Dog Walking and Pet Care in Reigate

It only takes a quick walk in the local parks to see Reigate is full of dog lovers and they all want the best possible care for their dogs if the need arises

Scamps and Champs Reigate branch can offer you a premium service for dog walking in Reigate and and surrounding areas. We have carefully picked Reigate dog walkers and fellow animal lovers to care for your loved ones. One of our Reigate Dog Walking team can come to your home and walk your dog for you, ensuring they have an engaging, fun and stimulating Reigate dog walk out in the fresh air. At Scamps and Champs Reigate we are here to help if you are unable to walk them for any reason. We offer a friendly, reliable and compassionate Reigate Dog Walking service, which can be tailored to suit your dog’s individual needs. This can be regular or ad hoc Reigate dog walk, which is sometimes difficult to find.

Scamps and Champs Reigate will never ‘pack walk’ your dog with multiple other dogs, as we fully understand how precious your pets are to you and therefore we believe in a caring service and treating each dog as if it was our own. We can offer you a regular or flexible Reigate dog walking service, each package is tailored to your individual needs and your dog’s personality. We will never walk your dog off the lead unless we have your consent and your dog displays a solid recall.

When using Scamps and Champs Reigate dog walking services you will always receive the following:

  • Online Booking – we provide a quick and easy to use online booking system, so that you can book your Reigate dog walk, whilst you are anywhere and at any time.
  • GPS Location Check in Service – so that you know your pampered pup has arrived at their destination.
  • GPS Route Tracker – you can access our GPS route tracker so that you can see where your Reigate dog walker is and see that they are getting the walk you have been promised.
  • Back up Dog Walkers – if due to unforeseen circumstances your Reigate dog walker is unable to attend the walk, we always try our very best to have a  backup Reigate dog walker organised so that your dog can still get out and go for their walk.
  • Feedback Report – we will send you an electronic feedback report with photographs of your Reigate dog walk so you can see what they have been up to.

Individualised Group Size – Scamps and Champs don’t believe in pack walking your dog in large groups. However, if they love company and would benefit from socialising with other dogs, then we are happy to pair your dog up with a walking buddy or two. Assuming everyone is getting on well with each other and that every dog is going to benefit from a group walk, we are happy to accommodate a Reigate dog walk with up to three other pup-pals.

In addition Scamps and Champs Reigate can also offer pop in service for all your Reigate pet care needs  so whether you have a new Puppy who is not yet ready to be fully socialised yet and needs toilet breaks we can organise one of our Reigate dog walkers to pop by one or maybe a few times during the day. Also if you have an older dog who just needs some company and to be let out or you need your cats, guinea pigs, mice, reptiles and or birds fed please do get in touch and one of the experienced Reigate dog walking and Reigate pet care team will be happy to pop by to discuss requirements.

To contact Scamps and Champs Reigate, check pet care service availability or to make a booking, simply complete their online enquiry form and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Pet Sitting in Reigate and Surrey

If you are going away, whether it‘s one night or a longer holiday ,and you are concerned what to do with your pets then why not let them stay in the comfort of their own environment and consider pet sitting in Reigate.

  • Pet sitting in Reigate will mean you do not worry about a whole host of things just look at the following;
  • Pet Sitting in Reigate means your pets staying at home in their safe, secure environment
  • Pet Sitting in Reigate means your pets being surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds
  • Pet Sitting in Reigate means your pets following their regular diet and exercise routine
  • Pet Sitting in Reigate means having someone responsible in case of an emergency
  • Pet Sitting in Reigate means removing the stress and trauma of travel or an unfamiliar environment

Benefits of Pet Sitters in Reigate to you include:

  • Knowing that your pet is in caring, loving hands
  • Having the confidence that a Reigate pet sitter can deal with other issues – such as grooming or vet visits,
  • Having a Pet sitter in Reigate means not having to impose on family, friends or neighbours
  • Having a pet sitter in Reigate so you feel reassured that your home is more secure with a Reigate Pet sitter either staying full time or going in and out several times a day.

There are clear benefits of Pet Sitting in Reigate to you and your pets. All pet sitters in Reigate, for your peace of mind, are not only passionate animal lovers but are all DBS checked. Scamps and Champs Reigate pet sitters are also members NarpsUK – National Association of Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers is dedicated to promoting professionalism and ethical standards within the pet sitting industry who expect all members to be responsible and dedicated to the welfare of the pets they are servicing.

So if you want complete peace of mind in knowing your pets are being lovingly cared for whilst your house is also being kept secure please do get in contact with Scamps and Champs Reigate to discuss how we can help. Please also call me about; dog walking in Reigate, cat sitting in Reigate, dog home boarding in Reigate.

To make an enquiry, book with us or just to get in touch simply complete our online form.