remember that they need to have topped-up food and water, guarded by a secure gate, fence or paddock.

Make a schedule for coming back halfway through the day

Anyone can reasonably think that eight or more hours is too long – we’d go a little mad ourselves in that time, without anything to distract us! To keep your pooch stimulated, why not see if you can head back home, on a lunch break, for a brisk 20-minute walk around the neighbourhood?

During these periods, try to wear the dog out as much as you can, either through walking, a Frisbee session, or tugs of war with a rope. That’ll tire them out until the evening; they might make a habit of falling asleep, only rousing when you walk through the door again.

Embrace professional dog sitting

Many people, however, aren’t able to flex their schedules, or make it to and from the workplace in a short span of time. Long commutes, single living and/or tough bosses can make caring for your dog a hardship in the week… That is unless you take on a dog sitting service like ours.

Scamps & Champs offer dependable carers who will turn up several times a day (if required) for a dog sitting experience like no other. We take on only the warmest, most capable pet lovers, so you’re guaranteed a fine friend in lieu of your own presence. Every dog gets their own dedicated sitter, and an updated feedback report every time we turn up at your doorstep. You’ll be aware of what happened in the day, how your dog was behaving, and anything else crucial to your peace of mind.

See what dog sitting can do for your home-bound hound – we’re very happy to have a chat, as Scamps & Champs continue to help hundreds of full-time workers in the UK. The stark choice of ‘dog’ or ‘career’ shouldn’t be drawn so deeply in the sand… With us on your side, we can rub it out altogether.

Contact us if you would like to enquire, make a booking or ask us a question about our services, via our online enquiry form.

Our Favourite Toys for Home Alone Dogs

dog toys in stockport, dog walking in stockport,

We often hear that owning a dog is like having an eternal toddler at your beck and call. Why, you ask? Because they’re obsessed with fun, games and entertainment. A pooch never tires of the stuff you buy to amuse it, even when you aren’t personally on the other end of the rope, so to speak…

This is doubly important when we leave a dog at home, as they need to keep themselves active – both mentally and physically – until you return. Scamps and Champs done some sniffing around, and come up with a list of top canine toys to fill the void:

Benebone Flavoured Chews

USA brand Benebone is a big name for quirky chew toys, and they’ve amassed a range of gourmet flavours that include peanut butter, bacon and rotisserie chicken. The lip-smacking treat has been designed to resemble a wishbone, so pups and adult dogs can gnaw on it easily. Any pets heavier than 70lb, though, are off the cards for Benebone toys.

KONG Rubber Ball Extreme

Round objects seem to be the absolute, heavenly peak of a pooch’s sense of play. The KONG Rubber Ball Extreme has a ridiculous bounce capability, whilst remaining 100% puncture resistant. Your furry pal can knock it about at their whim, chasing it through the backyard, living room or kitchen. ‘Small’ measurements are 2.5” high, whilst the ‘Medium/Large’ option adds another half an inch, catering for variously sized breeds.

KONG Classic Dog Toy

We’re back in KONG’s playground, as they prove once more why they’re a solid brand for pet-centric games. Basically, the Classic version of their accessory is shaped like a triple-layered dollop of cream, built from red rubber. When dropped on the ground, it’ll boing unpredictably from one spot to the next – that’s what the unusual design is for! Dogs can’t fail to be delighted by this, making the KONG Classic a highlight on our list.

Our Pets IQ Treat Ball  

For a short stay on their own through the day, the Our Pets IQ Treat Ball is a perfect, tongue-frothing blend of smarts and physical pleasure. A dog can only gain access to the biscuits within if they roll the toy in a certain way; steadily, they’ll drop out, ready to be snaffled up. Owners can raise the difficulty when they think it’s become too by-the-numbers. Overall, an ideal choice for the brainy hound.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel

Now this is a special case of paw-tastic pastimes… The Hide-A-Squirrel Toy emits a squeak when dogs wrap their mouth around the belly, lending comfort and stimulation in periods of stress. There are several of these plush squirrels to buy at once; what’s more, they live in a furry tree trunk, requiring a dog to hunt them through the storage holes. The Ginormous Hide, as its’ known, features five woodland critters to pile on top of each other.

Together, these are excellent distractions for a home alone dog – the kind, we may add, who would benefit hugely from a pet sitting service like Scamps & Champs. We can visit your pooch several times a day and/or week, or stay at their side through a whole holiday. Just get in touch with your requirements, and we can add a real pair of hands to their new toy chest.

What happens during a Scamps & Champs puppy visit?

Would you love to get a puppy but are out at work all day? Scamps & Champs puppy visits can help.

I think any animal lover would agree that there is nothing as cute as a young puppy. The puppy breath, the floppy ears and those adorable puppy eyes. Proper care, training and routine is so important. Scamps & Champs puppy visits are typically two to three times a day, around three to fours apart, depending on the age of the little one.

When we arrive, the first thing we do is take the puppy outside for a toilet break. Lots of praise will be given when the pup toilets outside and any accidents cleaned up.

We will then feed the puppy based on your instructions and then back out again into the garden.

Depending on your requests, most of our time will be spent outside. We will have plenty of playtime and most importantly lots of cuddles.

Afterwards, hopefully your puppy will be tired out and ready for a nap. A lot of puppy owners use a crate so back in the crate the pup will go with a treat if we have the owner’s permission. Some owners like us to give a filled puppy kong to keep the pup busy in-between our visits.

Once the pup has been fully vaccinated then we can start to incorporate a short 5 to 10 minute walk and build this up very gradually. It helps with getting the puppy used to having the lead/harness put on. 

To find out more about our puppy visits, give us a call on 0333 200 5827 or contact us through our website.