A Fantastic Dog Walk – from one of the Most Dog Friendly Pubs in the U.K. the Skimmington Castle Pub Reigate

Start at the Skimmington Castle Pub.

If you are heading out or a Reigate dog walk chances are you will want to head somewhere you can stop off for lunch and refreshments and you won’t find a more welcoming and friendly place than the “Skim”.

The Staff are always friendly even Rob the manager! Seriously Terri and the team do a great job and always welcome Reigate Dog Walkers and they have their own lovely dog Skimmy!

The food is delicious and they have just updated their menu and the famous Ribs are back on and my wife’s favourite the Vegetable Tagine!

There is a great selection of cask ales and to my pleasure have just taken on serving ales from Surrey Hills Brewery. And for those Gin lovers there is a great array and they have some from the localish Silent Pool Gin Distillery which is where the lovely barmaid Virginia also works

There are many good Reigate dog walks to and from the Skims door but I will let you know a great circular favourite one of mine to walk off the excess of those lovely Ribs and pint of Surrey Hills Shere Drop or do to begin with and treat yourself afterwards.

Walk round the front of this pub and past the front door you will see a path which goes between the pub and a cottage this part the greensand way. Keep walking up here, it is well covered by trees, a few yards up you may hear a parrot, this is the old nursery, which has been sold now but, the parrot in its cage was still there a couple of weeks ago!

It is said that Sir Winston’s Churchill’s parrot resided here on its last years. To your left you will see a walled garden this used to be the country home of the Film Mogul Arthur Rank (remember the big Gong?) Lots of movie stars from time gone by would spend time here. Keep walking and at the end you will see a lovely cottage, turn right here down the greensand way. Once at the bottom put the dogs on leads then head up the drive and cross the road.

You can now head up the sandy path and this will take you to the back of the Golf Club. Walk round the front and you will be afforded some of the best views in Surrey, you can walk round and have a look at the old windmill I told you about earlier which is now used as a church. Once you have taken in the view walk down the hill across the golf course and walk between the newly renovated cottage and the golf course practice green you are still on the greensand way. Walk along this path with its pretty views until you meet a little stream.

At this stream head on the path to the right and you will come out to an open arable farm field. Keep walking around the edge of this field and here you reach the footpath field path keep heading round right and head toward the corner of the field you will enter a good covered path running alongside some very overgrown gardens and a small field keep walking and you will come to the A25 again keep heading right and cross over a small private drive and after a short distance you will come to another private drive turn right here and then head slightly left at the sand path onto the heath golf course again.

Keep going ahead and then cross between the trees over the other fairway and you will see an opening half way up. Put the hounds on their leads and cross over Flanchford road and then you will see the Skim ahead of you of course please look out for golfers and cars on this wonderful Reigate dog walk.

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A Gunner Family Investing in the Local Community

Dog Walking in Chichester, Dog Home Boarding in Chichester, Pet Care Services in Chichester

Sarah Davies has recently set up Scamps and Champs Chichester, a hugely successful national pet service franchise. Sarah is keen to invest in her local area and our community and is hiring people to provide a variety of pet services.

Of her new business Sarah says; “The response to my adverts from local people to get involved and offer our pet services has been tremendous.  The local communities of Chichester are really taking an interest and I hope to employ many local people to provide our pet services.”

Sarah is set to marry Leon, a Royal Artillery Officer in August.  Leon was recently based at Thorney island and after falling love with the south coast, they now live permanently in the area.  Chichester has strong links with the Royal Artillery and the local regiments attend the Remembrance Parade each year with a strong veteran following. There are also local links from as far back as World War One.

West Sussex County Council is also proud to be part of Forces Connect South East, a cross-border partnership comprising: Surrey, Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex and Hampshire county councils; Brighton and Hove and Medway councils; and the NHS.

Sarah has worked for a number of years co-ordinating the Royal Artillery Association, aka The Gunners Veteran Association, providing much needed welfare and support to our veterans and their families. Despite her busy work schedule, she made the decision to branch out and start her own Pet Service business and ensure it a community-based business. Sarah even offers all members of the armed forces a continuing 5% discount on pet care services at Scamps and Champs Chichester.

Sarah is keen to make local connections with other businesses in the community and says; “I am really excited and want to get in touch with animal charities in the local area and offer support and fundraising.  It is really important to include the local businesses and offer promotions through some independent cafes and shops.  I would like Scamps and Champs Chichester to become a local business with reach into the local and wider community.”

So, what is Scamps & Champs all about then? Scamps and Champs are one of the countries top pet care services, offering a professional level of pet-sitting and dog-walking excellence, within the animal care sector. Whilst many competitors only simply offer one area of services for dogs, Scamps and Champs pride themselves on offering a wide variety of elite pet care services for; cats, dogs, birds, small animals and horses.

Scamps and Champs offer an extensive range of pet care services for all animals including; pet sitting, overnight pet sitting, home boarding, dog walking and even a pet chaperone service for your wedding day. Scamps and Champs are a well-known, established brand, offering a caring and trust-worthy service, to all pet owners and animals.

Investment in the local community by enthusiastic and innovative businesses is exactly what we need, and Sarah with Scamps and Champs Chichester is a great example of this. We look forward to hearing from her and her clients as her business develops.

To learn more about Scamps and Champs Chichester visit their website or follow the Scamps and Champs Chichester Facebook Page.

To contact Scamps and Champs Chichester, check pet care service availability or to make a booking, simply complete their online enquiry form and Sarah will respond to you as soon as possible.