Why are Siamese Cats So Special?

Siamese cats are an exotic and somewhat mysterious breed that originated from Thailand. They have been popular for centuries, with some even residing in royal palaces. While it is true that Siamese cats were associated with royalty in Thailand, there is no evidence that they were used to protect palaces or monasteries from evil spirits.

Siamese cats are one of the oldest and most recognizable cat breeds, with a history dating back hundreds of years in Thailand.

The original Siamese cats were different in appearance than the modern breed, with a more stocky build and rounder head.

In 1884, the first Siamese cats were brought to England as gifts to a British general. From there, they eventually made their way to America. Nowadays, Siamese cats are one of the most recognized breeds, and are particularly popular for their unique personalities and striking color points.

Siamese cats come in several different colors, but are typically lighter in color with darker areas around the feet, tail, legs, or face. They can weigh anywhere between 6-16 lbs, and have bright, slanted eyes that are another hallmark of the breed. Siamese cats have a robust, muscular build with round heads.

Unlike other breeds, Siamese cats have a talent for communicating with people. They are known for being social, playful, and sometimes noisy. They demand a lot of attention and can be quite dependent on their owners. However, they are also great with kids and make excellent lifelong companions. Siamese cats are known for their distinctive “voice,” and are particularly chatty and vocal compared to other breeds.

Siamese cats require minimal grooming, as their short hair only needs occasional brushing and bathing. However, like all cats, they can get sick and require regular check-ups with a veterinarian. The average lifespan of a Siamese cat is around 12-14 years, although some can live longer with proper care. Siamese cats have a higher likelihood of developing certain health issues, such as respiratory problems and dental issues, and may also be more prone to certain genetic diseases.

The Siamese breed has been used in genetic research due to its unique coat coloration and traits, such as crossed eyes and kinked tails.

In conclusion, Siamese cats are an excellent choice for a pet, particularly for those who enjoy spending time with their furry companions. While they do require a lot of attention, their unique personalities and striking appearance make them a beloved breed for many cat lovers.

Do you have a Siamese cat that you don’t want to put into a cattery? Scamps & Champs can help with our at home cat visits. Contact us to find out more!

Can Animals Get Coronavirus? – How to Care for Your Pets during Self-Isolation!

Can Animals Get Coronavirus? - Scamps & Champs

Whilst the human world adjusts to the ever changing news headlines on the Coronavirus pandemic and prepares for self-isolating, there remains uncertainty surrounding our pets and what this means for them. The Government and health authorities have issued advice on how to minimise risk of infection for ourselves, but what about our beloved furry friends? What happens if we have Coronavirus and need to self-isolate with our pets, can they get Coronavirus?

Here at Scamps & Champs Chichester we would like to help answer some of these questions for you and provide you and your pets with support, during this difficult, confusing and uncertain time. Please find out pet care advice for self-isolation below.

Can My Pets Get Coronavirus?

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can cause serious illness in humans and in some extremely rare cases animals. However, there is no evidence that companion animals such as pets can spread COVID-19.

How Should I Look After My Pets Whilst Social Distancing?

The RSPCA are urging pet owners not to panic and abandon their pets. If you haven’t tested positive for the virus then they advise you to interact and exercise your pets as you normally would but to adopt a hygienic approach of washing bedding frequently and washing your hands after feeding and interacting with your pets. They also advise the following key points:

  • Try and avoid your pets kissing or licking you.
  • Don’t share food with your pets.
  • Ensure if your pet is on medication that you have adequate supplies at home, in case you need to self-isolate.
  • Speak to your vet or doctor for more advice if you are concerned in anyway.
  • Keep exercising dogs as normal. You can go outside for a walk when social distancing, however Government guidance advises keeping two metres away from other humans.

What if I Have Coronavirus & I Have Pets to Care For?

If you are ill then the best advice is to limit your contact with your pets and ask one of your family members to care for them whilst you recover. In addition, follow the bullet points above and maintain a rigorous hygienic approach as standard. However, some people may not have this as an option due to living alone and therefore we advise contacting a pet care company who provide; pet sitting, dog home boarding or dog walking. So that you can recover whilst self-isolating, but ensuring that your pet is cared for outside of your home and that your dog is walked and exercised. Ultimately you need to self-isolate but your pets don’t as they don’t carry risk of spreading the infection.

What Help is Available for Pets in Chichester?

Scamps & Champs Chichester recognise that this is a really difficult time for people and that ensuring your pets are well cared for and that dogs are taken for engaging walks is really vital to their exercise and well-being. Therefore, whether you are ill or even if you would just like some assistance caring for your pets whilst self-isolating, then Scamps & Champs Chichester are here to support you and your animals. We can provide pet sitting in the home where there are no cases of coronavirus, we also offer a dog home boarding service for people who would benefit for a 24 hour pet care service outside of their own home and we also offer dog walking services.

Scamps & Champs Chichester is a local business providing Pet Care Services to the community of Chichester, Bognor Regis & the surrounding areas. If you are currently self-isolating and need help to care for your pets. Please give branch manager Sarah a call 0333 200 5827 or email chichester@scampsandchamps.co.uk. We really care about your pets and their well-being so we are keen to ensure that people know who they can contact for help.  

Pet Safety Awareness – Foxtail Grass the Weed that can Kill Dogs!

The foxtail plant is a common weed-like long tall grass often found in large fields and countryside in the UK. The changeable British weather offers the perfect conditions for foxtail grass to flourish and set within rolling countryside conditions, this sounds like the ideal walking environment for our four-legged friends. WRONG! Foxtails in fact are one of the most dangerous plants that our animals can face during a walk, made even more harmful due to the fact that most people wouldn’t think twice about letting their dogs run around a field of long grass.

So what is so dangerous about this long-style grass with the fluffy-tail top? Well it is the ‘tail’ of the foxtail plant that causes the most hazardous symptoms, as foxtails travel and when they do they can become burrowed into your dog’s soft skin! The danger of the foxtail goes beyond simple skin irritations, it can cause serious infections for your dog. In addition, the seeds can move around whilst inside your dog, making the foxtail difficult to locate and remove. So what are the other dangers that fox tails can cause and what do you do if you suspect your dog may be at risk?

Foxtail Safety Tips – Credit Red and Howling

Foxtail Risks and Symptoms

  • Feet – Foxtails love to become stuck in the tender skin in between your dog’s toes. If your dog begins limping, appears to have a swollen foot or begins licking excessively in this area, check in between their toes for foxtails.
  • Ears – Foxtails can become deeply embedded into the ear canal and if your dog is displaying the following symptoms then you will need to visit your veterinary practice. If your dog begins vigorously shaking their head or scratching their ear incessantly, then they could have a foxtail in there.
  • Eyes – If your dog has a red eye, appears to have swelling of the eye or is itching around the eye area, they could have a foxtail stuck in there. In this instance you will need to visit a professional vet so that they can examine your dog’s eye thoroughly and remove it.
  • Nose – Foxtails can become lodged up inside the nasal passage and the seeds can then disperse inside the nose. If your dog is sneezing a lot or if you see discharge coming from the nose, they may have a Foxtail stuck in there.
  • Genitals – Foxtails can become lodged in this area too, so if your dog seems to be in great discomfort in this area contact your veterinary practice for an appointment.

Dogs with long coats and long ears are particularly prone to getting foxtails lodged within them. So what can you do to prevent this from happening to your dog? May to December is foxtail season, so perhaps consider cutting your dog’s fur short during the warmer months, so that any foreign objects can be spotted quickly.  Examine your dog’s body on a regular basis to check for anything that shouldn’t be there. Check your dog’s paw pads and in between the toes and also your dog’s nostrils. If you notice a foxtail up your dog’s nose you can use a pair of tweezers and gently attempt to remove it, if it doesn’t come lose DO NOT LEAVE IT!

Foxtails can become lodged in your dog’s brain, lungs and spine and cause them serious damage and in severe cases it can cause death. If you are in any doubt avoid fields with long grass and if you think your dog has a foxtail stuck in them and you cannot remove it, then seek professional veterinary assistance immediately.

Scamps and Champs are one of the country’s leading Pet Care Service companies, we offer caring and reliable animal care for when you can’t be there. Check out our services and availability in your area. If we can assist you in anyway please do contact us.

Cats Love Company – Why Overnight Cat Sitting Counts!

Overnight Cat Sitting, Cat Sitting, Pet Care Services

f you are going away for a night or two it may seem like a viable option to leave your cat being checked on by a neighbour or friend, or you may go for an extreme minimal approach leaving an automated cat feeder in charge! Cats spend 70% of their life sleeping and appear to be extremely independent creatures. However, don’t be fooled into believing that cats don’t require and love company, whilst you are away.

So if you can get your neighbour to check on your cats, or if you have decided to opt for Scamps and Champs Cat Sitting Service, why the need to opt for Overnight Cat Sitting? Doesn’t this seem a tad excessive? Let us share with you what Overnight Cat Sitting has to offer and you can then determine if Overnight Cat Sitting counts, as a Cat Care option for you!

The benefits of Overnight Cat Sitting explained:

  • Overnight Cat Sitting offers around the clock care for your cat, when you can’t be there. Providing 24/7 company, cuddles and food for your feline friend.
  • Our Scamps and Champs animal care expert can also look after your house for you whilst you are gone, providing you with home security and peace of mind whilst you are away.
  • Home services include; bringing in your post, watering your plants, closing curtains at night and the generic safety of having someone home.
  • We can commence Overnight Cat Sitting from 5.30pm – 7.30pm when suits you and you receive 12 whole hours of Overnight care for your cat.
  • You cat’s individual needs will be catered for during your Overnight Cat Sitting booking, including meal times, diet, water, medication and litter tray change. We can also let your cat outside and bring them back in, in keeping with their usual routine.
  • A GPS tracker is provided to ensure that you can see you are receiving the service you have requested.
  • You will also be sent photograph updates via email so you can see what your cat has been up to and that they are being cared for to the highest standard.

We think it’s evident that any cat lover who wants the highest level of care for their cat, needs to count Overnight Cat Sitting as an option. Whether it be for one night or more, our Overnight Cat Sitting Service offers you peace of mind that both your cat and home are being looked after the entire duration of your break. So that you can enjoy your holiday, knowing that your cat is in their usual routine, at home, being cared for with cuddles and company.

Want to know more about our Overnight Cat Sitting service? To check availability, make a booking or to ask us a question simply complete our online form.

Summer Sun and Dog Walking Fun

Dog, Walking, Summer

We all know that dog walking is a necessity for any of us that own one or multiple canine companions, however as the days get longer and the sunshine hours increase, there is definitely a lure to get outside walking with our dogs. But what can increasing our dog walking hours do for us and why should we get outside?

It is suggested, that on average we spend 90% of our time indoors, with millions of us working from home, in offices and in a variety of indoor environments. When we finish our days’ work, we are often exhausted and too tired to walk long distances, accompanied with the multiple other aspects of life and family that need incorporating into our routines.

Dog walking is fantastic in that it gets us out of the house once or twice a day, into the fresh air and daylight, accompanied of course by our furry best-friends. What nicer way is there to spend some ‘me time’ than with our dogs, walking around our local area. This is our time to switch off and mentally disconnect from life’s schedule, worries and stresses.

Of course dog walking is not only beneficial to us but our dogs absolutely love every second of it, it is the absolute highlight of their day! All those exciting sights and smells, the socialisation, the fresh air and best of all their special time with you. What is not to love about dog walking?

So what other benefits does dog walking have?

  • Strengthens Your Bond – Dog walking increases your bonding time with your dogs, through dog walking you are spending quality time with them.
  • Weight Control – Dog walking is excellent exercise and therefore will keep you both in shape and healthy.
  • Improves Socialisation – This is true not only for your dog but for you as well. You will meet other dog walkers and say hello to people. Dogs are excellent conversation starters for us humans and we love to chat about the breed and personalities of other dogs we meet.
  • Increases Physical and Mental Health – The vitamin D from the sunshine and the endorphins that are released from physical exercise, are all huge ‘feel good factors’ for our mental health. As well as the physical health benefits that can be experiences through dog walking.
  • Loneliness Decreases – Even if you say hello to people whilst you are dog walking and you never meet them again, it doesn’t matter. In fact even if you don’t say hello at all, just physically being around other people and by being outside, this can decrease loneliness and social anxieties.

So with all of the benefits of dog walking, why not challenge yourself this summer? If you normally walk your dogs once a day, why not walk them twice? If you normally walk one mile, why not try walking two? Increasing your dog walking hours can be beneficial not only for your dog, but for you as well. For your mental, physical and emotional health and in strengthening your bond with your dog.

Learn more about our Scamps and Champs Dog Walking Services via our Website.

Get in touch, ask us a question or check availability of our services using our online form.

Dog Walking in and Around Halifax

The local parks in Halifax are filled with dog owners who all want the best possible care for their dogs.

Scamps and Champs Halifax offers a premium dog walking service in Halifax and the surrounding areas. All our dog walkers are hand picked and are all fellow dog lovers. One of our team will come to your home and walk your dog/ dogs for you ensuring they have a fun and engaging walk out in the fresh air.

Scamps and Champs Halifax are here to help if you are unable to walk your dog for any reason, we offer a friendly, reliable and passionate service, which will be tailored to suite your dog’s needs.

Scamps and Champs Halifax will never ‘pack walk’ your dog as we fully understand how precious your dogs are to you. We believe in a caring service and treating each dog as if it was our own. We can offer you a flexible dog walking service which is tailored to your needs and more importantly your dogs.

We would never walk your dog off the lead unless we have your full consent and they show a solid recall.

We sign in at the start of each walk and out again once finished so you can see how long we have been walking for, the only times we would change this would be due to the weather conditions, if its too hot we would shorten the dog walk, again if its too cold we would again shorten the dog walk.

We also send a feedback report of each walk with pictures of your dog on their walk so you can see what they have been up to. You can make your dog walking bookings online with our quick and easy to use system anytime, anywhere.

For further information on our service check out the Scamps and Champs Halifax Website.

To check service availability or to make an enquiry please complete our Online Form.

NEW Dog Walking and Pet Care Services Available in Chichester

We have some really exciting news here at Scamps and Champs! Not only have we recently opened a new branch in Halifax but now we have a brand new Scamps and Champs branch opening in Chichester! That’s two new pet care service locations in one month!

Pet care services in Chichester will include; dog sitting, dog walking, cat sitting, dog home boarding and a wedding pet chaperone service.

Scamps and Champs Chichester will be managed by Sarah, who is extremely passionate about animals and keen to work hard to provide you with an excellent service. She owns two gorgeous pets of her own and therefore completely understands how important it is, to have pet care services that you can rely on and trust.

My name is Sarah and I am passionate about bringing you and your pet a personal high-quality pet service.

I have owned and rescued dogs, cats and small animals all my adult life and right now have a German Shepherd called Shaka and British Shorthair cat called Hero.

You want your pet to be cared for, relaxed and comfortable within your own home or with one of our selected pet carers and we do to!

Our personal approach and real love of animals will make your Scamp or Champs feel safe and secure in our care.  Whether that’s in your own home, with one of our home boarders, going for daily walks, being visited for a cuddle or one of our many other services.

We are fully insured, DBS checked and completely committed to your animals’ welfare. We will come and introduce ourselves to you and most importantly your pets.  We know that every pet is an individual and we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

Please do give me or one of our enthusiastic team a call or drop us an email.  Our number is a national number and there is always someone ready to answer your call. All messages are passed onto me personally and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Best of luck Sarah! – Welcome to the Scamps and Champs family!

It’s not too early to enquire and book pet care services in Chichester. For details of how to book; dog sitting, dog walking, cat sitting, dog home boarding and a wedding pet chaperone service, see below.

To ask Scamps and Champs Chichester a question, check pet care service availability or to get in touch, simply complete our online form.

To enquire about joining the Chichester team as a dog walker, pet sitter or dog home boarder simply complete our online application.

Check Out Scamps and Champs Chichester Webpage for More Information on Pet Care Services

Puppy Visits – Care When You Can’t be there!

Bringing a puppy into the family is an extremely exciting time for everyone and something that millions of us do each year. However, with work commitments, children and day-to-day life being hectic, we can’t always be home 24/7 to keep our puppies company.

Whilst there are gadgets readily available, such as ‘puppy camera’s’ to help monitor your pup whilst you are out, nothing beats some good old fashioned company!

Puppies between 8 and 12 weeks will need additional care and attention, as they often need 3 meals a day, they are not toilet trained and they seek companionship now that they are away from their mothers.

Puppies this young need to be taken out to the toilet once an hour whilst you are home and should not be left for more than a maximum of 2 to 3 hours at a time. Accidents are still common at this age and therefore bedding and blankets need to be checked and changed frequently, to ensure your puppy has a dry surface to lie on.

Getting your puppy into a routine is vital at this age and therefore keeping 3 consistent meals a day at the same time, is important for their digestive system. Their brains are like sponges and therefore getting them into a daily routine early on is important for establishing good behaviour in the home.

Puppies can suffer from separation anxiety when they are really little and whilst it is good for them to be left for short bursts of time, so that they can get used to being left. You really don’t want to be leaving them for more than a couple of hours alone at this stage.

Finally, the sooner you commence socialisation for your puppy the better! As they may not have had completed their vaccinations at this stage, taking your puppy for walks or socialising them with other dogs may not be an option yet.

Our puppy visiting team are a group of animal care professionals, who are fully trained and DBS checked. They can come into your home whilst you are out and regularly check on your puppy.

Our friendly and reliable puppy visiting service means that your dog can be given meals, fresh water, taken out for toilet breaks, enjoy some fresh air in your garden, bedding can be changed where necessary and best of all we provide company and plenty of cuddles.

Our animal care team can come and visit you in your home and provide a personalised service to suit your puppy’s needs. We will tailor our visits to suit your individual requirements and we can come as frequently as you need us to.

To learn more about Scamps and Champs Puppy Visiting Service in your local area, to ask a question or make an enquiry, simply complete our quick and easy online form.

Then one of our dedicated team will get back to you shortly!

Promoting Excellence in the Pet Industry

Pet, Industry, Federation, Member, 2019,

We have some exciting news here at Scamps and Champs, we have become members of a professional accredited body! We are now proud to announce that Scamps and Champs are members of the Pet Industry Federation

So who are the Pet Industry Federation?

The Pet Industry Federation is a professional organisation that are leaders within pet industry. Offering companies specialist support and training in the following areas; dog  grooming, pet retail, kennel and cattery management and assistance with pet trade events. 

The Pet Industry Federation are the top pet-industry specialists in the United Kingdom and therefore we are extremely proud to let you all know about our new membership.

Now that Scamps and Champs are members of the Pet Industry Federation, this means that as pet care providers we must abide by pet industry sector charters and demonstrate excellent practice.

In short, we must demonstrate a hallmark of quality within everything we do!

So what does this mean for Scamps and Champs?

As a new member we agree as a business to abide by the following pet industry charter:

1. Strive to improve industry standards

2. Promote responsible pet ownership

3. Strive to ensure customer satisfaction at all times

4. Always provide customers with clear and current information about products and services in a polite and professional manner

5. Ensure all staff are appropriately trained to carry out their job role and that they have a comprehensive understanding of company products, services and procedures

6. Minimise the environmental impact of the business wherever possible

7. Promote best practice in animal welfare by observing the Five Welfare Needs: Diet; Accommodation; Wellness; Sociability; Behaviour

8. Maintain the working environment to ensure it is fit for purpose

9. Abide by all current legislation relative to the business

10. Not bring the pet industry, the Pet Industry Federation or divisional association into disrepute

So basically you can look forward to recieving our usual high-level of professional pet care services, just with the secured knowledge that we are working to pet industry leader standards and that we now have access to additional specialist training and support. 

We are very excited about our new membership with the nationally accredited Pet Industry Federation and we hope that you will be too!

Check out Scamps and Champs full range of pet care services, check availability and contact us via our online form.

Tips to toilet train your new puppy

Getting a new puppy can be such an exciting time.  

Your puppy will normally be around 8 to 12 weeks old when they leave their Mum and litter mates. Puppies should never leave their Mums under the age of 8 weeks. Your puppy will be very curious and excited.

Introduce the pup to his new home gradually so allocate them a small space to start with, like your kitchen for example to help them feel more comfortable.  

A puppy crate can be a safe space for your pup and help tremendously with toilet training.

Put in their favourite toys and blankets.   

Always remove their collar when in the crate for safety reasons. 

Keep the door to the crate open when you are in the house and he can go in and out when he pleases.

Creating a daily routine for your pup straight away will be really beneficial as dogs like routine.  Feeding them and nap/bedtime at the same time each day will make toilet training so much easier for both of you.

Be patient and consistent and never scold your puppy.  

Keep some treats near the back door and always praise and reward when your puppy gets it right.   

Clean up any accidents but don’t acknowledge them.

In the beginning take the puppy outside every hour or so and encourage sniffing and running around.  Take the pup in the garden immediately after waking, after every meal time and before bed.  

Make puppy’s last meal at least three hours before bedtime.

If you see you pup start to sniff and crouch then immediately take them outside.

Give lots of praise and rewards and toilet training will become easy.

Good luck!

If you have a pup and would like it letting out and stimulating while you are out at work, our team can help. We offer puppy visits to help break up their day while you are out at work. This can help with toilet training, socialization and also use up some of their energy so they may sleep better through the night. Get in touch with your local branch HERE to discuss your puppies need further.