Dog Home Boarding Holidays – The Latest Trend to Rival Traditional Dog Kennels

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As summer approaches it is time to start planning our family holidays and whilst we always endeavour to take our precious pooches with us, this is not always possible. Particularly when we chose to holiday abroad. Until now we have had to either rely on a family member to take care of our furry-friends or place them into the local dog kennels for a week or two.

However, there is a new canine camp in town ready to rival the traditional set up of dog kennels! Dog home boarding holidays’ offer a fresh new perspective on dog care and place your pet best friend at the centre of its notion. It is now not merely suggested that you are taking off on your jolly holidays and having to find a ‘space’ for your dogs to go whilst you are away, completely fitting in around your plans! Now it is suggested that in fact your dog can go on their own holiday break, leaving your plans rendered almost insignificant!

Your dog is likely to be at the centre of your family life, in fact many of us admit to preferring dogs to humans! So it feels only right that your dog gets to go on their very own home boarding holiday and that it’s as big an event as our own planned break! Dog home boarding offers many benefits to that of traditional kennels such as:

  • You select exactly which home boarding family you would like your dog to home board with.
  • You and your dog get to meet your home boarding host family to ensure that everyone gets along and that you are all happy.
  • You dog will be staying in a family home whilst you are away, providing a home-from-home environment.
  • Dog home boarding allows your dog to remain in their usual routine, including walks and meal times.
  • Your dog will always have company with a home boarding family.

Scamps and Champs offer Dog Home Boarding Holiday’s within their services. The best bit is if you send your Dog on Holiday with us you are in complete control of who they stay with and where they stay. It’s just like selecting their very own holiday destination!

For your peace of mind all of our dog home boarding families are DBS checked. In addition, unless your dog is crate trained and you wish them to sleep in a crate, Scamps and Champs will NEVER use crates or cages for our dog home boarding holidays.

So if you love your dog and you would love to book them their very own Dog Home Boarding Holiday get in touch with Scamps and Champs via our online enquiry form.

Walking Your Dog in Reigate

Its easy to see that Dog walking in Reigate seems to be one of the most popular past times judging by the amount of people out dog walking in the various open spaces of Reigate and surrounds.

Dog walking in Priory Park with all its various footpaths is a great place to meet other dog walkers and socialise and even pick up a pastry an a drink at Pistachios in the Park. Dog walking in Reigate can offer so much to you and your beloved hounds with so many places being dog friendly so when you are out dog walking in Reigate you are bound to be able to head off to somewhere dog friendly like skimmington castle pub or if you head into town itself you have café nero and monty bojangles

Scamps and champs Reigate is here to help if you are finding dog walking in Reigate difficult for whatever reason. We offer 1-1 dog walking in Reigate and all our team are passionate animal lovers who would take care of your pooch when dog walking in Reigate as it were their own.

Scamps and Champs dog walking Reigate will never ‘pack walk’ your dog with multiple other dogs, as we fully understand how precious your pets are to you and therefore we believe in a caring service and treating each dog as if it was our own. We can offer you regular dog walking in Reigate or flexible dog walking service, each package is tailored to your individual needs and your dog’s personality. We will never walk your dog off the lead unless we have your consent and your dog displays a solid recall.

Over the past few months we have been building a team to offer flexible dog walking in Reigate as we know some people will not have a set time with lots more people working from home so dog walking in Reigate is something they can do themselves but please do get in touch even if it is just ad hoc dog walking in Reigate that is required as we will be happy to help.

Contact us to ask a question, check availability or make a booking using our online form.